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We are the Best Vehicle Shipping Company, and We’re Here to Help!

When you need to ship your car, SUV, or truck, our team at Elite Car Shipping Company is standing by to help you schedule trusted vehicle transportation anywhere in the world. We offer guaranteed low rates on door-to-door vehicle shipping service and the best customer service in the industry. We encourage you to read our Elite Car Shipping Company reviews to see what our customers have to say and to contact us any time you want to learn more about car shipping. You can schedule shipping service with no money down, and we offer car transportation to any address in the world.

Ship Your Vehicle With an Elite Car Shipping Company Today

Get in touch today and get the best shipping quote in the industry!

You can reach a vehicle shipping agent 24 hours a day at 1-888-885-5354 to learn more and to receive your free no-obligation quote for door-to-door vehicle shipping service.

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Door-to-Door Vehicle Shipping Service at Great Prices!

We making scheduling auto transport pickup and delivery fast and easy! After you receive your car shipping quote, confirm your shipment and we’ll dispatch a car carrier right to your home. Imagine the convenience of making your cross-country trip and finding out that your car arrived before you did!

We are proud to partner with all of the most reputable carriers in the auto transport industry, and you can always count on a job well-done!

We are a Professional

Vehicle Shipping Company

We’re a full-service vehicle shipping company, and you can make all of your shipping arrangements with just one phone call. We take pride in our commitment to premium shipping at fair prices, and we always strive to always be the best vehicle shipping company in the industry.

We offer all of the following shipping services, among others.

car shipping services, Vehicle Shipping Company

Car Shipping

We partner with the top car shipping companies in Florida to offer door-to-door vehicle shipping service, and we service the entire world. If you’re a snowbird, a business traveler, or a honeymooner, hiring a transport car company is a convenient way to make sure that you can enjoy your trip behind the wheel of your own vehicle. The car transport companies Florida that we work with all share our commitment to legendary service, and we can pick up your vehicle right at your front door.

boat transport, Vehicle Shipping Company

Boat Transport

If you’re a watersports enthusiast or an angler, we can help you ship your boat or watercraft anywhere in the world. Let us know the type of boat that you have, and we’ll select the right type of vehicle transport for the job. We can ship bass boats, pontoon boats, and center console boats quickly and safely. If you’re moving, you can start finding a new fishing hole right away! We can also offer discounts if you need to ship multiple boats. We’ll need to know where to pick up your boat.

yacht transport, Vehicle Shipping Company

Yacht Transport

We offer vehicle transport services for larger watercraft such as houseboats and luxury yachts. There’s nothing like sailing the seas, and when the seas end our trucks will be there. If you have a larger boat to ship, our logistics team has the experience to help you find the right kind of transport and book a shipment quickly. When you’re getting your quote for yacht transport, be sure to let us know the complete address for the pickup and the full dimensions for the watercraft.

Mobile home movers, Vehicle Shipping Company

Mobile Home Movers

Whether you just purchased a mobile home from a lot or you want to move your existing mobile home to a new location, we can help. Moving a mobile home is more complex than shipping a vehicle, and you’ll need to obtain permits and make additional arrangements. The sooner in advance that you begin planning your mobile home shipment, the better. We can help you with mobile home delivery, and we can also help you arrange a full-service setup so that your mobile home will be move-in ready.

shipping container, Vehicle Shipping Company

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping containers are a secure method of international vehicle transportation and cargo shipping, and they’re equally useful for storage. Shipping container homes are also now becoming more popular than ever! We can help you locate shipping containers for sale at great prices, and we can ship them to any address in the world.

We can also help you locate qualified contractors in your area to help you build the shipping container home of your dreams!

international vehicle shipping, Vehicle Shipping Company

International Vehicle Shipping

We offer ground transportation throughout North America, and our transportation partners are busy shipping vehicles overseas every day. When you confirm your shipping order, we can help you arrange ground transportation for your vehicle to a port city and container shipping or RoRo transport to any international destination. You’ll need to make sure that your destination accepts vehicle shipments from the USA and complete some additional paperwork. You should schedule your international shipments.


If your specific vehicle transportation services question isn’t answered in the section below, you can reach a vehicle shipping agent at 1-888-885-5354.

  • How Much Will Domestic Car Transport Near Me Cost?

    The average cost of domestic ground transportation in an open transport carrier will range from $600-$1200. You can use our shipping estimator to get a vehicle shipping quote in a matter of minutes.

  • How Do Rates Change by Season?

    The demand for vehicle shipping is highest from late spring through early fall, and you can expect to pay higher rates.

  • Do You Offer International Auto Shipping?

