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Are you looking for the Best Car Transport Companies in Florida? We are a 5 Star Car Transport Company Nationwide & Overseas located in South Florida.

Car shipping with Elite Car Shipping Company. Regardless of whether you at last purchased that fantasy vehicle you’ve been putting something aside for or you’re moving your whole family unit the nation over, shipping your vehicle as opposed to driving it to its last goal can spare you both time and cash.

Car Transportation Company in Florida

At Elite Car Shipping Company, we help combine you with the best names in the vehicle shipping industry in one advantageous area. Simply present some fundamental data about your vehicle including the year, model, and make and the birthplace and goal urban communities of your shipment. Within minutes, you’ll begin getting aggressive offers from America’s most believed auto transport organizations. Essentially pick the one that works best for you and get your vehicle transported without the issue or worry of doing it without anyone else’s help.

Elite Car Shipping Company will take care of your Vehicle Shipping needs!

International Car Shipping Company

We ship cars around the world with our International Car Transport Team, which specializes in fast car delivery.

Car Transport Companies in Florida

At Elite Car Shipping Company a Car Transport and International Car Transport Company, we understand how important your car is to you. You can be confident that they will be in safe hands with us. We are trusted and relied upon as one of the best car hauling companies in the country. Our car transport service is the only way to save time and money, also, we offer very cheap car shipping, and our door to door car transport is recommended for all our customers. You can check this in our Google reviews with more than 290 Five Stars reviews and counting. We offer Vehicle transporter, Car transport service, Cheap car transport service, Car shipping prices, Automobile transport, Transporting cars, Vehicle transport and Car hauling services.

Car transportation company Process

Choose from our database of hundreds of licensed and bonded car transport carriers.

We provide a reliable Car Transport service you can count on, also we are an International Car Transport Company! Whether you are moving from one state to another due to a job transfer or a change of scenery, Elite Car Shipping Company has over 25 years of car transport experience covering all 50 States including Alaska and Hawaii. Now the most important thing to remember about transporting cars is location, location, location! The cost to ship your vehicle will be based on the following factors that a car transporter will assess:

  • Year, make and model of vehicle
  • The distance from pickup to delivery
  • Time of year (winter, summer, spring, fall)
  • Open or Enclosed Transports
  • Space and availability of the carriers
  • Cost of diesel gas


For example, the cost of transporting a car, such as a 2000 Honda Civic from Florida to New York in June will be the same cost as a 2014 Honda Civic going the same route. Some customers think, due to erroneous information that the older the vehicle is, the cheaper the car shipping cost should be. NOT TRUE. Keep in mind that both vehicles will take up the same space on the car carrier, regardless of age. Now using the same route, if you have a 2000 Lincoln Town car and a 2000 Honda Civic, the Civic will cost considerably cheaper than the Lincoln simply because of the size, weight, and space on the carrier each vehicle will require.

The Distance

The cost of transporting a car (or ANY vehicle) will be on a cents-per-mile based on location. There is NO FLAT FEE ACROSS THE BOARD. Brokers do not determine the cost, the carrier/driver does. The cents-per-mile fee is determined by the driver/carrier. This cost is per vehicle on a carrier and has to cover the overhead cost associated to transport any vehicle. The overhead each carrier/driver must cover are:

  • Fuel Cost
  • Taxes, Tolls, Weigh Station Fees
  • Insurance (per vehicle)

Time of Year (Seasons)

This is very important when transporting cars. For example, if you are in the North (Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, etc) and are looking to transport your car/pickup truck to Florida between September-January (winter/snow-bird), keep in mind that you will be competing against about 200,000 other individuals who will need their vehicles shipped as well. This WILL drive up the price simply because the number of vehicles that need to be shipped outnumbers the available carriers running the route. Now if you need auto shipping on a specific date and delivery on a specific date, this too will spike the cost, again to the limited availability. It is best to pre-advance your request giving our agents here at Elite Car Shipping Company the best opportunity to take care of your transportation needs by pre-advancing your orders months in advance and we have Cheap Car Shipping prices.

Shipping a Car – Open or Enclosed

Car Transportation Company in Florida

In-car shipping, the main difference between Open Car Shipping vs Enclosed Auto Transport is the insurance. Open transport vehicles have a $100,000.00 policy per vehicle while Enclosed Auto transport has a $1,000,000.00 policy per vehicle. Generally, open transportation usually transport high-end sport/luxury cars that are generally worth $100,000.00 or more. Enclosed car transport will only have room for 2 to 3 cars max. Enclosed Auto Transports or Enclosed trailers also are climate controlled and they keep the vehicles protected from the elements. Open carriers are open to the weather and its elements but are just as safe and reliable they will also carry up to 10 cars at one time generally worth well under $100,000.00.

