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Trusted Car Shipping Professionals. Hassle-Free!

Are you looking for the Best Car Shipping Companies Nationwide and Overseas? We are an Elite Car Shipping Company located in South Florida, US. Check our 5 Star Elite Auto Shipping Reviews in Google, where you will able to see what customers think about us and their experience having a nationwide car transport or an international car shipping service with us.

As a Vehicle Shipping Company, we are Car Shipping Experts and you can take advantage of our cheap shipping quotes. Save time and money, and you will enjoy of the peace of mind that you deserve with very fast and secure car shipping process and delivery!


Elite car shipping company transporting a orange Lamborghini using an enclosed car carrier

Our Auto Shipping Services start when we pick up your vehicle at your front door, and they end when you leave us a five-star Elite Auto Shipping review. We can get you rock-bottom prices on automobile transport in an open carrier, and we can also arrange enclosed transport if you want to take extra special care of your sports car or luxury vehicle! Elite Car Shipping has a team of full-time dispatchers who will make leading car transport companies compete for your business.



We ship cars overseas to any place around the world, just name it and we will be able to ship your car to any country port, or airport. Our International Car Shipping service is one of the best and most trustable in the US.
Elite Auto Shipping is a full-service best International car shipping company, and we haul it all! Our Elite Auto Shipper reviews are full of testimonials from satisfied clients. But we don’t rest on our Elite Auto Shipper reviews in the least!



If you have cars to be transported nationwide or overseas just call us to get up to 10% off. We do auctions to dealerships and trades, we can ship a car to any dealership in the US. Call for our multi car transport discount. We treat each new customer service encounter as another way to live up to our reputation as the car shipping best company that you can trust. We take pride in each Auto Shipping review that you leave us, and we’re ready for your next one!
We’re the best car shipping company in the nation.



Shipping cars from State to State in the US

How much does it cost to ship a car to another state? The average cost for shipping a car to another state is anywhere from 40 cents to 60 cents a mile, when going short miles you may need to be a $1 a mile to 1.25 mile depending on the size of the vehicle.



Open car transport carrier is the leader in car carrier services. We offer the best open trailer auto transport anywhere in the United States, any city and any state and as you know . Get the best car shipping quote in the industry now and get very secure car transportation and delivery!



What is enclosed car shipping? The enclosed car carrier is a type of car transport that adds protection to your car. It’s the most secure auto shipping option if you need to transport a classic car, a sports car or a luxury car. With enclosed car carriers your car will be in a bunker and very protected.


Natiowide Car Shipping Coverage


What Factors Will Car Transport Companies Use To Calculate The Shipping Cost For My Vehicle?

When you call a car shipping company to get an estimate, there are several important factors that they will use to calculate your price quote. Each car transport company prices its services slightly differently, but these are several of the key factors that the car transport company will use to give you a price for your shipping job.


Let’s start out with what should be one of the most obvious factors. A longer trip will require the car shipping company to spend more on fuel for the trip. A short trip of fewer than 500 miles will cost you as little as $500, and it will cost you around $1,500-1,850 to ship your vehicle across the country.


Where are you going? It’s important for the transport companies to know your destination when they’re quoting you a price. It’s going to be cheapest to ship your vehicle between major cities, and you might pay more if your driver has to take an unusual route or use a specialty transport.

Shipping Date

Expedited transportation is always available for customers who are prepared to spare no expense, but you can get the best prices on auto transport if you book early and have some flexibility with your schedule. If a driver is already making scheduled pick-ups and deliveries along your route, you can ship your vehicle on the same transport and pay less.

Vehicle make and model

Small sedans and compact cars will be the cheapest vehicles to ship, and you’ll pay more to ship larger vehicles such as SUVs and full-size pickup trucks.

Auto transport carrier type

An open transport auto hauler can transport nine vehicles at a time, and it’s the cheapest way to ship a car. Enclosed auto shipping service costs about 30-40% more, but it’s money well-spent for your most prized possession!

Vehicle condition

You’ll get the best price on vehicle shipping if the vehicle runs. If the vehicle doesn’t start, you might incur additional expenses such as towing or repairs to make the vehicle suitable for transport. Let your transportation specialist know if there are any problems with the vehicle ahead of time to make sure that there aren’t any surprises or other delays when the driver arrives to load it up!

Pick-Up Location

An open transport carrier can pick up your car at your home, but some customers live in congested areas, gated communities, and on military bases. If it’s not convenient to pick up your car at your home, we recommend finding a nearby parking lot in your neighborhood.

