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Safe And Reliable Cheap Car Shipping Company in Florida

Shipping your car allows you to travel on your own terms. The cost of cheap car shipping is lower than the cost of expensive rental car prices, and you’ll never have to worry about an unavailable vehicle or a lost reservation again. Elite Car Shipping Company is the nation’s cheap car transport leader, and we offer nationwide vehicle shipping from cheap car shipping companies.

Cheap car shipping

If you’ve never scheduled cheap car transportation before, dial 1-888-885-5354 and let us show you how easy it is to schedule reliable service at great rates. You’ll be able to compare cheap car shipping quotes from trusted companies all in one place, and we’ll ensure your car is picked up and delivered on your schedule!

Can Elite Car Shipping Company Give Me A Car Shipping Quote?

Elite Car Shipping Company is Florida’s cheap car shipping headquarters, and we guarantee that you’ll pay less for trusted vehicle transportation service. Our services include both open and enclosed cheap car transport and containerized vehicle transportation to international ports. We offer cheap car transport quotes 24 hours a day, and we have the expertise to ship your car across the country without a scratch.

Saving money should always be your top priority, and we’ll assist you when you need the best car shipping quote. We partner with a nationwide network of cheap car shipping companies that service the entire globe, and our agents are committed to finding everyday low prices for our customers. Comparing cheap car shipping quotes is fast and easy, and you can make all of your transportation arrangements in one place!

Cheap Car Transport To & From Florida

Our headquarters is located in Pompano Beach, Florida, and we make it easy to schedule reliable car shipping service into and out of Florida. The Sunshine State hosts over 40 million tourists annually, and we offer cheap car transport quotes when you’re ready to plan your next beach vacation!

Cheap car shipping

We offer premium vehicle transportation services, and you can schedule cheap car shipping with experienced transportation companies as easily as buying a plane ticket! But when we say cheap car transportation, that doesn’t mean you’ll get cut-rate service! Cheap car shipping companies run high-volume operations and run thousands of cross-country routes daily, and that enables them to scale the cost of cheap car transport more effectively and offer lower prices. You’ll get to compare cheap car transport quotes from our pre-vetted network of shipping companies all in one place, and we guarantee to find the best car shipping quote for every shipping job!

Best Car Transport Services from New York to Florida

If you live in the city that never sleeps, you can probably use a little rest in Florida! Tens of thousands of New Yorkers head to The Sunshine State in the winter, and we offer cheap car transport for snowbirds who prefer to have their personal vehicle waiting for them when they land. Florida also offers plenty of fun in the sun throughout the year, and it’s a great place to go surfing, do some deep-sea fishing, and enjoy world-class fine dining.

Let us know when you’re headed to Florida from New York, and we’ll help you get the best car shipping quote. Shipping costs are higher during peak travel season, but we’ll help you compare cheap car shipping quotes to find the lowest rates. Our cheap car shipping professionals have access to unpublished rates that aren’t available to the general public, and they’re ready to get to work and find you rock-bottom rates!

We Offer the Most Affordable Car Transport Quotes in the Industry

Some companies claim they can offer you the best car shipping quote, but we guarantee it! Our customers can’t afford to waste money on vehicle transportation, and we help them compare cheap car transport quotes to get the lowest rates. Our network of cheap car shipping companies has thousands of car haulers making daily vehicle deliveries from sea to shining sea, and making your shipping reservation is quick and easy. One of our seasoned vehicle transportation experts will take the time to learn about your specific needs and will give you expert advice so you can select the right mode of transport. Open trailer car haulers can carry up to nine vehicles at a time, and you can reserve a space on the hauler almost as quickly as you buy a bus ticket. We also offer enclosed trailer auto shipping services and overseas container shipping suitable for sports cars and vintage autos.

Cheap car shipping

Once you’ve chosen your mode of transportation and other options, your next step is to compare cheap car transport quotes. We’ll post your shipping job and let highly-rated companies place bids for your pick-up. You will typically receive your first offer right away, but we strongly encourage you to hold out for the lowest price. After your pick-up is confirmed, all you’ll need to do is sit tight and wait for your pick-up. Your cheap car transportation driver will contact you a day in advance and carefully load your vehicle onto the hauler. Most domestic vehicle shipments take between 3-8 days, depending on driver availability and total transportation distance.

