Guaranteed Car pick-up service

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ECS Offers Guaranteed Car Pick-Up Service at Low Prices!

Guaranteed Car pick-up service when you ship your car with us. We are a car transport company experts shipping cars to another state. When you’re traveling, there are a lot of advantages to using a car transport service to ship your car to your destination in advance. Most travelers have shown up to the rental car counter to discover that the vehicle they reserved is no longer available and have been forced to settle for whatever vehicle they have to offer. If you’re traveling during peak season, you even run the risk of not having a car available at all! Some cities are fortunate enough to offer reliable mass transit or taxi service, but business travelers can’t afford to take any chances.

Guaranteed Car pick-up service

Whatever your situation, our team of vehicle transportation specialists at Elite Car Shipping Company offers guaranteed car pick-up service to fit your busy schedule. We make shipping cars acrros country easy and affordable, and you can make all the arrangements with just one phone call! Get your free car transportation estimate online, or call us at 1-888-885-5354 to schedule your pick-up today!

We Offer Trusted Car Transport With Top Carriers

We know your car’s importance to you, which is why we insist on finding the best transportation companies to pick up and deliver your vehicle. We exclusively partner with bonded and insured companies, and your car will be transported by an experienced driver. Your transportation estimate will be based on the market value for your pick-up, and we’ll make top companies place bids to earn your business. Your transportation specialist will ensure that you get the best price, and we can beat any estimate. You’ll save at least 10% on shipping every day, and you can always count on Five-Star Service!

How to Schedule Car Transportation Service

We make scheduling transportation fast and easy, and you’ll get to work directly with a seasoned shipping specialist. Once you know your pick-up dates, we’ll ensure you get a fast and accurate price quote. Take all the time you need to select your shipping options, and we’ll get right to work finding an experienced driver once you schedule your pick-up.

We Love Getting Great Deals for Our Customers!

Your price quote will be based on mileage and additional factors, and you’ll pay the highest prices for expedited shipping. Expedited shipping is a good option if you have to make very time-specific travel arrangements and you’re prepared to spare no expense. But most of our customers are on a budget, and there’s nothing better than getting a great deal! The bidding process is one of the best ways to get great rates because the companies competing to earn your business will be offering the most competitive pricing they can. Be sure to let us know if your travel dates are flexible when you get your estimate because we can often find unsold carrier space at discount prices.

Guaranteed Car pick-up service

We have to act fast when bargains become available, and we’ll be sure to hold out for the best available rates!

Shipping a car cross country

Shipping a car across the country or cross country vehicle shipping is a great way to save money on gas costs while avoiding having to drive your own car. You’ll want to make sure you get a reputable company though, as there are many companies out there who offer cheap rates but aren’t worth trusting.

Get the best car shipping quote

Shipping a car is expensive, but there are ways to reduce the price. You can save money by using a freight forwarder, which will handle all the details of shipping for you. You can also use a shipper who specializes in moving cars, like Car Transport Express. They offer flat rates based on distance and weight.

Car shipping service

Car shipping is expensive, so why not use a service like Uber to get your vehicle delivered to your door? You’ll pay a flat rate per mile, and you won’t need to worry about finding parking or dealing with traffic. Plus, you don’t have to drive your car all the way there; just drop it off at the nearest location.We are a Professional Auto Transport Company located in South Florida. Car Delivery To Your Front Door is our priority.

Enclosed Carriers for Car Transportation

Enclosed carriers are used to move vehicles between locations. They are usually made of steel and aluminum. The most common type of enclosed carrier is a flatbed truck. These types of trucks can carry up to four cars on their flat bed. Another type of enclosed carrier is called a semi-trailer. This type of vehicle is designed to hold multiple cars. Semi-trailers are often used when transporting large numbers of cars.

Enclosed auto transport trailers are perfect if you want to move your car without having to open up the trunk. They provide protection for your vehicle during transit. The trailer itself is climate controlled so there is no need to worry about the temperature inside the trailer.

The enclosed car transport trailers are perfect for:

  • Auto auction transport
  • Vintage race car transport
  • Auto show transport
  • Exotic car transport
  • Antique car transport
  • Classic car transport


We make it easy to schedule car transportation at great rates, and you can get a free estimate on our website anytime! Contact an ECS transportation specialist at 1-888-885-5354 to learn more about our services and schedule door-to-door vehicle transportation services.

  • How much does cross-country shipping cost?

    The average cost of car haul services on an open carrier ranges from $500 or less for local or regional shipping to $2,300 for a coast-to-coast shipment. You’ll pay the lowest prices if we can find a driver already making deliveries along your route. Many of our customers also choose to spend an additional $400-$450 to ship their car in an enclosed trailer. Enclosed shipping is a great way to ship motorcycles, race cars, and auction purchases. It’s also an excellent way to ensure that your classic car arrives in pristine condition just in time for your competition!

  • Is expedited shipping worth paying the additional expense?

    We’re happy to help you schedule expedited shipping, but it might only get your car to your destination a few days faster than standard shipping. Car haulers can carry up to nine vehicles at a time, and transportation companies price slots on the carrier in a process similar to selling seats on an airplane. The benefit of calling us early is that it gives us the time we need to shop around for the best deals. When other customers pay for expedited shipping to your destination, your transportation specialist will help you find a space on the same truck for a substantially lower price!

  • Can you ship my car overseas?

    We cater to international travelers and offer our customers plenty of overseas shipping options. Container shipping from port to port is your most convenient way to transport your vehicle overseas, and you can pay a premium to reserve your own container. We also offer Roll-On, Roll-Off (RoRo) shipping, a more economical option for customers headed to popular island destinations such as Puerto Rico, Hawaii, St. Thomas, and The U.S. Virgin Islands. We can ship your vehicle to any country that accepts vehicle shipments from the USA, and we can help you complete the necessary customs paperwork to help you expedite your shipment. You’ll need to make sure that your vehicle is insured, and you’ll need a certified copy of the vehicle title. If you’re still financing the car, you’ll need a letter from your lender authorizing you to ship your car out of the country. Be prepared to pay port taxes at most destinations, and storage fees if you can’t take delivery of the vehicle right away.

  • What is the average car shipping costs?

    Car shipping costs vary depending on where you live and how far away your destination is. Moving companies use various methods to get your car to its new location, including open carriers, enclosed trucks, and rail cars. Open carriers are usually used when moving vehicles within a state or nearby states. Enclosed trucks are typically used when transporting vehicles between two states. Rail cars are used when moving vehicles long distances.

Schedule Your Guaranteed Pick-Up Today!

The nation’s leading transportation companies deliver thousands of vehicles across North America daily, and your spot on their car hauler is waiting! We make shipping your vehicle to any destination worldwide easy and affordable, and you can schedule a guaranteed pick-up with no money down! Get your no-obligation vehicle transportation estimate now, and call 1-888-885-5354 to speak to one of our dedicated ECS transportation specialists and schedule service.

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