Seasonal Shipping Demand

The price of transporting your car is subject to supply and demand just like the price of a plane ticket, and you can expect to pay a higher price during peak season. Your price will also be subject to the current availability of carriers operating on your route.

Auto transport insurance

When you’re shipping your vehicle with a bonded and insured company, you can file an insurance claim in the event of vehicle damage. You can also buy some supplemental insurance coverage for your rare or vintage auto, which will affect your overall shipping cost.

Overseas auto transport shipping

We always strive to be the car shipping best company, and we can help you arrange ground transportation for your vehicle anywhere in North America. We’re also the best car shipping company to turn to when you need to transport your vehicle overseas. Our Car Shipping agents can find you the best price in overseas transport in shipping containers or on a roll-on roll-off (RoRo) transport. RoRo transport will be your cheapest overseas shipping option, but it also tends to be the slowest.

Car Transport Services step by step

  1. Get a Car Shipping Quote

    Get a free car shipping quote on the website and survey the cost to ship your car.

    If you want to get the best quote by telephone, you can talk with a Car Shipping specialist by calling: 1-888-885-5354

  2. Book your Car to be Shipped

    For your own benefit, you can do a shipment online by going to the webform and sending us your secure and confidential message. Also, you can plan your shipment by phone, just contact us by calling 1-888-885-5354

  3. Carrier to be used

    What do you want to use? Open car carrier transportation or Enclosed car carrier shipping? It is up to you, everything will depend on your needs and how secure you want your car to be transported.

  4. Loading your car process

    The driver will call the person at the pickup area before arriving. You have to do a careful examination of the car, this process will be finished and the driver and the pickup person will agree that the car is in the same conditions when it was given to the truck driver.

  5. Car Delivery

    The driver will call the person at the area preceding arrival. The car is going to have its last examination to guarantee that everything is in the same conditions it was gotten.

Elite Car Shipping is Florida’s Best Car Shipping Company!

When you read Elite Auto Shipper reviews, you can see for yourself that our team at Elite Car Shipping believes in taking great care of our customers! Each of our customers who takes the time to write an Elite Auto Shipping review is extremely important to us, and we’re ready to make you our next satisfied customer! We take pride in being the car shipping best company, and we can beat any quote for all of our car and freight shipping services. Here’s a detailed look at the transportation services that we have to offer. You can call us 24 hours a day 1-888-885-5354 and speak to an Auto Shipping transportation specialist when you have any questions about car transport companies.

We’re Ready To Earn Your Five Star Elite Auto Shipping Review!

Elite Car Shipping Company treats every customer like a king, and we want to earn your business. Our shipping agents are happy to answer your questions, and they all take pride in matching our customers with great drivers. You can schedule all of our services with no money down, and we offer a convenient shipping calculator when you want to get a free no-obligation quote. Give us a call at 1-888-885-5354 when you’re ready to work with the best car shipping company in The Sunshine State!

How much does Car Shipping Cost?

You can use our convenient shipping estimator to get the most accurate estimate, but here are a few sample prices for shipping to a few popular locations from our headquarters in Pompano Beach, FL:

Orlando-Pompano Beach $125 204 miles 2 – 3 days
Pompano Beach-Charlotte $425 700 miles 3 – 5 days
Pompano Beach-New Orleans $500 825 miles 4 – 6 days
Dallas-Pompano Beach $775 1275 miles 4 – 6 days
Detroit-Pompano Beach $815 1350 miles 4 – 6 days
Pompano Beach-Albuquerque $1155 1925 miles 5 – 7 days
Pompano Beach-Denver $1225 2033 miles 6 – 8 days

Elite Auto Shipping experts

There are so many car transport companies in this industry. The one thing you have to be careful about is making a decision based on nothing more than a price. Less reputable auto shipping companies will try to lure you into using their company by offering you a low price or low ball (a very low price but not realistic). They might also require you to pay an upfront deposit. Never choose a company based on a price. This is a service industry and you get what you pay for.

Car shipping companies all vary and they are not all good at the same things. Keep this in mind. Just like there is a difference between a 2-star restaurant and a 5-star restaurant, the same holds true for car shipping companies.

We are a very trustable Car Transport Company Nationwide and Overseas in the US.