We Offer 5-Star Cheap Car Shipping Quotes

When you’re looking for cheap car transport quotes, you’ve come to the right place! Transportation companies depend on positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising for their ongoing success, and their ultimate goal is earning a 5-Star review from each customer! A great review tells prospective customers that a company pays attention to the correct details, and we work with companies that share our commitment to legendary service. We’re connected to a nationwide network of cheap car transportation companies striving to earn a 5-Star review for every shipping job. Your driver will show up at the designated time, carefully load and transport your vehicle, and deliver it to your destination on schedule. Any company can pick up and deliver your vehicle, but you have the right to insist on a company committed to offering legendary service to every customer at a great price!

The Most Affordable Auto Transport Companies in Florida are Ready to Ship Your Car Across the Country!

The nation’s leading cheap car shipping companies depend on new business and great reviews for their continued growth and success. The length of time that a company has been in business can tell you a lot about its commitment to customer satisfaction. All transportation companies understand the importance of taking great care of their customers, but we work with companies that make it their mission to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. When you contact us to compare cheap car shipping quotes, these experienced carriers will offer you their most competitive price quotes:


  • What car shipping service offers the cheapest rates?

    All cheap car shipping companies strive to offer the lowest prices, and they’ll give you their most competitive offers. Even though the costs of cheap car transportation are the same for all companies, they all utilize a wide variety of different pricing strategies. For example, a large company that makes daily cross-country deliveries is better suited to long-distance transportation. You’ll pay less per mile when you’re shipping your vehicle a greater distance, and we can help you find cheap car shipping companies who are servicing your intended route. A smaller independent company might have a smaller service area, but they make more deliveries, enabling them to offer low prices when you need to transport your car to a nearby state.

    Once your transportation expert knows the specifications for your pick-up, the next step is to compare cheap car shipping quotes. You’ll get to see for yourself how aggressively those transportation companies will price their services in order to earn new business.

  • How can I ship my car cheaply?

    The best way to maximize your savings on cheap car shipping is to schedule your pick-up as far in advance as possible. Our team of transportation and logistics experts can find the lowest rates for our customers who contact us 2-4 weeks before your pick-up, and we’ll locate an open trailer car hauler that’s making deliveries on your route. Transportation companies lose potential revenue each time a car hauler isn’t fully loaded and are highly motivated to ensure that each available slot is filled.

    Things happen, and travel plans often get canceled at the last minute. Each time a cheap car transport company gets last-minute cancellations, it has to scramble to fill its car haulers. That’s where we come in! Our transportation partners know that we have plenty of customers interested in scheduling cheap car transport, and they offer unsold space at deeply discounted rates. These special discounts aren’t advertised or published on their website, and they’re exclusively offered to transportation brokers who can help them quickly find customers interested in reserving those unsold car hauler slots. We have to act quickly when those deals become available, so let us know if your shipping dates are flexible. We guarantee that you’ll always receive the best car shipping quote for each pick-up, and our transportation experts are available around the clock any time you have questions about your shipment.

  • What’s the average cost of domestic car shipping?

    The cost of cheap car shipping is calculated by several important factors, including overall mileage, the type of vehicle you’ll be shipping and the options that you select. According to Forbes, you’ll get the lowest rates if you ship your car a greater distance; a short trip of 200 miles or fewer might cost you over $2.00 per mile, but if you’re shipping your vehicle 1,500 miles or more your per mile rate will drop to $0.58 per mile or less. These estimates are based on open carrier shipping, which is the most frequently used method of shipping a car across the USA. Additional services, such as enclosed shipping and expedited delivery, are also available for an additional premium.

    Each shipping job is a little different, and cheap car transportation companies will often charge significantly different rates for what seems on the surface to be the same type of pick-up. But a regional carrier might be better positioned to offer you a lower rate for a local delivery than a national company. Your shipping costs will also increase slightly if you’re shipping your vehicle during peak travel season from late spring through early fall, so keep that in mind if you have any flexibility in your upcoming travel plans.

    The most effective way to get a great rate is to make companies bid for your shipping job and compare cheap car transport quotes for yourself. It’s pretty time-consuming to contact transportation companies individually, and we make it possible for you to review all of your offers in one place. Once you’ve made your decision, our transportation experts will confirm your reservation and schedule your pick-up.

  • Isn’t it cheaper to drive my car to my destination?

    Car shipping is a popular option for individuals traveling by air for business trips and family vacations. It’s also ideal for people who are relocating to a new city to be closer to their families or grow their careers. If you’re driving a moving van, it’s much safer to ship your car to your new home than attempting to tow it yourself.

