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Elite Car Shipping Company Offers Guaranteed Low Rates on USA Auto Transport!

Business travelers and leisure travelers both enjoy the convenience of secure auto shipping at times when it’s not possible to drive their own vehicles, and Elite Car Shipping Company makes it easy to reserve trusted United States auto transport at discount prices. Our USA auto transport specialists are available 24 hours a day when you’re ready to make a reservation for best care auto transport, and they’ll do everything they can to find you the best rates.

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We take a customer-focused approach to US auto transport service and we encourage you to read our secure auto shipping reviews to see what our customers have to say. We don’t ever require our customers to pay any up-front cash to schedule USA auto transport and you can use our convenient shipping estimator to get a free secure auto shipping quote. Here’s a brief overview of the range and scope of USA auto transport services that we have to offer. Contact us 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196 and let us take care of your US auto shipping needs.

We’ll Help You Arrange United States Auto Transport In Minutes!

If you’ve never scheduled best care auto transport before, we’ll be more than happy to show you just how easy that it is! Our team at Elite Car Shipping Company works on behalf of our customers to arrange US auto shipping services through trusted carriers. Taking great care of our auto transport customers is our number one priority and we have plenty of secure auto shipping reviews on our website to prove it!

US auto transport offers a lot of convenience for customers who don’t have the ability to drive their own vehicles to a destination. This includes vacationers who are traveling by air and professionals who want to have their personal vehicle available to them when they’re taking a business trip or relocating for a new job.

You can start by using our shipping estimator to get an estimate for United States auto transport services. The online shipping estimator form only takes a few minutes to fill out, and you can get a price estimate. Once your schedule your shipment, we’ll start arranging your pick-up. Our best care auto transport specialists can set up door-to-door service, and your vehicle will be transported by a professional driver who is fully licensed and insured.

We Offer Secure Auto Shipping and Legendary Service

We hope that you’ll take some time to read our secure auto shipping reviews so that you can see just how serious we are about customer service. We know that our clients have plenty of choices when it comes to best care auto transport, which is why we make it a point to act in their best interests. We enjoy a lot of repeat business, and we believe in forming relationships with our customers that begin with the first phone call!

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We’ll find out all the details about your USA auto transport needs when you call for your online quote, and then we’ll let you select your shipping options. Once you’ve reviewed all of the details and available options, the next step is to place your order for US auto shipping services. Our dispatchers will create a request for proposal (RFP) for you, and the nation’s top transportation companies can begin bidding on the job. The costs of US auto shipping are the same for all best care auto transport providers, but they offer the best prices to customers who schedule their shipments early. We exclusively partner with bonded and insured US auto transport companies, and your vehicle will be handled with care.

We’ll Help You Save Money on US Auto Transport Services

When you take a few minutes to read our secure auto shipping reviews, you can see for yourself that we believe in making it easy to schedule United States auto transport. We know how to save our customers money, and we won’t stop looking until we’ve found the best deal. Our vehicle shipping agents will find out the details for your shipment, and then make the top transportation carriers bid on the pick-up. After your vehicle transport job has been confirmed, we’ll send you notifications and get in you touch with your driver. We offer door-to-door service throughout North America at great rates, and we can save you 10% or more every day.


To learn more about United States auto transport, you can reach a WWTI vehicle shipping agent at 1-800-677-1196. Our auto transport agents are available around the clock, and they’re always ready to answer any of your specific US auto shipping questions!

  • How much does USA auto transport cost?

    The average cost of United States auto transport in an open carrier currently ranges from around $500-$1,850. You can use our shipping cost estimator on our website to get an idea of the actual costs of USA auto transport in a few minutes. After you’ve reviewed your options, the next step is to place a shipping order. Your transportation agent will create an RFP and open up bidding on the shipping job. Our dispatchers are connected with all of the nation’s most trusted shipping and transportation carriers, and the bidding process is only open to bonded and insured transportation companies.

