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Ship Your Car to Florida Today!

Do you need to Ship your Car to Florida? We are Snowbirds Car Transport experts from any State in the US to Florida.

Elite Car Shipping Company offers trusted car shipping in south Florida at great prices, and we’ve been fortunate to enjoy a lot of repeat and referral business over the years. You can always count on legendary service and the personal touch with ECS, and we’re The Sunshine State’s leader for low prices. We welcome millions of college students interested in letting their hair down in the spring, family vacationers all summer long, and snowbirds in the fall. Whatever your reason for traveling to Florida, we’ll ensure that your car is waiting for you when you arrive.

Ship your Car to Florida

Call 1-888-885-5354 and speak to one of our team members when you’re ready to learn more about Florida car shipping and don’t forget to visit our website for a free no-obligation price quote!

Snowbird car transport made easy

Florida is one of the USA’s most popular destinations for snowbirds, and every fall, we welcome over 3.5 million part-time Floridians. Snowbirds make a big impact on Florida’s economy, and they get to enjoy a sunny and mild winter while their friends back home deal with snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures. We’re always a phone call away when snowbirds want to ship their cars to Florida from Canada or the northern United States, and we can beat any price quote. We offer drive-out services at great rates, and an experienced driver will fly to your home and drive your car to Florida. We can also ship your vehicle on an open carrier or an enclosed transport, and you won’t be putting any extra miles on your engine!

Experienced carriers are ready to ship your car to Florida!

Transportation companies love working with snowbirds because they provide them with steady business. In addition to offering snowbirds great rates, our transportation partners provide fast and efficient service. At Elite Car Shipping Company, we carefully vet bonded carriers and make them compete to earn your business. Your ECS transportation specialist will give you an up-to-the-minute rate quote, and you can make all of the car shipping arrangements in a few short minutes!

How to schedule transportation to Florida

We’re fortunate to enjoy plenty of repeat business, and all of our customers will tell you that we make it fast and easy to schedule transportation. Our customer-focused agents will ensure that you make an informed decision, and they love to help customers save money. After you’ve gotten your free car transport quote, we’ll help you compare rates from top carriers and ensure that you always get a fair price. Most of our customers receive multiple bids from trusted car transporters within a few days, and we guarantee that we can beat any quote and save you 10% or more on your car shipping costs!


Let our Elite Car Shipping Company team know when you’re headed to Florida, and we’ll have your vehicle waiting for you at your summer home when you arrive! Contact us online anytime when you need a no-obligation car transport estimate, and call us at 1-888-885-5354 for trusted south Florida car shipping!

  • What do snowbirds do with their cars?

    When snowbirds migrate to Florida for the winter, many decide they’re not up to the drive. If you’re traveling over 1,000 miles, you can count on at least two or three very long days in the car and the expense of hotel accommodations along the way. Flying to your summer home in Florida gets you here in a few short hours, and it’s the preferred option for snowbirds.

    Of course, snowbirds need transportation when they get to Florida. If you think that means using taxi services or purchasing another vehicle, we offer you another option! We’ll pick your car up at your home and ship it to your summer residence in a few short days. Your shipping costs will be comparable to your costs of fuel and lodging along the way, and you’ll have your own vehicle to use while you enjoy the Florida sunshine.

  • What transport options are available for snowbirds shipping their cars to Florida?

    We offer multiple options for Florida-bound snowbirds. The cheapest option is a drive-out service, where a licensed driver will travel to your home and drive your car to Florida. The only drawback of drive-out service is that you’ll be putting additional wear and tear on your tires and extra mileage on your engine. Open carrier car haulers are the most popular option, and thousands of haulers are traveling up and down the east coast making deliveries. An open trailer car hauler can transport nine vehicles at once, enabling transportation companies to scale the cost of their services to a price point that consumers can easily afford. If you drive a classic car or a luxury sedan, ask your transportation specialist for a quote on enclosed auto transport services. Your car will be sheltered from the weather and road conditions in an enclosed trailer, and it will be delivered to your summer home without a scratch!

  • What are the shipping costs to transport a car across the US?

    The average cost of coast-to-coast car shipping in an open carrier ranges from $500 to $1,800. You should budget an additional 30-40% if you want to schedule enclosed carrier transport. We offer free transportation estimates on our website, and you can reach us 24 hours a day at 1-888-885-5354 when you’re ready to schedule snowbirds car transport to Florida.

We can save you 10% or more on Florida snowbirds car transport services every day!

Elite Car Shipping Company is in the business of helping snowbirds throughout the world schedule trusted auto transport at great prices. We make it quick and easy to ship your car to Florida, and you’ll have plenty of money left to buy souvenirs for your friends back home! Feel free to use our shipping cost estimator when you’re ready to get a ballpark estimate for your shipping costs and call 1-888-885-5354 to schedule 5-Star snowbird auto transportation!

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