    If you’re traveling overseas, we’ll make sure you can see the sights behind the wheel of your own vehicle. We can arrange ground transportation to a port city, and overseas transport in a shipping container or a roll-on, roll-off (RoRo) transport.

  • What Type of Vehicles Can I Ship?

    We ship cars, SUVs, and trucks, but it doesn’t stop there! We can also help you ship motorcycles, RVs, and boats.

  • How Can I Qualify for Discounts?

    When you call for your vehicle shipping quote, we’ll help you find plenty of ways to maximize your savings. You’ll get the best pricing if you book your shipment early, because it gives us time to find you the best deal.

  • Do Gas Prices Affect Car Shipping Costs?

    The increasing costs of fuel have affected pricing throughout the industry, and the cost of fuel affects all vehicle shipping companies more or less equally. Some transportation companies will notify you of a price increase if the cost of fuel increases before your pick-up, and some will honor their original price quote. Be sure to find out the carrier’s policies before you confirm your shipment.

  • How Does Distance Impact Pricing?

    The cost of vehicle shipping goes up for a longer trip, but you’ll pay less per mile. Open carrier ground transportation will cost about $630 for trips of fewer than 500 miles and around $1,830 for coast-to-coast shipping.

  • Does the Weight of My Shipment Matter?

    Your vehicle transport estimate will be based on the weight of your vehicle, among other factors. A compact car or sedan will cost the least to ship, and you should expect to pay $150-300 more to ship a truck or SUV.

  • How Can I Ship My Car Cheaply?

    If you’re a budget-conscious customer, open carrier transport will be your most affordable option.

  • Why Is Shipping Cars in an Enclosed Carrier Transport Trailer More Expensive Than Open Transport?

    An enclosed trailer can’t haul as many vehicles as an open carrier, which means that the shipping costs can’t be divided up amongst as many customers.

  • What is RoRo Shipping?

    RoRo is an abbreviation for “roll on, roll off” transport, which works just like a ferry service. The shipping costs will be shared with all of the customers using the RoRo vehicle transport service, and it’s the cheapest way to ship a car overseas. RoRo shipping is a great option for budget-conscious customers who are prepared to wait three weeks or more for a transport to load up and travel between ports.

  • Do You Provide Shipping Insurance Coverage?

    All shipments are fully insured, and your car will be transported by a licensed driver. Your vehicle shipping agent can also help you find supplemental insurance coverage for your rare or vintage vehicle.

  • What Things Will I Need to Do In Order To Prepare My Car for Shipping?

    You won’t need to make any special preparations to get your car ready for vehicle transport services except to top off all the fluids and leave less than ¼ tank of gas in the tank. You should also remove all of your personal items from the vehicle.

  • Can I Store Some Luggage in My Car During Shipping?

    Some vehicle shipping companies will allow you to store boxes or other items in the trunk, but you will typically be doing so at your own risk. The additional weight could also cause your shipping costs to increase. You’ll want to find out if your vehicle shipping company allows you to store anything in your trunk when you’re confirming your pick-up.

  • What is Terminal-to-Terminal Vehicle Shipping?

    There will be certain occasions when door-to-door shipping isn’t the right fit for a customer, which is why we also offer terminal-to-terminal transport service. You can drop off a vehicle at a terminal at your convenience and have it waiting for you or your authorized designee at another terminal. Terminal-to-terminal shipping is also a good option for members of the military and business travelers moving between major cities.

  • What is Door-to-Door Shipping?

    If you’re getting a fresh start in a new city, we can deliver your car directly to your new home. A driver will load up your vehicle at your home for door-to-door vehicle shipping service and it will be safely transported to any destination that has an address!

  • Do You Provide Free Estimates For Car Delivery Service?

    Absolutely! We make shipping vehicles easy and hassle-free, and you can use our shipping calculator to get your free no-obligation shipping estimate in minutes.

  • How Long Is My Instant Quote Valid?

    A shipping quote is subject to constantly fluctuating markets, and your shipping quote will typically be valid for 24 hours or less. The price you will actually pay isn’t locked in until a carrier picks up your shipment, but some vehicle transportation companies honor quotes for a week or more.

  • Where Can I Ship My Vehicle?

    We’re the vehicle shipping company to call when you need reliable ground transportation anywhere in North America. We can also help you arrange international RoRo or container transport to any destination that accepts shipments from the USA.

  • What Payment Methods Do You Accept for Auto Shipping Service?

    We have the capability to process payments made with all major credit cards, and we also accept PayPal. We also accept cash payments, but you’ll need to secure your shipment with a major credit card.

  • Can I Pay for Auto Shipping With A Credit Card?

    Yes! We can take your credit card payments online or over the telephone, and accept major credit cards for all shipping services.

  • How Far In Advance Should I Reserve Auto Transport Service?

