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Best Car Haulers Nationwide

Are you looking for the Best Car Haulers Companies? You are done, Elite Car Shipping Company is the Shipping Elite Cars Company in the US, we offer the best Automobile Transport Services Nationwide and Overseas. Among all the auto shipping companies, we have the Best Car Shipping Quote!
Looking for the Best Car Hauler Trailer in the industry? We are Car Haulers Specialists, we ship Expensive cars like, Sports & Antique cars.

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When shipping elite cars, there are several trailers that can ship these classic vehicles. May it be a newer vehicle or an antique classic vehicle, we have the proper trailers and drivers to get the job done. The first thing we do is make sure all our drivers have a clean background check and drug test monthly. We also maintain a level of training throughout the year.

Our ratings are five stars all around the board.

Elite Car Shipping Company Can Send Car Haulers Right To Your Front Door!

If you’ve spent any time on the highways, you’ve seen plenty of car hauling trailers on the road delivering vehicles to dealerships throughout the country. But car dealers aren’t the only ones who use car transporters, and you can schedule car transport for your personal vehicle at any time. Car haulers trailers can pick up your vehicle and deliver it anywhere in the world. It’s easy to schedule auto shipping services, and it’s also surprisingly affordable. If you’re traveling by air, you’ll be able to get right off the aircraft and drive your own vehicle. If you’re making a cross-country move, we can even make sure that your car is waiting for you in the driveway of your new home.

Elite Car Shipping Company is one of Florida’s most experienced shipping companies, and we’re here to help when you need to schedule trailer car hauler shipping services for your car or your truck. Our dispatchers are connected with the world’s most reputable transportation companies, and we have the ability to beat anyone’s quote for auto shipping on a car hauler. You can speak to an agent at 1-888-885-5354 any time that you have questions about trailer car hauler services, and you can use our online shipping calculator to get an accurate price quote 24 hours a day. You never have to pay any up-front cash for car haul service at ECS, and we’re not satisfied until you are!

Car Hauler Trailers Offer a Lot of Convenience for Business Travelers

There’s nothing like getting a big promotion at work, but it often means relocating to a new town at a moment’s notice. In fact, having the ability to make a move quickly is a great way to climb the career ladder. If you’re transferring to a new office, we’ll help you ship your vehicle to your new city while you’re busy turning your new office around.

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We also cater to snowbirds and honeymooners. Give us a call and let us know your destination, and we’ll look for discounted space on car haulers trailers making deliveries on your route. We offer expedited car trailer hauler shipping if you’re on a tight schedule, and we can save you 10% or more if you book your shipment early.

How To Schedule Car Transport Services

We can send car hauling trailers to your home to pick up your vehicle and ship it to any destination in the United States. We offer door-to-door car haul service, and you can make all the arrangements with a single mouse click or phone call. All that you have to do is type in your pick-up and delivery dates in our online shipping calculator, and we’ll give you a free estimate in just a few minutes. After you’ve reviewed all of your shipping options, the next step is to confirm your shipping order.

Our dedicated team of trailer car hauler dispatchers will find a driver to make your pick-up, and we’ll email you your driver’s name and cell phone number so that you’ll know when he or she is coming. We exclusively work with bonded carriers, and all of our car hauler trailers are operated by licensed and insured drivers. Our car haulers can pick up your vehicle at your home for shipping, and it will be in great hands. All shipments are insured, and you’ll have a chance to inspect your vehicle with the driver before it’s loaded onto the car trailer hauler. We’ll deliver your vehicle to your new home before you get there, or we can ship it directly to the airport. You won’t have to take a chance on your rental car suddenly being unavailable, or discovering how unreliable the local taxi service is. Your car will be available to you as soon as you land, and you can enjoy your vacation behind the wheel of your own car!

We Offer Discounts When You Ship Multiple Vehicles

If you havemultiple vehicles to ship, we’ll make sure that they both ride together on the same car hauler trailer. You’ll get better deals when you ship multiple vehicles, and it will cost less per vehicle than shipping them individually. Car haulers trailers are capable of carrying nine vehicles, and drivers enjoy being able to load up their car haulers with fewer stops. It saves the carriers both time and fuel when they can pick up multiple vehicles, and they’re prepared to pass the savings along to you. Our transportation partners want to make sure that their car hauling trailers are always fully loaded, and they often slash their prices on unsold space when they’re making priority deliveries.

