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Car Shipping Hawaii, Cost to ship car to Hawaii

#1 High Tech Shipping Car to Hawaii Company in the USA

There are several companies that provide shipping car to Hawaii services. However, locating the best one is the trick. Elite Car Shipping Company offers uncompromised services of shipping cars to and from Hawaii. An amazing feature of our services is customization and tailoring the service according to the client’s preference. With years of experience in the industry, ECSC excels at shipping cars to Hawaii.

If you are looking for a convenient, reliable, and smooth experience when shipping your car from Hawaii to the USA, then you should hire our agents.

Our services are not limited to transporting cars ONLY; rather, we can also ship your RV, boats, and trailer as well.

When you want to ship a car from California to Hawaii, our experienced staff can aid you in locating the right trailer and driver. Our services incorporate a port-to-port car delivery. We will also handle all the essential paperwork, saving you from the hassle of doing it yourself.

ECSC is a seasoned transporter offering high-quality services ranging from pickup to the point of delivery. Our motto is to give you a shipping car from Hawaii service with industry-leading times along with a premium customer support service. We aim to give you peace of mind when transporting your prized asset. It will allow you to focus on other relocation factors.

Car Shipping Hawaii Services

Elite Car Shipping Company offers a diverse range of services incorporating the shipping of cars from Hawaii. Moreover, we intend to deliver the car in a timely manner while ensuring that you receive it exactly as it was loaded. We offer the delivery and shipping of all cars irrespective of the model or brand. The costs are determined by various factors, including the type of the car, distance, delivery timeframes, etc.

Hawaii car shipping, Shipping car from Hawaii to Mainland

We specialize in car shipping and are ranked as one of the best companies in the region. Our services are not only local but extend globally. ECSC will aid you with any car transportation requirements or queries that you might have. We intend to ship a car from Hawaii without any damages and in perfect condition. In short, shipping your valuable possessions is our top priority, and our services are unrivaled. We are certified to meet all your shipping requirements. No vehicle is too big or small for us to ship from Hawaii.

Shipping your car to Hawaii is only a call away!

Attentive Car Care

  • Elite Car Shipping Company ships hundreds of cars to and from Hawaii each month with the motto to treat each car with supreme care.
  • We have enclosed containers, built auto frames, and ship-board garages through which the cars travel around the Pacific.
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Car Shipping Hawaii, Cost to ship car to Hawaii

Do you have any questions regarding shipping cars from Hawaii to Mainland? Are you curious about how much it will cost to transport your car in a hassle-free manner? If yes, then contact us to get further information and understand the costing structure. Our skilled professionals will answer any questions and confusion you have in mind. When taking the package, you will also get regular status updates. Our team will get in touch with you once the shipping process comes to an end. Give us a call if you are looking for further information on the costs and the service we offer.

Get Hawaii Car Shipping Quotes

Budgeting the Hawaii car shipping procedure is essential. For this reason, Elite Car Shipping Company is proud to assist you with logistics costs. We take responsibility for all the tasks from planning, loading, and shipping completion. Our trained customer support agents will guide you to achieve pocket-friendly, affordable car shipping services.

Real-time Port-to-Port Tracking

Elite Car Shipping Company is the best in the market because it offers unique features. They provide an online car shipment monitor that will guarantee peace of mind and clarity for our esteemed clientele. This tool allows you to monitor where your vehicle is in real-time and also informs about the port that it reached. You can monitor the location from Hawaii to US Mainland.

Where can I ship my car or truck with ECSC?

  • Kahului, Honolulu (Sand Island), Hilo and Nawiliwili, are some of the regions amongst the Hawaiian port
  • US mainland ports include: Oakland, Tacoma, and Long Beach
  • Alaska ports: Kodiak, Anchorage, and Dutch Harbor
  • Guam/Micronesia ports: Republic of Palau, Guam, Saipan, Kosrae, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Majuro, Ebeye, and Kwajalein

Approximate time it ships a car to or from Hawaii?

When you have to ship a car from Hawaii to the US, keep in mind that it will take approximately 9-24 days. The car will take 5-7 days in sailing, 2-4 days to load and unload, and approximately 2-13 days for sailing amongst neighboring islands. Transportation times can differ contingent upon the timetables of the vessels and linking barges, along with loading and unloading timeframes.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Hawaii to California?

There are numerous factors that come into play when determining the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii. These factors are the vehicle type, distance, and whether you want an express delivery or standard shipping time. When you want to ship a car from California to Hawaii, the standard car transportation service will begin at $920. You can opt for Elite Car Shipping Company if you plan on shipping a car from California.

How can you ship a car to Hawaii?

If you are looking to ship a car to Hawaii, you will either opt for a freight service or travel or rent a car service. It is imperative to know that you will not find any car ferries between islands till you reach Hawaii. To ship a car to Hawaii, it is vital for you to get in touch with an automobile transport company and program a pickup. You can request them to pick up the car from your house or from a close-by parking area. These companies might also pick up the car from your workplace. Your vehicle will then be loaded on the trailer and transferred to one of the ports on the West Coast.

How much to ship a car to Hawaii?

Car shipping costs to Hawaii are as follows:

  • Shipping a car from the United States starts at 1,497.
  • Shipping a car from Hawaii to the United States will cost approximately $870.

For further information on the costs of transporting a car from or to Hawaii, you can check our pricing page. It will offer information by origin and the destination port for more accuracy.

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