    You should contact a representative to schedule auto transportation at least a couple of weeks before your trip is scheduled. The earlier you book car transportation, the less you’ll usually pay!

  • Can I Pick The Exact Pick-Up and Delivery Dates and Times For my Car?

    We strive to help each customer find the best vehicle shipping company for their vehicles, and we’re happy to accommodate all of your scheduling requests. Be sure to ask about expedited shipping if you’re on a tight schedule.

  • How Long Will Delivery Take?

    If you’re paying for expedited shipping, the actual transit time for coast-to-coast shipping is 3-5 days. If you have more time, our agents will help you save money by finding unsold space on the same trucks at discount prices.

  • What Information Will You Need to In Order to Provide Me a Shipping Quote?

    We’ll need to know the make and model of your vehicle, and we’ll also need to know your pick-up and delivery locations and dates. You’ll also need to look up your vehicle’s weight in your owner’s manual to get the most accurate price quote.

  • Can I Still Schedule Auto Transportation Without an Exact Delivery Address?

    If you don’t have an exact address, let your vehicle shipping agent know as much information as you can. Terminal-to-terminal shipping will often be your best option if you’re shipping your car overseas or to a new subdivision. We can deliver your car to a terminal close to your final destination and you can pick it up at your convenience.

  • Will Someone Have to Be Physically Present for Loading and Delivery?

    If you can’t be present, you can authorize anyone 18 years of age to act on your behalf. Just let your driver know who to contact prior to the pick-up. Your designee will be responsible for conducting the inspection and signing the bill of lading at pick-up and/or delivery.

  • What is a Bill of Lading?

    The bill of lading is a contract with the carrier that you will sign to release your vehicle to the carrier for shipment. It includes a description of the vehicle and its condition and its pick-up and delivery locations. You or your authorized designee will inspect the vehicle with the driver at pick-up time, and you will sign the bill of lading to authorize the driver to load it up. The bill of lading document will also include photos of the vehicle. If the car or truck has any pre-existing body damage, the driver will mark the damage on the photos. You or your designee will perform a second inspection of the vehicle when it’s delivered, and you’ll sign the bill again to take delivery.

  • Can I Ship A Vehicle That Isn’t Running?

    You might need to pay to have your vehicle towed to a pick-up location, but many vehicle transportation services have all the equipment that they need on the truck. Just be sure to let them know that your vehicle isn’t currently operational when you make your reservation.

  • Can You Help Me Ship an Oversized Vehicle?

    Yes! We offer transportation solutions customized for each customer, and we ship all types of vehicles. We offer oversized vehicle shipping, and no vehicle is too big or too small!

  • Does the Vehicle Need a License Plate?

    If your car tags are expired or if you haven’t registered your vehicle yet, you can still ship your vehicle. The only thing you’ll need to do to ship your vehicle is complete the shipping paperwork and provide us with the VIN number. You should never drive a vehicle without a current driver’s license and vehicle registration, but our carriers can pick up your vehicle from your home and deliver it to any address in North America.

  • What Type of Truck Will Pick Up My Car?

    Most vehicles are hauled on open transport carriers, which are large trailers that can haul nine vehicles at once. You can also book enclosed transport for your vehicle if you want to keep it out of the sun and rain while it’s in transit.

  • What Are the Benefits of Enclosed Transport?

    Enclosed transportation is a small investment to make to protect the paint job on your luxury vehicle or sports car! It’s also a great way to ship auto parts or auction purchases. And if you’re heading to a race or a car show, shipping your car in an enclosed trailer is a great way to make sure that your competitors don’t see your equipment until showtime!

  • Can I Ship a Vehicle That I Just Bought at an Auto Auction??

    We know that our clients are always on the hunt for great buys, and we’re happy to help you ship auction purchases home. Call our transportation specialists as soon as you submit the winning bid, and we’ll schedule enclosed transportation for your auction purchase. We also love working with auction dealers, and we’ll be happy to help you ship your inventory to your online customers!

  • Do You Ship Exotic and Classic Cars?

    No one appreciates unique vehicles more than we do, and we know how to show them the proper respect for every mile of their journey. When you read our Elite Car Shipping Company reviews it’s easy to see why our customers trust us with their vintage vehicles. We exclusively partner with bonded companies, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Get A Free Shipping Quote Today!

Elite Car Shipping Company takes a lot of pride in being a five-star vehicle shipping company, and you can get a free quote in minutes. We’re committed to providing legendary service to every customer, and we encourage you to read our Elite Car Shipping Company reviews to hear what our satisfied customers have to say about our service. To get more information about car hauling services or receive your free shipping quote, contact us online or at 1-888-885-5354. We can beat any quote for nationwide auto transportation, and you can make a reservation with no money down!

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