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Elite Car Shipping Company has decades of car haul experience and a team of dedicated shipping agents working around the clock to help car dealers and wholesalers keep their lots supplied with fresh inventory. If you’re an auto dealer or a wholesaler, our car hauling trailers are a great way for you to transport your inventory quickly and safely to an auto show or a special event. We’re also happy to help you haul your auction purchases home or help you and your friends transport your motorcycles and ATVs to your favorite outdoor destination. Our car haulers trailers can carry all types of vehicles, and you can schedule auto shipping 365 days a year.

You Can Choose From Multiple Types of Specialty Car Hauling Trailers

No two vehicles are alike, which is why we have several modes of auto transportation available. Our car haul specialists will help you review all of your shipping options when you make your reservation. They’ll help you choose the right mode of auto transport for your vehicle, and you can always count on receiving legendary service.

Open car hauler trailer shipping

An open trailer car hauler is the most common method of ground transportation for cars, and it’s also the most economical option. Each open carrier can transport up to nine vehicles at a time, and can deliver to any location that’s accessible by roads.

Enclosed car trailer hauler shipping

An enclosed car hauler trailer will protect your vehicle from the weather while it’s in transit. Enclosed trailers are a great way to ship auto parts and auction purchases, or to take your race car to the track.

Enclosed car haulers are also a great way to safely and securely ship motorcycles and ATVs. If you’re ready to take your long-awaited trip to Sturgis, we’ll make sure that your bikes are all in pristine condition when you ride into the town square. We can also help you plan and organize a dirt biking or motocross trip, or a trip out to Bonneville so that you can see what you’ve got! You and your friends are officially out of excuses, and we can help you schedule a car trailer hauler in minutes.

Specialty car hauler trailers

We have car haulers delivering vehicles throughout the United States every day, but it doesn’t stop at cars. We can also help you transport your RV or your shipping container home. If you have an oversized vehicle that won’t fit onto a standard car hauler, we offer different types of flatbed trailers and hotshot shipping. Our drivers can load up your RV onto a specialty step-deck or lowboy car hauler, and deliver it to your new home or your vacation destination.

We Can Also Ship Your Vehicle Overseas!

Our car hauler trailers offer ground transportation from your front door to any location in North America, and we also offer overseas shipping in a container or on a roll-on transport. You’ll need to arrange car hauler trailer ground transportation to a port city, and then your vehicle will be loaded onto a cargo ship for the rest of its journey. Overseas car shipping is a great option for snowbirds headed to the Caribbean, and you can take an island vacation in your own vehicle. The average cost of overseas car shipping is approximately $1,000 to $5,000, and you’ll also need to budget for related port taxes and tariffs. It takes about three to 12 weeks to arrange international auto shipping, and you’ll need to make sure that your international destination accepts shipments from the United States.

Car hauler trailer and Transportation FAQ

You can reach our agents at 1-888-885-5354 to learn more about car haulers trailers and get a free shipping quote. We have decades of car haul shipping experience, and you can reach us 24 hours a day to learn more about car trailer hauler services.

  • How hard is car hauling?

    Scheduling car hauler service is easy, and you can make all of the arrangements with one phone call. Our transportation specialists are here to take the hassle out of car shipping, and you’ll have a chance to review your options before you book your shipment. Car hauling trailers make deliveries throughout North America every day, and once you confirm your shipping order we’ll locate a driver on your route. We exclusively work with trusted transportation companies, and your auto shipment will be safely and securely transported by a highly qualified and fully insured driver. Your driver will be in touch with you approximately 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up, and you can confirm all of the final arrangements.

  • What kind of car hauler trailers are available?

    You’re probably the most familiar with the open car haulers, and you see them on the road almost every time that you drive on our highways. An open car trailer hauler is capable of carrying up to nine vehicles at a time, but it offers no additional protection from the elements. An enclosed trailer car hauler will cost approximately 30-40% more than an open car hauler, but it’s money well-spent when you’re shipping a rare vehicle or a luxury car. We can also ship your RV on a specialty flatbed transport if you can’t drive it on your own. Our dedicated team of car haul experts will help you make an informed decision about the right type of transport for your vehicle, and you can make all of the shipping arrangements with just one phone call.

  • How much is car hauler service?

    The average shipping costs on an open car hauler trailer are around $500-$1500, and shipping on enclosed car hauler trailers will cost about 30-40% more. Your total shipping costs will be based on the size and weight of your vehicles and the total mileage for the trip. We partner with America’s leading transportation companies, and they’re running car hauling trailers every day. You can expect the best possible rates if you book your shipment early. Our transportation partners frequently offer unsold car hauler space at discounted rates, and we can beat any quote for auto transportation services.

