Why You Should Consider an Enclosed Carrier When Shipping Your Car

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An Enclosed Carrier Is an Excellent Option To Safely Ship Your Classic Car!

Why You Should Consider an Enclosed Carrier When Shipping Your Car. The Enclosed Car Transport is the most secure option to ship your car.

When you need to ship cars across the country, Elite Car Shipping Company offers your choice of transportation modes. Most ECS customers ship their vehicles from state to state on open trailer car haulers because they offer the lowest shipping costs. An open carrier can transport nine vehicles at a time, and it’s easy to find a driver making car deliveries along your intended route. We also offer enclosed auto transport services for a small additional fee. Shipping your car in enclosed transport provides extra security for your vehicle and offers other great benefits.

Enclosed Carrier When Shipping Your Car

Contact us online to learn more about enclosed trailer shipping, and call 1-888-885-5354 to schedule an enclosed auto transport service 24 hours a day.

What is an enclosed car carrier?

An enclosed car carrier has four walls and a roof to protect your car while in transit. Your car will remain clean and dry even if it rains or snows during the trip. An enclosed car carrier also keeps your car hidden from view, which is an excellent way to maintain an edge over your competition in a race or a car show!

What are the benefits of enclosed carrier shipping?

If you consider your car an investment, you know that a lot of things can happen on our roads and highways. In addition to sharing the streets with aggressive and distracted drivers, you have to worry about weather conditions, road debris, oil, and tar each time you take your car out for a drive. Shipping your vehicle in an open trailer is a safe way to transport your car, but an enclosed trailer is your best protection against the hazards of American roads and highways.

Enclosed Carrier When Shipping Your Car

An enclosed trailer also offers additional protection from theft and vandalism. If you have a custom paint job or if you just had your classic car detailed, shipping your vehicle in an enclosed trailer ensures that your vehicle will arrive without a scratch!

What additional items can I ship in an enclosed transport?

An enclosed trailer is very versatile, and you can use it to transport vehicles and other cargo. Here are a few examples of the things that our customers ship in enclosed auto carriers:

  • Cars and tools-Enclosed trailers are ideal for racing teams and people competing in classic car shows. You can pay an additional premium to rent the entire trailer and use it to transport your vehicle and gear from your home to the venue. You’ll have everything you need to outfit your pit crew, and you can use the trailer to transport your awards home after you take the checkered flag!
  • Car parts-Car tuners are always on the hunt for aftermarket parts, and an enclosed trailer can help manufacturers solve their distribution problems. Our service area spans the entire globe, and we can also help import tuners schedule shipping for hard-to-find parts. If a manufacturer can’t ship parts to you fast enough, call us!
  • Motorcycles-Enclosed trailers are an ideal way to transport motorcycles, and we’ll help you and your buddies plan a memorable vacation. You can also combine shipping costs to make the trip more affordable. Carriers run to Sturgis every April, and we can also ship your dirt bikes to a remote location if you want to skip the crowds!
  • Auction inventory-Car collectors search the globe looking for the right vehicle and want to get it home quickly after submitting the winning bid! We offer fast shipping at great rates if you’re selling or buying cars at an auction and discount rates if you ship multiple vehicles.


Our team of auto transport specialists at Elite Car Shipping Company is available around the clock, and we take customer service seriously! Contact ECS online or call 1-888-885-5354 when you’re ready to schedule enclosed transportation for your classic car.

  • Is it a better option to ship a car on an open hauler or in an enclosed trailer?

    Open trailer car haulers are the most common method that customers choose for car shipping because they’re the most affordable shipping option. It’s easy to find great deals on open carriers because so many trucks are making deliveries on the road. We exclusively partner with bonded and highly-rated carriers, and your car will be safely picked up and delivered on your schedule. Enclosed trailer shipping keeps the car out of the weather and protects it from dust, pollen, and debris while in transit.

  • Is enclosed auto transport worth it?

    People who own rare, vintage, or classic autos prefer to pay a little extra to ship their car on an enclosed trailer. It costs an additional 30-40% to ship your car on an enclosed trailer, and it’s a small price to pay if you want to ensure that your vehicle arrives in pristine condition. If you’re entering a high-stakes car show, you can rest assured that the judges will be inspecting every square inch of your vehicle. You can’t afford to take any chances on scuffs, scratches, or dings. Reserving your own trailer is also an excellent way to expedite your delivery. Your driver won’t have to pick up any additional vehicles along the way, and your vehicle will look as great when it’s delivered as it did when it was picked up! Our drivers love classic cars as much as you do, and they’ll treat yours like it’s their own for every mile of its journey!

Enclosed car transport is a great way to protect your investment!

Car collectors have placed their trust in Elite Car Shipping Company for over 25 years, and they keep coming back because we know how to show vehicles the respect they deserve! If you always keep your car in a garage, an enclosed trailer brings the garage right to your front door! We will safely transport your vehicle in a secure trailer, and one of our licensed drivers will be behind the wheel. Visit our website for an instant quote, and call our ECS team at 1-888-885-5354 to save 10% or more on enclosed auto transport services.

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