How to move a car from one state to another

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How to move a car from one state to another

Do you need to know how to move a car from one state to another? We are car shipping experts and shipping a car to another state is our specialty. Move A Car From One State To Another for Less With ECS. The Great American road trip used to be an occasional affair in the early days of auto transportation, but that all changed when President Dwight D. Eisenhower championed the creation of better highways in the 1950s. The Interstate Highway System made traveling from coast to coast easier than ever, but it’s still much faster to fly! Air travel continues to be the quickest way for people to travel long distances in a short time, and most people leave their vehicles at home when they’re traveling out of state.

How to move a car from one state to another

The good news is that car shipping is cheaper than you think, and our Elite Car Shipping Company team knows how to find the best deals on shipping a car to another state. You can get a free price quote to ship car to another state on our website, and call 1-888-885-5354 to learn more about our services.

When I Ship My Car To Another State, How Long Will It Take?

Shipping a car to another state is easy, and the process usually takes 3-7 days. When you’re planning a trip and want to know, “how do I ship my car to another state?” you can use our shipping cost estimator tools to price the cost of services. When you confirm your travel dates, call us so that we can give you the most accurate and up-to-date ship car to another state price quotes. We’ll review your options with you, and we’ll make sure that you understand all the details and make a truly informed decision. One thing that our customers are often surprised to learn is how much they can save if they’re not picky about their travel dates. We have to act fast when carriers offer discount rates at the last minute and waiting a few extra days can drastically lower your shipping costs.

We Make Shipping A Car To Another State Cheap and Easy!

Your car is essential to you, which is why it’s so important to find a trusted and reliable company to ship car to another state. Your ECS transportation specialist will solicit bids for your shipping job on your behalf, and the bidding process is only open to bonded carriers. All transportation companies have the same fixed costs, but some can offer you a lower price because they’re running more trucks or because they have less overhead.

How to move a car from one state to another

The bidding process keeps them all honest and it gives the consumer a head-to-head rate comparison at a glance. Be sure to let us know if your travel dates are flexible because we’re the first to learn about last-minute discount prices from our transportation partners. You’ll need to be prepared to wait an extra day or two for your pick-up, but the savings will be worth it!


Elite Car Shipping Company offers custom transportation solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs, and you can always count on premium service and fair prices. When you’re ready to ship car to another state, contact us online or call us at 1-888-885-5354 24 hours a day!

  • How does car shipping work?

    We offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery when you’re shipping a car to another state and open carrier shipping throughout the continental United States. We also offer airport shipping, terminal-to-terminal shipping, and overseas auto transport. We’ll need to know your pick-up and delivery locations and some basic information about your vehicle to schedule service. We’ll also schedule car transportation that fits your schedule and your budget.

  • How can I ship a car to another state for the lowest price?

    We recommend using open carrier shipping to ship a car to another state because it’s the fastest and easiest option. But many of our customers consider their cars their most prized possession and choose to ship them in an enclosed trailer. Enclosed car shipping costs about 30-40% more than open carrier shipping, and you can reserve the whole trailer for an additional premium. Enclosed shipping is a popular option for car collectors looking for a safe way to transport their auction purchases home, and it’s a great way to transport your race car and gear to the track.

  • Can I ship my car overseas?

    We make it easy to deliver vehicles throughout the USA, and we can also ship your car to almost any port in the world. Most of our customers headed overseas ship their cars in containers, and budget-conscious customers who believe in planning ahead appreciate the cost savings offered by shipping their cars to their destination on a Roll-On, Roll-Off (RoRo) Transport. You’ll need to gather some documents and complete additional paperwork to ship your car overseas, and we recommend scheduling international shipping 1-3 months before you plan to travel so that you’ll have the time you need to make the arrangements.

  • Can I ship my motorcycle out of state?

    We offer guaranteed low rates to ship any type of vehicle, and we offer premium motorcycle transport to any destination. We strongly recommend shipping motorcycles in an enclosed trailer, and we offer group discounts for multiple bikes. Let us help you and your friends make that long-awaited trip to Sturgis and begin a great new tradition every August!

When You’re Ready To Ship A Car To Another State At Guaranteed Low Rates, Give Us A Call!

If you need to know How to move a car from one state to another, just be in touch with the car shipping experts. Customers who want to know “how much is it to ship my car to another state” know they can always turn to Elite Car Shipping Company to find the best deals. Our dispatchers maintain an expansive network of leading transportation companies, and they know how to find unpublished deals as soon as they become available. We take great pride in our reputation for legendary service and are ready to do whatever it takes to earn your 5-Star review. Get your free car shipping estimate now, or call us at 1-888-885-5354 to speak to an ECS transportation specialist about nationwide vehicle transport services.

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