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Are you looking for the Best Car Shipping Companies Nationwide? We are an Elite Car Shipping Company located in South Florida, US. You can check our 5 Star Elite Auto Shipping Reviews in Google, where you will able to see what customers think about us and their experience having a nationwide car transport services or an international car shipping services with us.

As a Vehicle Shipping Company, we are Elite Auto Shipping Experts. Take advantage of our best car shipping quotes, you will save time and money, and you will enjoy of the peace of mind that you deserve with very fast and secure car shipping delivery!


Best Car shipping Quote Guaranteed.

We are going to be beat any car transport quote!

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Elite car shipping company transporting a orange Lamborghini using an enclosed car carrier

The best car shipping company is always going to be the one that provides the service that you need. It is so important that you understand what your needs are and that you clearly inform your transport company of these needs.



We ship cars overseas to any place around the world, just name it and we will be able to ship your car to any country any port, or airport. Our International Car Shipping service is one of the best and most trustable in the US.



If you have cars for transport nationwide or overseas just call us to get up to 20% off on your car transportation. We do auctions to dealerships and trades, we can ship a car to any car dealer. Call for our multi car transport discount.



Shipping cars from State to State in the US

How much does it cost to ship a car to another state? The average cost for shipping a car to another state is anywhere from 40 cents to 60 cents a mile, when going short miles you may need to be a $1 a mile to 1.25 mile depending on the size of the vehicle.



Open car transport carrier is the leader in car carrier services, we offer the best open trailer auto transport and car transport anywhere in the continental United States, any city and any state. Get the best car shipping quote in the industry now!



What is enclosed car shipping? The enclosed car carrier is a type of car transport that adds protection to your car. It’s the most secure auto shipping option if you need to transport a classic, a sports car or a luxury car.


Do You Need To
ship your car?


We are your Elite Auto Transport Company and we provide excellent service from beginning to end. In this industry, you have to be very careful when you are selecting a car transport company. There are a lot of car transport companies in this industry but many of them are not reputable or have the experience to be in an industry that requires a solid skillset and a high level of knowledge.

When you begin searching for your car transport company, make sure that you have a clear understanding of the service that you need for your transport. There are numerous car transport options but you want to make sure that the option you chose is the best for you.

Elite Car Shipping Company will make sure we go over the options available and help you make the best decision. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff has all the answers and we will work with you throughout the entire transport process.


Car Transport Services step by step

  1. Get a Car Shipping Quote

    Get a free car shipping quote on the website and survey the cost to ship your car.

    If you want to get the best quote by telephone, you can talk with a Car Shipping specialist by calling: 1-888-885-5354

  2. Book your Car to be Shipped

    For your own benefit, you can do a shipment online by going to the webform and sending us your secure and confidential message. Also, you can plan your shipment by phone, just contact us by calling 1-888-885-5354

  3. Carrier to be used

    What do you want to use? Open car carrier transportation or Enclosed car carrier shipping? It is up to you, everything will depend on your needs and how secure you want your car to be transported.

  4. Loading your car process

    The driver will call the person at the pickup area before arriving. You have to do a careful examination of the car, this process will be finished and the driver and the pickup person will agree that the car is in the same conditions when it was given to the truck driver.

  5. Car Delivery

    The driver will call the person at the area preceding arrival. The car is going to have its last examination to guarantee that everything is in the same conditions it was gotten.

Elite Auto Shipping experts

There are so many car transport companies in this industry. The one thing you have to be careful about is making a decision based on nothing more than a price. Less reputable auto shipping companies will try to lure you into using their company by offering you a low price. They might also require you to pay an upfront deposit. Never choose a company based on a price. This is a service industry and you get what you pay for.

Car shipping companies all vary and they are not all good at the same things. Keep this in mind. Just like there is a difference between a 2-star restaurant and a 5-star restaurant, the same holds true for shipping companies.

We are the best Car Transport Company Nationwide and Overseas in the US.

Check the cities where we have offices among others:

  • Car Shipping Company in Boston
  • New York Ship a Car
  • California Car Transport
  • Shipping a Car with ECSC, Dallas, Texas
  • Hawaii Car Shipping
  • Florida Car Transport
  • Kansas Car Transportation ECSC

How do car shipping companies work?

Car shipping companies transport your vehicles from one location to another. We provide a driver and a transport trailer for transport. All you do is provide the vehicle that is being transported. A good company will always make sure the process is as easy as can be.

What is the cheapest car shipping services?

The cheapest car transport company is not always the best. This is a service industry and you get what you pay for. Never select a company because of the price they offer. There is a big difference between a fair price and a cheap price. When it comes to shipping your car don’t sell yourself short and go for the cheaper price.

How do choose a car Transport company?

When choosing a car transport company, always research the company. Make sure they are a part of the Better Business Bureau and have reputable reviews on Google. You may also want to verify that the company has been in business for a reasonable amount of time. Newer companies tend to lack experience.

How to find an Auto Transport company?

The best way to find a car transport company is to use Google. Type in the type of transport that you need and Google will provide you with a list of the best companies for you to work with. Remember all companies are different, but being different is not always bad. Depending on your specific needs for transport, the best company will be the one that can meet and exceed those needs.

So you need to get your elite vehicle shipped.

We are your elite auto transport company. No problem, we got you covered. We can provide you with an elite car shipping estimate. We have an award-winning customer service team ready to provide you with a free quote. We can assist you with transporting your classic cars anywhere in the United States. We cover all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska. As an elite auto carrier, shipping your vehicle will be a very simple process.

Elite car shipping company transporting a orange Lamborghini using an enclosed car carrier

We are one of the best Car Transport Companies in the US

Among all the Auto Shipping Companies, with Elite Car Shipping Company you always get the best car shipping quote and customer service for your peace of mind. We will handle your car shipment needs from the beginning until the end of the process. Do not be fooled by other car shippers who advertise themselves as an Elite Car Shipping Company. Many of those companies have no clue; they pawn you off on an auto transport broker who has no idea how to handle your elite car shipping request. Although we do offer an option for elite vehicles transporting an open transport trailer, we would recommend you utilize our enclosed transport option.

This option offers you better protection of your elite vehicle and additional insurance coverage for your elite vehicle during transport. No matter the type of vehicle you need to transport, we can offer you a premier elite vehicle shipping experience. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, your elite vehicle shipping experience should be different from an ordinary transport experience. We have experience with shipping high-end vehicles which include sport performance vehicles with low clearance.

We also offer additional insurance coverage for elite vehicles when they are shipped in one of our elite enclosed transport trailers. We even offer enclosed elite trailers that have a lift gate for the vehicle for loading and unloading. We can certainly offer an elite vehicle transport experience for you.

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5 Star elite auto shipping reviews
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