Looking for the Best Car Transport Companies in the US

Car transport companies

Car transport companies

Looking for the Best Car Transport Companies in the US?

With more than a decade of experience, Elite Car Shipping Company provides you with top-notch car transport services with a highly customized and tailored transport process with YOUR needs in consideration. If you want to ship your car locally or internationally, we provide you with first-hand services, with your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our highly experienced logistics teams take it upon themselves to find the perfect trailer and driver for your precious car. We handle all the paperwork necessary for overseas shipment. With Elite Car Shipping, you don’t need to worry about a thing. We even provide you with pickup and delivery at your doorstep!

The shipment we provide is perfectly safe, and there’s a guarantee that it will be on time as well. Choosing the right driver and trailer is extremely necessary as each car has a different size and type; in our express shipping, we do this work for you. Every step of ours is carefully recorded and documented for your satisfaction. Many factors play a role in determining the shipping cost for your cars, like the distance to be traveled, the car type, the paperwork necessary (there’s lesser paperwork for domestic shipping), and more.

Car transport quote, Car transport cost

Car transportation being our specialty, you and your vehicle are in good hands with Elite Car Shipping Company. Whenever you search for top car shipping companies, you’ll see OUR name making it on the list. Having obtained a certification allowing us to ship cars, we guarantee you that your shipped cars will reach their destination like they were before, and most importantly, ON TIME. We understand the worth of your car and understand your need for its safety and wellbeing.

With Elite Car Shipping Company at your beck and call, interstate or international shipment is now easier than ever; we are experts in this department. Have any questions? Contact us now! Ship your car now!

Our Car Transport Services

We are totally in charge of all the information relating to the shipment of your car, including distribution information; you can easily track your car during the process! With all the necessary gear, we can pick your car up from your doorstep. After pickup, we shrink-wrap your car for extreme security, and then we pick out some cranes for loading your vehicle. We have the best pilot car escorts available for sound delivery.

Cost to transport car across country, The average cost to transport a car

Having opted for the best car transport service – Elite Car Shipping Company offers you a bundled deal with a trailer included in it when you place your order. You can sleep peacefully knowing that your car is picked up, transported, and dedicated by highly qualified and expert logistics personnel who are also in charge of handling the weigh station and custom forms. We are a registered and licensed company for transporting cars inside and outside the United States.

Choosing a car hauling company

As you might already know – the cheapest way to transport your vehicle is through a car hauling company. You need to pick out a well-known company with a satisfied customer base and possess the necessary equipment and tools to handle the hauling. If you don’t do the required research, your car might end up in bad shape than ever, and you don’t want this. For this reason, we highly emphasize you do your research before selecting a hauling company for your car. A shipping trailer with added protection on all four sides is a must. If you can’t afford that, you can always go for open carriers; they are a good option.

Let’s accept it – finding a responsible and reliable classic car transporting business is nowhere near the easiest task in the world. But we at Elite Car Shipping Company make this task easier for you. We are well equipped and highly suited to transport any car, we have our experience in this department to thank for it. Are you scared about the weather? Well, we also provide protected and enclosed carriers to give the right amount of protection to your prized possession.

Contact us today

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us! We’ll be there to answer your queries, and in that way, you can even get to know us!

Do you want to get quotes regarding the shipment of your car? Don’t worry! We’ll assign you a transport agent then and there to guide you through the process and provide you with your required information.

Are you curious about the shipment status of your car? We got that covered too! We have a tracking service included in our package; we will provide you with updates every step of the way. We will even notify you when the transport has been completed. All of our representatives are highly professional and trustworthy. You are in good hands!

Get a car transport quote

We will answer all your questions, and that includes your curiosity to know about the transportation quote for your car. We will guide you with the logistics of shipping your car anywhere in Canada and the USA.
We have highly professional personnel for load quoting, driver selection, planning the process, and equipment requirements. Having fully operational customer support, we can offer you an estimate of shipping your car at any time. Our prices are not too high; get a quote now!

Contact Us Today

Communication is the key to success. If you have any questions about car transportation or want to know about car shipping quotes, we will assign you a transport agent who will answer them. Do you want to receive status updates on a regular basis? This service is also included in our car transport package. We will provide you with updates. Once the transport has been completed successfully, we will contact you. Our representative is dependable, trustworthy, and conscientious. Give us a call if you want to know about Car shipping costs.

Get Car Transport Quote

We are an Elite Car Shipping Company with the best Car transport quote in the industry and we will be delighted to assist with logistics for shipping cars anywhere in the United States, Canada and Overseas. Load quoting, planning, equipment requirements, and driver selection are all handled by our core group of professionals. We also have a fully functional customer support warehouse. We will offer you an estimate of the car shipping cost. Our car shipping costs are the most pocket-friendly. The best way of Cross country car shipping is to get our services. So, get the Car transport quote now.

Do you need to ship a car from California to Hawaii and vice versa?

What is the cost of shipping a car?

To calculate the figure of the cost to ship a car, we need to consider some key factors. These key factors involve the distance the car has to travel, whether you want an enclosed carrier or not (enclosed carriers are typically more expensive).

If we talk about per mile basis – a longer distribution distance means a lower cost. The cost to ship a car averages between $1 and $3 per mile. In terms of average, this means $2 per mile.

What is the cost of transporting a car internationally?

These costs range between $1000 and $5000 if you opt for sea transport. If you go for air transport, these prices may go up to $40000. Many factors determine this cost, including; the type of vehicle, the time duration, the final destination, the distance traveled, and pick up at the port vs. pick up from your doorstep (the latter being more expensive).

What is the cost of shipping a car?

The average cost to transport a car is determined by a few simple factors, the most important of which is the distance traveled. Since cars are delivered often on an enclosed carrier, their prices are marginally higher than those of open-air cars. On a per-mile basis, the longer the distribution distance, the lower the cost. The average cost to transport a car
is somewhere from $1 to $3 per mile, with the average hovering about $2 per mile.

What is the cost of transporting a car internationally?

Cost to transport car across country ranges from $1,000 – $5,000 for standard ocean transport or $5000 – $40,000 for air transport.

While the final Cost to transport a car across the country is based upon many factors, a few key considerations include:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Length of time
  • The final destination
  • Pickup at the port vs. door to door

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