    We certainly understand the importance of helping our customers save money and the temptation that cost-conscious customers have to drive their vehicles to their destination instead of paying for car shipping. But car shipping is surprisingly affordable once you consider the cost of fuel, meals, and lodging for a long-distance trip.

    But money’s not the only thing you’ll save. You’ll also save time! It takes several days to travel across the country, and those days are much better spent at your destination. You’ll also get to skip the hassle of renting a car once you arrive. Even the most trustworthy rental car companies lose reservations and frequently don’t have the type of vehicle you reserved available once you arrive. If you don’t feel like being forced to settle for whatever the rental car company has available, we’ll help you compare cheap car shipping quotes and get the lowest available rate. You can leave the driving to our team of experienced drivers and enjoy your trip behind the wheel of your own car!

  • Is enclosed shipping worth the additional expense?

    Enclosed trailer shipping costs about 30-40% more than shipping your car in an open trailer, but it offers many great advantages for upscale customers who own high-end vehicles. It’s safer to ship your car on an open-trailer car hauler than it is to drive it to your destination, and you won’t be putting any unnecessary wear and tear on your engine or your tires. But that might not be enough for you if you’re accustomed to storing your vehicle in a garage. Enclosed trailers offer all-around protection for your car, and it will arrive at its destination without a scratch.

    You can also pay an additional premium and rent the entire trailer, which is an excellent option if you’re relocating to a new city or you’re headed to a car show. If you just had your classic car detailed, the last thing you need to deal with is weather and road conditions in transit. You can transport your classic car and all your gear to the event, and the driver will deliver your vehicle in pristine condition!

  • Is it difficult to ship a vehicle overseas?

    International car shipping is a great way to enjoy reliable transportation as you travel globally. We offer several great international transportation options for our customers, and we’ll help you select the right transportation option for your vehicle. We offer car shipping on roll-on, roll-off (RoRo) vessels to several popular island vacation destinations, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. A RoRo transport is a lot like a ferry service, and vehicles can be driven onto and off the carrier. RoRo transportation is the cheapest way to transport your car, but it also takes the longest. Many RoRo vessels don’t leave the port until they’re fully loaded, which can take up to three weeks.

    We also offer containerized transport to virtually any port in the world from Miami or the nearest port servicing your destination. You can schedule ground transportation for your vehicle to the port, or you can drop the car off at the closest terminal. In addition to the shipping costs for overseas transit, you’ll also be responsible for port taxes at most destinations.

    Overseas car shipping is an excellent auction for car collectors shopping at international options and members of our armed forces. Give us a call at 1-888-885-5354 at least 1-3 months before your overseas trip so we’ll have time to give you a detailed price quote and assist you in completing the necessary paperwork and forms.

  • How can I find car shipping discounts?

    Helping our customers get the best car shipping quote begins with a rate comparison, enabling you to quickly ascertain the current market price for your shipping job. We’ll also help you find all of the additional discounts we can! Transportation companies often offer pre-negotiated discounts to AAA members and special rates to members of civic clubs and university alumni associations. We offer snowbird shipping to Florida from Canada and the northern United States, and many of our transportation partners offer discount rates for seniors. If you’re a current or former military member, we’ll look for military discounts and help you arrange transportation to any military base!

    Transportation companies will happily offer you a discount rate if you need to ship more than one vehicle. It saves transportation companies money any time they can load up their car haulers with fewer stops, and they’re happy to pass those savings along to their customers. It’s cheaper to ship two cars together than shipping them individually, and we’ll see to it that all of your vehicles are picked up and delivered on the same car hauler!

  • Do you offer motorcycle transportation?

    Motorcycle transportation is an excellent option when it’s inconvenient to ride to your destination. Most motorcycle owners live to ride, but we’re here to help for the times when you can’t! We strongly recommend shipping your motorcycle in an enclosed trailer, and we can ship road bikes and dirtbikes. Many motorcycle clubs share the expense of shipping their bikes to Sturgis in August, or you can plan a great dirt biking vacation with your family and friends!

Get an Instant Estimate for Trusted Car Transportation to or from Florida Today!

Whether you’re traveling around the world or making a quick trip to a neighboring state, Elite Car Shipping Company can give you the best car shipping quote in a matter of minutes. We have a long tradition of offering premium transportation services to and from Florida; no company can beat our rates or our service! We’re Florida’s cheap car transportation leader, and you can use our shipping cost calculator for a real-time price quote 24 hours a day. Our seasoned customer service agents can be reached at 1-888-885-5354 when you’re ready to make a shipping reservation for door-to-door vehicle transportation throughout the USA!

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