  • Who are the most trusted car transport companies?

    Forbes Magazine ranked the nation’s best car transportation companies in 2022, and you can review the article at this link. They only included licensed and insured transportation companies that offered online bookings. You have a lot of choices when you’re scheduling car hauler trailer services, and you’ll be able to find lots of information online. The transportation industry is very competitive, and companies are prepared to do whatever it takes to earn your business. Transportation companies take a lot of pride in their reputations, and they’ll be happy to provide you with a list of recent references by request.

  • How can I ship my car overseas?

    We can pick up and deliver your car, truck, or SUV almost anywhere in the world. We can also ship your vehicle overseas if you run out of roads on your way to your destination. We can send a trailer car hauler to pick up your vehicle at your home, and transport it to a port city for overseas shipping. The most common way to transport a vehicle internationally is in a shipping container, and some transportation companies offer roll-on transport shipping that works like a ferry service.

    You’ll need your current driver’s license and vehicle registration, and a certified copy of your car title. If you’re still financing the vehicle, you’ll need a letter of authorization from your lender to ship your vehicle overseas. You’ll also need proof of insurance, and you’ll need to complete an Export declaration form and a Dangerous goods form declaration.

    Overseas car shipping will cost you an average of $1,000 to $5,000, and your total shipping cost will be based on the weight of your vehicle and the distance that it will be shipped. You’ll need to find out if you’ll be responsible for paying any additional port taxes or tariffs. Shipping companies will be familiar with the requirements for the ports that they service, but you’ll need to do your own research as well.

    You’ll need to find out if your destination accepts shipments from the United States before you schedule shipping. We can’t currently ship cars to Russia, North Korea, or any other nations that have trade restrictions in place. You could also have issues if you have an older vehicle, or if your vehicle has white headlights or tinted windows. You’ll also need to speak to your insurance agent as soon as you know when you’ll be traveling overseas. You’ll need to find out if your existing insurance coverage will be enough, or if you need to update your policy before you leave.

    International car shipping takes approximately three to 12 weeks, subject to the availability of overseas transport. We’re currently dealing with historically high supply chain and logistics issues throughout the world, and you’ll want to get started scheduling your shipment as soon as possible. We’re connected with the world’s top shipping companies, and we’ll keep you notified of the status of your shipment while it’s en route to its destination.

Get Your Car Hauler Trailer Shipping Quote Now!

We all depend on our vehicles on a daily basis, but there are certain times when it’s not convenient to drive them ourselves. But if you’re traveling by air for work or for a vacation, you can still use your own vehicle. Car haulers trailers make deliveries throughout the United States every day, and we guarantee that we can get you the best price on car trailer hauler shipping. At Elite Car Shipping you’ll never have to pay any money down to schedule a pick-up, and your vehicles will be transported by a fully licensed and insured driver.

You can use our convenient shipping calculator to get an estimated cost for trailer car hauler shipping, and our car haul dispatchers are standing by at 1-888-885-5354 when you’re ready to schedule auto transport.

We are Car Haulers (Important Links)

Car haulers Projects

2015 Aston Martin Vant SS: Origin picked up Manheim, PA 17545 ” at an auction” to Destination: Beverly Hills, Ca 902111.
Total cost $1850.00, travel time 6 to 8 days. What do we need when picking up from an auction? release form, your buyer number, Vin numbers and how many days you owe in storage.

1969 Jeep CJ5: Origin: Shelton, WA 98584 to Destination: Billings, MT 59105. Total miles 895, with the price being $1475.00. This was a last-minute move because the customer went with a broker that gave them a low ball quote but was never accepted by a carrier. We had the customer picked up within hours. This was also shipped with 2 extra seats at a price of additional hundred dollars.

2016 Porsche GT4 coupe, Pickup: Origin, Harrington, DE 19952, Delivery: Fremont, Ca 94538. A total of 2,980 miles, Pick up was at the customer’s house, which we drove on of our enclosed carriers with a lift gate since the vehicle was so low to the ground. The total time for shipment was 7 days from the time we picked it up. Have questions about your next classic car shipping? Give the Elite Haulers a call today.

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Car haulers, Car hauler trailer, Car hauler trailers, Trailer car hauler, Car trailer hauler, Car haulers, Car hauling trailers, Car haul, Car haulers trailers, Shipping a 1969 Jeep CJ5

Car haulers, Car hauler trailer, Car hauler trailers, Trailer car hauler, Car trailer hauler, Car haulers, Car hauling trailers, Car haul, Car haulers trailers, 2016 Porsche GT4 coupe

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