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How Do I Select the Right Auto Transport Service for My Vehicle?

How to choose an auto transport service? For youre peace of mind we are an Auto Transportation Company experts. Get up to 10% off by calling now.

Auto transportation services are a convenient way for consumers to have access to their personal vehicle when they’re traveling by air and they can’t drive their vehicle directly to their destination on their own. Skilled and experienced drivers can pick up automobiles anywhere in the United States and ship them worldwide on specialty car haulers.

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The nation’s top auto transport service carriers are picking up vehicles and transporting them cross-country on a daily basis, and our transportation specialists at Elite Car Shipping Company will help you find a spot on an auto hauler that’s headed your way! You can reach one of our ECS shipping specialists 24 hours a day 1-888-885-5354 when you’re ready to learn more about auto transport services at low prices, or you can contact us online. Here are a few helpful tips that can help you make a savvy purchasing decision when you’re in the market for auto transportation service. The transport auto service industry is highly competitive, and that’s great news for you as a consumer. We make leading car shippers compete to earn your business, and we offer guaranteed low price quotes on all auto transportation services!

Read Lots of Auto Transport Service Reviews

Shopping for auto transport services is just like shopping for any other type of product. You want to see what kind of reputation the companies have and you should take your time to see what their previous customers have had to say about their experiences. Each auto transport service carrier understands the importance of taking good care of its customers and earning great reviews. They’ll usually post links to their reviews directly on their website for your review and offer a list of recent references by request.

Auto transport services, Auto transport service, Auto transportation services, Transport auto service, Auto transportation service

Your favorite social media outlets are also a great place to find reviews and other resources. You can find video content and links to independent transport auto service blogs. Transportation companies frequently post social media content and interact directly with their customers when they post comments and concerns. They all know that their customers will post about their experiences online, and they want to make sure that they’re going to leave five-star reviews.

Compare Prices Among Auto Transport Services Companies

It’s easier than it’s ever been to compare prices for auto transportation services online, and many car shipping companies will show you the rates of their competitors right alongside their own rates. With so many auto transportation service carriers competing to earn your shipping business, they will always be motivated to show you the lowest possible pricing. Their actual shipping costs will be the same as their competitors, but they’ll look for ways to maximize your savings to ensure that you book with their company. Many carriers have certain competitive advantages that enable them to offer you a lower price. For example, a company that only ships automobiles can run more routes and offer you lower prices. Some transport carriers don’t offer international service, but they don’t have as many expenses and as much overhead as larger companies. Larger carriers can more easily scale the costs of their services, but an independent regional carrier can often give you a much better deal for a shorter trip in its service area. Our ECS transport auto service specialists will submit your shipping job to an online marketplace so that transportation companies can place bids, and they can take care of all the shipping arrangements for you with just one phone call!

Schedule a Transport Auto Service Pick-Up

Once you’ve taken your time to shop around for auto transportation services, you can place your car shipping order and begin scheduling your pick-up. The auto hauler can pick up your vehicle anywhere and transport it safely to your destination. Just be sure to let our ECS auto transportation service specialists know if you need to make any special pick-up arrangements. In many cases, it might be a better idea to schedule terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery or meet your driver in a parking lot near your home. Some transportation carriers might allow you to transport personal items in the trunk of your vehicle, but you’ll be doing so at your own risk.

What Is The Most Trusted and Most Dependable Auto Transport Company To Use for Car Shipping?

Forbes conducted an independent survey of auto transport services companies in 2022 to determine which ones presented the best value and service for their customers, and you can read the complete article at this link. The auto transport services that their researchers considered for the article were all fully licensed and insured. In order for the transport carriers to be included in the study, the companies also had to offer online quotes and bookings and give their customers the option of purchasing supplemental insurance protection. The following companies appeared at the top of their rankings.

California Transporter

California Transporter is a full-service vehicle transportation company that can help you ship cars, boats, motorcycles, and heavy equipment throughout the world. The carrier also offers reimbursements for the cost of a car wash if your car gets dirty on the road and the cost of a rental car in the event that your vehicle shipment is extensively delayed.


When you call Elite Car Shipping Company you can always count on five-star auto transportation service for your vehicle at guaranteed low prices. Our transport auto service specialists are available 24 hours a day at 1-888-885-5354 and standing by to answer your questions about auto transport service.

What is the cheapest car transport service?

The price for auto transport services is subject to a lot of different factors, but shipping your car in an open carrier transport is always the cheapest way to ship a car. You can visit our website to use our auto transportation services calculator to compare prices and get a free estimate. You’ll get the best rates if you schedule auto transport service at least three weeks in advance.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Your shipping quote will be an estimate of the current market pricing for your pick-up, and it’s subject to seasonal demand for auto transport and numerous other factors. Oversized vehicles will be more expensive to ship because they’ll take up more space on the carrier and the truck will require additional fuel to deliver the vehicles. Your shipping costs will include mileage, and you will predictably pay more to transport your vehicle a greater distance. Other factors that can affect your shipping quote will include special pick-up arrangements for a vehicle that isn’t currently running or pick-ups and deliveries to and from rural areas. Finally, you’ll pay the highest price when you select additional options such as expedited delivery and enclosed vehicle transportation.

How to choose an auto transport company?

Shopping for auto transportation service is just like shopping for any other type of product. In fact, the process of shopping for vehicle transport is a lot like buying a plane ticket. Instead of shopping for the best price for seats on a plane, you’re shopping for a spot on a car hauler. Transportation companies use open trailer car haulers to make deliveries every day, and they’ll offer the best prices to customers who make their reservations early.