    The actual price that you pay for auto shipping services might be slightly different from your initial shipping estimate, and this is normal. Your shipping quote will be the current fair value for the shipping job, but transportation companies will often price their services slightly differently. All carriers have certain fixed costs that you’ll incur for all shipments, and your estimate will also be based on the mileage for your trip. You’ll pay a higher overall price when you ship your vehicle a longer distance, but the average cost that you’ll pay per mile will go down. It’s cheapest to ship a small sedan or a compact car, and more expensive to ship an SUV or a half-ton pickup truck.

    We’ve developed a great reputation for helping budget-conscious customers save money on auto transport services, and we’ll always look for discounts. You can count on us helping you save 10% or more every day, and we can get you the best rates if you book your pick-up early. Our bonded transportation partners all want to ensure that their carriers are always loaded to their maximum capacity, and they offer unsold space at deeply discounted prices. They also slash their prices on unsold carrier space when their departure approaches. Our dispatchers will aggressively search for the lowest possible price, and we’re not satisfied until you are.

  • How does US auto transport work?

    Once we’ve confirmed your shipment, we’ll send you a detailed email with all of the pick-up details. You’ll have your driver’s name and phone number, and we’ll send you notifications and updates while your vehicle is in transit. The driver will show up at your home to load up your vehicle, and you’ll have the chance to ask him or her as many questions as you like. You’ll need to remove all of your personal items from the vehicle and make sure that the fuel tank is no more than ¼ full. You and the driver will walk around and take a good look at the vehicle to assess its overall condition before it’s loaded onto the trailer. Your vehicle will be fully insured, but the driver will need to document any pre-existing body damage on the bill of lading. After you and the driver have completed the inspection and you’re satisfied, you’ll sign the bill of lading and your vehicle will begin its journey.

    Make sure that you let your transport specialist know about any pick-up instructions ahead of time so that we’ll be able to make the necessary arrangements. We’ll need to know if the vehicle isn’t currently running, or if you live in an area where it would be hard to maneuver an open transport carrier. We love working with members of the military, but it might be easier to meet the driver in a nearby parking lot if you live on base.

    When the vehicle is delivered, you’ll inspect the vehicle a second time before you sign the bill of lading and take delivery. In the unlikely event of body damage in transit, you’ll need to document the damage on the bill of lading so that we can expedite your insurance claim. If you’re unable to be personally present when your vehicle is delivered, you can designate any individual who’s at least 18 years old to take delivery of your vehicle. We offer door-to-door vehicle shipping services, or we can deliver your vehicle to an airport parking lot or a long-term storage facility.

  • What is most economical secure auto shipping method?

    Open auto transport is the most economical secure auto shipping method, and your vehicle will be one of nine cars on the carrier. You’ll be sharing the expense of shipping with other customers, which helps you to save the most money. You should also always get multiple estimates to get the best deal. You need to be a smart customer remember that a shipping estimate that seems “too good to be true” very likely is. Do your research, and read the secure auto shipping reviews for any company that you’re considering.

  • Do you ship luxury vehicles?

    Your luxury sedan is an important status symbol, and it deserves to be handled with care. That’s why WWTI is proud to offer enclosed US auto transport services. It costs about 30-40% more for enclosed auto shipping services, but we highly recommend it for our customers who drive luxury autos or sports cars. Enclosed United States auto transport trailers serve as a “mobile garage” to protect your vehicles from the weather while they’re in transit. Be sure to read our secure auto shipping reviews from our previous customers who have used enclosed auto shipping. Enclosed shipping is also a great option for shipping car parts and auction purchases.

  • What types of auto transport services will I have to choose from?

    The majority of our customers used open auto transport because it’s the cheapest way to ship a car. An open transport carrier is capable of hauling nine vehicles at a time, and your vehicle will always be transported by a professional driver who is fully licensed and insured. You won’t be putting any miles on your odometer or your tires, and we offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery. The next step up from an open carrier is an enclosed trailer. Enclosed auto shipping will cost you 30-40% more than open transport, but it’s a great option for customers who typically store their vehicles in a garage when they’re not on the road.

