Ship Your Classic Car Before Snow Flies

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Ship Your Classic Car Before Snow Flies!

Ship Your Classic Car Before Winter and Snow Flies with a 5 Star Car Shipping company located in South Florida. Get up to 10% OFF now.

Ship Your Classic Car

Many car collectors are highly protective of their vintage autos, and it’s perfectly understandable. After all, they scrimped and saved to buy the car and spent most of their spare time turning a wrench to get it properly restored. Elite Car Shipping Company caters to classic car collectors, and we’re always ready to help you ship your classic car before the snow flies. Call 1-888-885-5354 to get a no-obligation transportation estimate, and contact us to save 10% or more when you ship a classic car before winter!

Why you should ship your classic car before winter

If your classic car is your everyday vehicle, we’ll discuss a few easy steps you can take to keep it properly serviced and maintained over the winter in an upcoming section. You’ll need to perform the standard preventive maintenance on a vintage auto as you do for any other car, but you’ll need to do a few other things to protect an older engine. If your classic car is a secondary vehicle, you’ll need to find a suitable garage to store it for the winter. We can help you transport your vehicle all year long, but we strongly suggest that you ship your classic car before the snow flies. You’ll pay lower shipping rates to transport vehicles in the fall, and it’s much easier to find an experienced driver.

How to schedule transportation for your classic car

We’re proud to offer expert classic car transportation at great rates, and you can get a free quote on our website when you need a ballpark estimate of your shipping costs. It’s safe and easy to ship your classic car on an open trailer car hauler, and we offer door-to-door vehicle transport service. If you just washed and waxed your car, ask your transportation specialist about enclosed auto shipping services. If you’re not comfortable transporting a rare vintage vehicle on an open trailer, an enclosed trailer will protect it from dust, dirt, and debris while in transit.


Elite Car Shipping Company always goes the extra mile for customers, and we’re ready to transport your classic car home this fall. Call us at 1-888-885-5354 to learn more about our custom shipping options for classic cars and schedule transportation before the snow flies!

  • Are classic cars good in snow?

    One of the biggest reasons we love classic cars is that they inspire a sense of nostalgia in all of us. They remind us of simpler times as children when we were stuffed into the back of the family sedan on our way to our grandparents’ house for the holidays. Now that we’re adults, we cling to those memories. Driving in the snow presents the same risks today as it did several decades ago, but modern cars offer more advanced safety features that aren’t always included in classic vehicles. No matter what year model your vehicle is, the critical thing to remember about driving in the snow is to take your time. Drive slowly, and give other motorists plenty of space. Brake gently, and reduce your speed. It’s always a good idea to ship a classic car before winter, and invest in a set of snow tires or chains if you live in an area that encounters frequent heavy snowfall.

  • How can I get my classic car prepared for winter storage?

    If you’re not driving your classic car every day during the winter, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary before you park it in your garage or carport. If you have to store the car outdoors, an inexpensive weather-proof slipcover will protect it from rain, ice, and snow over the winter. It’s also important to take your car out for short drives on a clear day, or at least every few weeks. Running your engine deposits a protective film of oil on your engine’s internal components and protects your engine parts from corrosion and oxidation. Be sure to look under the hood from time to time because rodents seeking a warm place to sleep occasionally find their way into car engines.

  • How long should I let my classic car run in the winter?

    It’s a good idea to drive your classic car at least once every two weeks for a minimum of 15 minutes. You should also start the car and let it warm up for 20 minutes before getting on the road. Running your engine enables it to burn off excess debris that might have accumulated while your vehicle is in storage, and it coats your engine parts with a fresh layer of engine oil. Clear days don’t often happen during the winter, so be sure to take full advantage when they happen! Avoid driving on freshly salted roads if you want to preserve your classic car’s paint job.

    There are additional benefits that accompany operating your vehicle at least every few weeks. It will help keep your battery charged and confirm that your alternator is still functional. Seals, belts, and gaskets can also dry out over time, and your tires can develop flat spots if the car sits stationary for too long.

Let us help you ship a classic car before winter!

Owning and maintaining a classic car is hard work, but it’s a labor of love that many of us happily endure. If you drive your classic car daily, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary to keep it in working order. Be sure to follow the preventive maintenance recommendations in your owner’s manual and change the oil regularly. If you’re storing your classic car for an extended period, add some fuel stabilizer to the tank to keep your gas from going bad. Your classic car’s overall health depends on regular use, so take it out for a spin at least every few weeks. When you’re ready to ship your classic car before snow flies, you can contact Elite Car Shipping Company online or call 1-888-885-5354. We offer quality classic car transportation at great prices, and we’re ready to ship a classic car before winter!

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