Towing a Car Dolly

Towing a car dolly

Towing a Car Dolly

Towing a car dolly can be a daunting task. However, with the help of a car dolly, towing a car is easy and convenient. Using a dolly will prevent the weight of your towed vehicle from being placed on the RV, which will make it easier to drive it. Using a dolly also prevents damage to your car’s transmission and other components.

Towing a Car Dolly is safer. If you secure your car and use all the requirement steps, towing a car on a dolly is safer than a regular trailer

Towing a car dolly

Although there are many ways to move a car, a car dolly is the easiest and most convenient. If you’re new to towing or just need a refresher, we’ll guide you through the steps for loading your car on a dolly, making the entire setup process go smoothly, and driving on the highway safely.

A 3-Step Guide on How to Load Your Car on a Dolly

When towing car with dolly on a long trip with an RV, you spare the transmission of your front-wheel drive. Flat towing front-wheel drive cars are tough on transmissions.

Towing a car with a tow dolly is not difficult, but there are three things you need to know.

  1. Make sure you have a trailer hitch.

    A trailer hitch must be installed on your car before you can attach a tow dolly. The tow dolly will not be able to be attached without one. If your car doesn’t have a trailer hitch, you will have to install it.

  2. Choose the right size of the dolly.

    The next step is to choose the right size tow dolly. Make sure you choose a size that’s compatible with the make and model of your car since there are many sizes available. You don’t want your tow dolly to separate from your car while you’re driving!

  3. Hook up the tow dolly.

    The final step is to hook everything up. You’ll need to position the tow dolly in front of or behind your vehicle first. Back your car up to the dolly so that the tires line up if you are attaching it behind your car. Once its in place, secure the tow dolly. Most models have straps that attach to the front and rear of your car, as well as straps that go around the wheels of the dolly. Before you hit the road, check that all the straps are on tight.

When you follow this step-by-step guide, you’ll realize that towing with a car dolly is a pretty simple process. Don’t rush things at first, and make sure everything is properly secured before hitting the road.

3 Tips on How to Make the Process Go as Smoothly as Possible

Here are a few extra tips to make sure everything goes smoothly when towing a car with a car dolly:

  1. Before towing, inspect the dolly and the car to spot any potential problems that may arise.
  2. Before you hit the road, practice in an empty parking lot to get a feel for how the dolly handles and how to attach the straps properly.
  3. Drive slowly and cautiously.

How to Tow Your Car Safely on the Highway

When towing car on dolly drive slowly and cautiously. If you’re using a car tow dolly with breaks, engage them before you start towing. You don’t want your car dolly to roll away while you’re on the road. Release the parking brake on your vehicle when you are ready to drive.

Towing a car dolly

Pay attention to your mirrors and the cars behind you as you drive. If they get too close, tap your brakes to alert them. Since it will take longer to brake with a towed vehicle, drive cautiously and give yourself extra time to stop. Safety should always be your top priority.

Whenever you need to stop your car or dolly, engage the parking brakes, and put chocks on both sides of the wheels once you’ve parked the dolly.


  • How to tow a car with a tow dolly?

    When you have the right tow dolly, hook it up. Place the tow dolly behind or in front of the vehicle. When attaching it behind your car, you’ll need to back up your vehicle. Once the tow dolly is in place, it must be secured. On most models, straps attach to your car’s front and rear, as well as its tires. Before driving, make sure all straps are tight.

  • How to load a car on a tow dolly?

    Tow dollies are two-wheeled devices that allow you to load cars onto them for towing behind your vehicle. The first step is to park the tow dolly in front of the car that you wish to load. Attach the safety chains that come with the dolly to the front and back of the car. While driving, the chains will prevent the car from falling off the dolly. Next, drive the car up onto the dolly until the tires are positioned on top of the U-shaped ramps. Use ratchet straps or other tie-downs to secure the tires to the ramp. Make sure the straps are tight enough to keep them from coming loose, but not too tight to damage the tires. Finally, after everything is secured, you’re ready to go!

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