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Enclosed Car Shipping

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Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Car Shipping with We Will Transport It. Are you looking for a quick fix to help you safely move your antique 1966 Lamborghini Miura or your collection of Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, Bugatti Veyron, and Pagani Huayra sports cars from one location to another?


Elite car shipping company transporting a orange Lamborghini using an enclosed car carrier


Whether you need to move one antique car or three-thousand sports cars of Ferrari, chances are great that you’re hoping to find a productive and secure method of transportation for your vehicles. We are WWTI Enclosed Car Shipping!

But before you choose a secure method of transportation to ask yourself is enclosed auto transportation right for you?

If you are still deciding whether you should ship your antique or sports car open or enclosed, we can offer you reasons why you should choose enclosed car transport for your vehicle. Here at We Will Transport It, we can offer you a secure method of protecting your precious vehicle with enclosed transport.

What is Enclosed Car Transport?

Enclosed Car Shipping, Elite Car Shipping CompanyIf you are new to Enclosed Car Transport it is a well-known method of car transportation that helps move cars quickly and carefully.

We use a trailer that is enclosed on all sides, your antique Boss 429 Mustang and McLaren 570S inside will remain safe from the items and any debris that might be found while driving them from one destination to another.

The trailer also has roof panels to protect your cars from unknown elements and items falling on top of your car.

With our enclosed car transport, we have the capacity to transport between 2-4 of your antique or sports cars. If you are unsure of how much-enclosed transport is? The price is quite expensive.

A lot of people who use our services are unaware of how the enclosed carrier has a 1-million-dollar insurance policy per vehicle. Who knew right? So, anyone who is transporting their luxury cars valued at 100,000 dollars or more is recommended to ship their vehicle in an enclosed trailer or enclosed auto transportation(Enclosed Car Transport).

What are the benefits of using the best-enclosed car transport?

If you ask any enclosed auto transportation companies out there about the benefits of enclosed car shipping or car delivery, some may not be able to give you the best answers. As for us at Elite Car Shipping Company, our enclosed car transport is the most secure and safest option when transporting your vehicle from one location to another.

The enclosed trailer protects your car from any outside elements of the air, surroundings and the road.

Why should you choose an affordable enclosed auto transportation company?

A lot of strain and difficulty, not to mention time and money, are generally associated with a move. However, by hiring companies listed with We Will Transport It, you can now handle your enclosed auto transportation jobs better and move them on time.

If you are looking for Enclosed Car Shipping companies near you, Elite Car Shipping Company has car shipping offices nationwide and very close to your home. Rather than running from pillar to post to find an automobile transport company that delivers what it promises, you can now sit back, browse our database of services, get multiple auto transport quotes and compare them to find the company that best fits your needs.

Enclosed Car Shipping Cost

Since all these companies are reliable, have a goodwill in the market, and are known to deliver your things on time without single damage or scratch to your luxury car, you can relax once the professionals take over the responsibility, and closely monitor every move till your precious antique cars are delivered at the desired destination.

If you are still wary of choosing auto transportation companies listed with us, we recommend you to take a look at our track records and what their past customers have to say. Reading through our five-star customer reviews can help you make the right choices.

Enclosed vs Open Car Shipping

Looking for Covered auto transport companies? We are the best auto shipping company in the US, we need to know if you need to do door to door car shipping, open car carrier or enclosed carrier, to give the best car shipping quote in the market.

The type of carrier will decide how the money you will spend, also types of vehicles, and all the information in general, to decide the cost to ship your car and you will have peace of mind in the whole process. We will keep the lift gates open for your ground clearance prices.

Covered auto transport companies

Enclosed Car Shipping Benefits with WeWill Transport It. If you need to get your car somewhere, you want to make sure it is delivered in one piece. If you are moving or taking your vehicle to a car show across the country, making sure your car arrives on time and undamaged can be a stressful situation. If you have a valuable vehicle, such as a classic car, exotic car, or rare collectible, getting your vehicle where it needs to go can be daunting.

Enclosed Car Transport Cost

You want to entrust your vehicle to a reliable auto transporter who has an established reputation. A car shipper with an enclosed trailer should be your first choice. If you want what is best for your car and you want to ensure it is out of the elements and away from road hazards, an enclosed trailer is worth the extra money.

Enclosed Car Shipping is Safer

Enclosed Car Shipping Benefits

Car Transport Trailer

Enclosed trailers (Covered auto transport companies) are used to deliver various products because they keep the items away from harm. Enclosed auto transport is the safest way to get your vehicle where it needs to go.

When your car is put in an enclosed trailer, your car is not exposed to the elements or road hazards. Most enclosed trailers will transport as many as seven vehicles at one time.

However, because enclosed trailers take a little longer to load and unload and because additional equipment is used to secure the vehicles in the trailer, and the insurance costs are slightly more, you will pay more for the enclosed auto transport. Enjoy our Enclosed Car Shipping Benefits and have peace of mind about your car transportation.

What Cars Should Be Hauled in Enclosed Trailers?

While any car can be hauled by the enclosed trailer, there are some cars that are highly recommended to be hauled using this form of transport. Any vehicles valued at more than $75,000, or any convertible, classic, antique, rare, or exotic vehicle should be hauled in enclosed trailers.

But, if you choose to have your vehicle hauled by open transport, that can also be done by a reliable auto transport service. If you are looking to have your vehicle transported, call on the team at Elite Car Shipping Company today. We will provide a free, no-obligation estimate for your car transport needs.

We are a Car Shipping Company and we do an enclosed car trailer, car carrier, enclosed carrier, car hauler trailer, door to door car transport with the best quality.

Our car shipping services are the best in the US. If you need to ship your car call our Auto Shipping department and we will give you all the car transport information that you need, including the insurance coverage, the cost to ship a car, and everything that you need to get your car fast and secure in your destination. Shipping a vehicle with Elite Car Shipping Company will be the peace of mind for you, just give us a try!

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