Car Transport Companies in Florida

Car Transport Companies in Florida are very common but not all of them offer the customer service and car transportation efficiency that we offer, our cost to ship a car across the country is very competitive and one of the best car shipping quotes in the industry.

For information and requirements for truck and bus drivers click on Federal Motor Carrier Safety

Three Great Reasons to Use a Car Transport Company

Whether you’re a retiree, a vacationer, or a business traveler, vehicle shipping service is a fantastic way to solve your ground transportation problems when you travel by air. Car transport companies near me will come to get your car and deliver it to your destination before your trip. Elite Car Shipping Company is South Florida’s most trusted car transportation company, and our team of auto transportation experts has decades of experience. If this is your first time scheduling car shipping, we’ll be happy to guide you through the process step-by-step. Contact ECS online whenever you want more information about the ease and convenience of coast-to-coast car shipping. Call us at 1-888-885-5354, and get ready to enjoy these great benefits when you schedule car shipping service:

  1. Convenience

    Flying gets you across the country quickly, but you’ll need reliable ground transportation once you arrive. Some cities offer excellent mass transit options, but that’s still the exception at most locations. Taxi and ridesharing services provide a lot of convenience for travelers, but you’ll still often spend a lot of time impatiently waiting for the driver to show up. If you make a rental car reservation, there’s no way to guarantee that the vehicle you reserved will still be available when you arrive. Shipping your car to your destination ahead of time solves all of your ground transportation problems on your trip. You won’t have to learn the ins and outs of an unfamiliar vehicle, and you’ll never have to worry about finding a cab when you need one! Your personal car will be delivered directly to the airport, and you’ll be on the road in a matter of minutes!

  2. Value

    Traveling has always been expensive, and inflation is currently driving up prices everywhere. If you add up fuel and lodging costs, a cross-country trip can cost you a small fortune before you even get there! Shipping your car spares you the inconvenience of two or three long days on the road or the expense of a rental car once you’ve reached your destination. The cost of car shipping is comparable with the cost of driving the vehicle the same distance on your own, and it’s a small price to pay if you’re traveling with a large family and impatient children!

  3. The fast and easy booking process

    Our first-time customers are always pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to schedule car transportation services. They know that comparing rates is the best way to lock in the lowest prices, but it’s overwhelming and time-consuming to contact each individual company for a price quote. Our ECS transportation specialists offer personalized service that begins with your first phone call. We’ll give you an up-to-date shipping cost estimate, and you can make your reservation with no money down. We partner with an exclusive network of bonded and pre-vetted carriers, and they’ll place bids for your pick-up. You’ll have multiple offers in just a few days, and you can make a side-by-side price comparison before you schedule your pick-up. Your transportation specialist will keep you up-to-date about the progress of your shipment, and we’ll do whatever it takes to earn your repeat business!


When you’re ready to compare rates for trusted car transport companies near me, contact Elite Car Shipping Company online. You can also reach our ECS transportation experts at 1-888-885-5354 around the clock!

  • Why do people ship their cars?

    Both business and leisure travelers enjoy the convenience of car shipping because it enables them to travel on their own terms. When you ship your car to your destination in advance, you’ll be sparing yourself the hassle of renting and returning a car or hailing taxis on your trip.

  • Is car shipping worth the expense?

    Our customers always have time constraints when they travel. Most business travelers don’t have time to drive across the country when they need to attend professional conferences in other states, and tourists with small children don’t want to spend their entire vacation on the road. Car shipping is a valuable service for travelers who wish to make the best use of their time on every vacation or business trip!

  • Is transporting cars a good business?

    The vehicle transportation industry is highly competitive, and consumers spend over $11 billion each year to ship their cars across the country. When you want to ship your vehicle, you always have your choice of plenty of great carriers. Your ECS transportation specialist will ensure that you make a properly informed decision!

  • What is the best car transport company to use?

    Do your research before you schedule car shipping, and pay attention to each company’s reviews. Reading independent reviews is also a great way to objectively evaluate top carriers. But the best Car shipping company is the one that offers the best car shipping quote, the best car carriers and the best customer service. An example of all these requirements are:

    • We Will Transport It
    • Elite Car Shipping Company
    • California Transporter

We make finding and scheduling services with trusted car transport companies near me easy!

Using a car transport company is a great way to travel on your own terms, and our Elite Car Shipping Company team will see to it that you get a great rate from a trusted company. Contact ECS online or dial 1-888-885-5354, and we’ll be happy to give you a free shipping quote today!

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