    We’ll make sure that you always make an informed decision and that you select the right mode of transport for your vehicle. We can help you ship your motorcycles, ATVs, and RVs, but it doesn’t stop there! We can also help you relocate a mobile home and transport shipping containers to any address in the world!

  • Can I ship more than one vehicle?

    If you have multiple vehicles to ship, you can count on getting an even better price! Auto transport companies want to ensure that their carriers are always full, and drivers enjoy making fewer stops. We can make sure that your vehicles are both picked up and transported on the same carrier, and you’ll pay a lower price. You’re saving the carriers money, and they’re happy to pass the savings along to you!

  • Can you ship motorcycles?

    There are so many different things that we love about motorcycles, including the rumble of the engine and the sensation of wind whipping through our hair. But they’re not practical for a family vacation, and they usually have to be shipped separately when you’re relocating. We’re happy to offer secure auto shipping for riders, and we recommend enclosed US auto transport. We also offer discounts for multiple vehicles, so let us know if you’re interested in planning a motorcycle vacation with your friends. We can help you ship all of your bikes to Sturgis, and we can make that long-anticipated dirt biking vacation a reality!

  • Can you help me ship my RV?

    We offer USA auto transport for all types of vehicles, and that definitely includes RVs! There are a lot of different RV sizes and categories, but our US auto shipping agents can help you easily arrange transportation for your travel trailer or motorhome. Our services include a driveaway service, where a licensed and insured driver will come right to your home and drive your RV to your destination. We can also offer any other RV transport services that you need, including hitching up your fifth-wheel trailer to one of our trucks or loading your camper onto a specialty flatbed trailer such as a lowboy or step-deck. Be sure to have detailed information about your RV handy when you call for a quote, including its model number, weight, and total dimensions.

  • Can I ship a vehicle if it won’t start?

    If your vehicle isn’t currently running, be sure to let your transportation specialist know. You might incur some additional expenses if your vehicle needs to be towed, but some carriers are equipped with winches and can load up your car.

  • Can I ship my car overseas?

    We make US auto shipping easy and hassle-free, and our secure auto shipping services don’t end when we run out of roads. We can help you arrange overseas transport with one phone call. We’ll schedule ground transportation for your vehicle to a port city, and then we’ll arrange container shipping or roll-on roll-off (RORO) transport the rest of the way. If your destination accepts vehicle shipments from the USA, you’ll still need to make sure that your vehicle can be legally driven on their roads. Some shippers might not accept older vehicles, and some destinations might not allow tinted windows or white headlights.

    You’ll need to complete customs paperwork, including an export declaration and a dangerous goods declaration. You’ll also need a certified copy of your vehicle title and proof of insurance. If you’re still financing your vehicle, you’ll need a letter from your lender authorizing you to ship your vehicle internationally. You’ll also want to confirm that your current insurance policy will cover you on your trip.

    It’s very easy to ship your vehicle to US Territories, and shipping companies run transports to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and The U.S. Virgin Islands on a daily basis. If you’re planning an island vacation, we’ll make sure that you can use your own car! You won’t be forced to take a chance on the local taxi service or find out that your rental car isn’t available, because your vehicle will already be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive.

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Elite Car Shipping Company partners with the nation’s leading transportation companies to offer you guaranteed low pricing for United States auto transport services. Providing legendary customer service and earning 5-star reviews is our top priority, and we make it our goal to be the most reliable US auto shipping company in the industry. We’re committed to offering best care auto transport, and we strongly encourage you to read some of our secure auto shipping reviews for yourself! We won’t stop until we’ve found the best price for you, and you won’t have to make a down payment when you book vehicle shipping service with WWTI. Contact us online to learn more, or call 1-800-677-1196 for your free secure auto shipping quote 24 hours a day!

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