How Much to Ship a Car?

How Much to Ship a Car?  Shipping an average car can cost $550 and $950, using an open car carrier and in the wintertime where the season is slow and you can take advantage of the best car shipping quote.

So, you need to ship your one-of-kind classic 1957 Corvette car from Pompano Beach, Florida to New York City, New York. Then you have come to the right place. Although the route from Pompano Beach to New York City is only about 1,237 miles, it is a winding trip north that travels several different interstates and through several different states.

How Much to Ship a Car

Moving to a new state can be an intense and complex process. To keep moves affordable, many homeowners choose to rent a moving van, pack their belongings, and drive to the new location. But what happens to your vehicle when you choose to do that? Towing the car is complicated, and can leave damage, and finding someone else to drive the vehicle may not be ideal. What do you do next?

At Elite Car Shipping Company, we specialize in using individual shipping containers for each classic vehicle. Our shipping containers are secure and climate-controlled so you know your classic vehicle will arrive safely. You can rest assured that although your vehicle may be traveling through multiple states all vehicles shipped via enclosed transport are safe from weather and road debris. Your vehicle will arrive in the same condition it was left.

The Most Trusted Company Best Ways To Ship a Car

If you need to get your classic car somewhere, you want to make sure it is delivered in one solid piece. If you are moving to another state or taking your vehicle to an auction or a car show across the country, making sure your car arrives on time and undamaged can be an aggravating situation.

If you have a valuable vehicle, such as a classic Lamborghini Miura car, Bugatti Chiron car, or rare collectible, getting your vehicle where it needs to go can be disheartening.

You want to entrust your vehicle to a reliable auto transport company that has an established reputation. We have a variety of ways to ship your vehicle without breaking your bank and pocket.

Door to Door Auto Transport – Delivered to Your Front Door!

Ship a CarThe term door to door auto transport means your vehicle will be picked up from a specific location such as a business or residence to the destination of your choice. Keep in mind that in some cities and counties the laws and rules governing big rigs in residential neighborhoods will vary.

Anytime your vehicle is scheduled to be picked up via door to door car shipping, our carrier will call you 24 hours in advance to schedule the time and confirm with you if he will be able to bring the rig to your home, or worst-case scenario is he will meet you at the closest parking lot usually at a retail shopping plaza.

Our carrier will also call 24 hours before delivery to make the same arrangements for the vehicle to be dropped off.

As a reliable door to door auto transport company, our dispatch department will keep you constantly informed during the entire transport. They will call you to confirm when your vehicle has been picked up, and we will call you prior to and after delivery to make sure you were happy with the service.

International Shipping

Looking for international automobile shipping companies? Relocating to a new place is indeed a tiresome matter. That’s why it pays to choose a reliable and experienced international car shipping company! But when you need to move beyond borders, the stress and worries get magnified manifolds.

Moving your personal vehicle or car is a part of such relocation, which often makes owners spend sleepless nights. If you too belong to this league, breathe easily for Elite Car Shipping Company is here to help with your international car transport needs.

A Company You Can Trust for The Cost to Ship a Car

Do you have a car that needs to be shipped to another state, location or place? Car transport by a professional transporting company can save you time and money as well as keep you from getting wear and tear in the car. While having a car professionally transported does cost, you will find it is an efficient and affordable approach in the long run.

So, you may be asking yourself what is usually the cost to transport my vehicle? The cost to transport any vehicle is going to vary and be based on several factors:

  • The vehicle year, make, model, size and weight.
  • The pickup and delivery locations.
  • Price for diesel fuel.

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