Check the cities where we have offices among others:

  • Car Shipping Company in Boston
  • New York Ship a Car
  • California Car Transport
  • Shipping a Car with ECSC, Dallas, Texas
  • Hawaii Car Shipping
  • Florida Car Transport
  • Kansas Car Transportation ECSC

So you need to get your elite vehicle shipped.

We are your elite auto transport company located in South Florida. No problem, we got you covered. We can provide you with an affordable car shipping estimate. We have an award-winning customer service team nand we will be able to assist you with transporting your car anywhere in the United States and overseas. We cover all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska and anjy place in the world. As an elite auto carrier, shipping your vehicle will be a very simple process.

Elite car shipping company transporting a orange Lamborghini using an enclosed car carrier

We are an elite auto shipping Company located in south florida

Among all the Auto Shipping Companies, with Elite Car Shipping Company you always get the best car shipping quote and customer service for your peace of mind. We will handle your car shipment needs from the beginning until the end of the process. Do not be fooled by other car shippers who advertise themselves as an Elite Car Shipping Company. Many of those companies have no clue; they pawn you off on an auto transport broker who has no idea how to handle your car shipping request.

This option offers you better protection of your vehicle and additional insurance coverage during the transport. No matter the type of vehicle you need to transport, we can offer you the best car shipping experience. We are experts shipping high-end cars which include sport performance cars, luxury cars, sports cars and very expensive cars.

We also offer additional insurance coverage for elite vehicles when they are shipped in one of our enclosed car transport trailers that have a lift gate for the vehicles for loading and unloading.

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Elite Car Shipping takes a lot of pride in its five-star Elite Auto Shipper reviews, and our team of auto shipping specialists is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day at 1-888-885-5354.

What Will a Car Transport Company Charge To Ship My Vehicle?

You can use our online shipping calculator to get a free quote, and we’ll make car transport companies compete for your shipping job. We hope to earn your five-star Elite Auto Shipping review, and it starts by answering all of your questions. Each car shipping company prices its services differently, but you should estimate around $500-1,850 for domestic ground transportation. We’ll make sure that you get the best price, and we’ll keep each car shipping company honest by subjecting them to a bidding process!

How can I schedule a pick-up with a car transport company?

When you talk to your Elite Auto Shipping agent, he or she will make it easy to get a great price from a trusted car shipping company. The car transport companies that we work with are all bonded and insured, and you can proceed with confidence when you book your shipping order. All that you need is the ZIP code for your pick-up and delivery locations, your transport dates, and the vehicle’s year, make, and model. Be sure to let your transportation specialist know if you have any special instructions for the pick-up, and what kind of transport that you’d like. Open transport will be your cheapest option, but we’re happy to book enclosed transport for your high-end autos!

You’ll get your best rates if you book early, and you should let us know if you have a flexible schedule. We offer door-to-door ground transportation for your vehicle anywhere in North America, and we also partner with overseas shipping companies that can ship your vehicle anywhere in the world!

What is car shipping?

Car shipping is a great way to have your vehicle waiting for you at the end of your air travel, and it’s a convenient option for business travelers and members of the military. One of our drivers can pick up your car at your home and transport it anywhere that you want!

How much does Car Shipping Cost?

How much is car shipping to another country?

You should be prepared to spend approximately $1,500-$3,800 for overseas auto transport, and your shipping costs will often also include tariffs and port taxes. We make scheduling international transport easy and hassle-free, and we’ll help you complete all the necessary customs paperwork. You should schedule your international shipment 3-12 weeks in advance, and you’ll need to make sure that your vehicle can be legally driven where you’re going.

How much does car shipping cost between states?

You should budget about $500 if you want to ship your car a distance of up to 500 miles, and $1,500-$1,800 for coast-to-coast car shipping

How do car shipping companies work?

Car shipping companies transport your vehicles from one location to another. We provide a driver and a transport trailer for transport. All you do is provide the vehicle that is being transported. A good company will always make sure the process is as easy as can be.

What is the cheapest car shipping services?

The cheapest car transport company is not always the best. This is a service industry and you get what you pay for. Never select a company because of the price they offer. There is a big difference between a fair price and a cheap price. When it comes to shipping your car don’t sell yourself short and go for the cheaper price.

How do choose a car Transport company?

When choosing a car transport company, always research the company. Make sure they are a part of the Better Business Bureau and have reputable reviews on Google. You may also want to verify that the company has been in business for a reasonable amount of time. Newer companies tend to lack experience.

Company’s 5-star reviews


We Will Transport It BBB Reviews

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