Be sure to read the transportation company’s reviews before you book transportation for your vehicle. Reputable companies will list reviews from satisfied customers right on their website, and a list of recent references is always yours for the asking. When you talk to an ECS transportation agent, we’ll give you a fast and accurate price quote for the shipping job in a matter of minutes. We’ll make the leading transportation companies place bids for your shipping job, and take care of all the arrangements for you. Just let your transportation agent know when you need your vehicle picked up and delivered, and we’ll take care of all the details.

What is the most reliable and most trustworthy auto transport company?

Marketwatch conducted an independent survey in October 2021 and their researchers spoke to 1,000 individuals who used an auto transportation service to ship their vehicle. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that many of the same transport carriers appeared at the top of Marketwatch’s rankings, including California Transporter and We Will Transport It.

When you contact your ECS shipping agent, he or she will make sure that you always get the best available price when you book your car shipment. All of the companies listed above are in our network, and we can help you save money by locating and reserving shipping space on trucks that are already making vehicle deliveries on your route!

Can you negotiate with car shippers?

Everything in this world is negotiable, including the price you’ll pay for auto transport service. Top transportation companies will be competing to earn your business, and it all starts out with the bidding process. Any seasoned customer knows that you shouldn’t always hire the lowest bidder, particularly if their bid doesn’t seem realistic. What you can do is give a company that you like a chance to match their competitor’s price. In many cases, the overall price difference will be small enough that they’ll be able to easily offer you that same price. Some transportation companies also offer additional benefits such as car washes and rental car reimbursements that are included as a value-added service. Even if you’re not prepared to take advantage of those services with one company, you might be able to get their competitor to offer you those same benefits to earn your business.

We’ll make sure that you get multiple bids for your transportation job, and we can beat any price estimate for auto transport services. Your ECS transportation specialist will be your point of contact as you book car shipping, and he or she will happily answer your questions at any time. After we’ve let transportation companies bid on your shipping job, we’ll pick the best deal and set up the pick-up.

What is the average cost if I’m interested in shipping my car from Florida to Mass?

The current average cost of auto transportation services on an open carrier from Florida to Massachusetts currently ranges from $750 to $1,150. You can visit our website to get a price quote to ship your car from Florida to Massachusetts. Just let us know your pick-up and delivery locations and how much time you have. It typically takes about 3-5 days to ship a car from Miami to Boston, but if you can wait a few extra days you’ll pay the lowest price. Your price quote for auto transportation will be based on the current market value for your shipment, but it can differ from the final price you pay. Some auto transport carriers offer a guaranteed price, and your rates won’t increase if the cost of fuel increases between the time that you book your shipment and the time that your vehicle is picked up. Be sure to review all of the terms before you confirm your shipping order, and ask your transportation agent questions about anything you don’t understand.

Can you help me ship multiple cars?

The total cost of shipping your vehicles together will be lower than if you ship your vehicles separately, and it’s definitely going to save you money if you can ship them all at the same time. If you need to arrange transport for more than one vehicle, we can make sure that they’re all picked up and delivered on the same transporter. You’ll also enjoy multiple vehicle discounts from transportation companies because they’re happy to offer discounts to customers who can help them load up their transports more quickly.

What is terminal-to-terminal shipping?

The majority of ECS customers enjoy the convenience of door-to-door auto shipping because a licensed driver can pick up their vehicle at their home and load it onto an open trailer car hauler for shipping. But some of our customers move around a lot and don’t always know where they’ll wind up. This is definitely the case for members of the armed forces and professionals who frequently travel between cities. Terminal-to-terminal shipping is a cost-effective and flexible way for professionals on the go to transport their vehicles. They have the option of dropping off their vehicle at a port city at their convenience so that the transportation company can store it locally at the terminal. Once they know where they’re headed, the carrier can transport the car to the terminal in the next city. Terminal-to-terminal car shipping doesn’t offer as much convenience as having the vehicle picked up and delivered between homes, but it’s a great option for certain clients and our transportation agents will be happy to make the arrangements. It’s also a great option if you haven’t found a new home yet or if you don’t have an exact address for your destination.

Can you help me ship my RV?

RV owners love taking their camper across the country, but there are certain occasions when it’s not convenient to drive your motorhome or tow your travel trailer on your own. Our transport auto service specialists will be happy to discuss your transportation options for your RV. We offer snowbird RV shipping to Florida, Texas, and other sunny locations, and overseas RV transport to sunny destinations such as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

If you own a motorhome, your cheapest option will be hiring a licensed and insured driver. The driver will fly to your city and drive your motorhome to any destination in The United States. We can also load up your camper onto a flatbed trailer or hitch up your travel trailer to one of our trucks. Make sure to let your ECS transportation specialist know the size and weight of your RV when you call and get your RV shipping quote. Larger campers often require specialty flatbed trailers, and we’ll need accurate information to locate the right type of trailer for your RV.

Do you offer overseas car shipping?

In addition to nearby island destinations such as Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and The U.S. Virgin Islands, we can help you ship your vehicle to virtually any destination in the world. We can’t currently ship vehicles to North Korea or Russia, but we can ship your car nearly anywhere else as long as the destination has a port and accepts vehicle shipments from the USA. Scheduling overseas auto transport auto service requires completing some additional paperwork and securing required documents, and you’ll need to start making all the arrangements 3-12 weeks in advance. Your shipping quote will include ground transportation for your vehicle to a port city, overseas transport, and port taxes in certain destinations. Your transportation specialist will help you complete all of the necessary customs paperwork and send you a shipping confirmation. We can pick up your vehicle on a ground transport carrier and deliver it to a nearby port city for overseas shipping. We also offer terminal-to-terminal service, which is an excellent option for members of the armed forces.

Before you ship your car overseas, make sure that your insurance covers your vehicle at your destination. If your vehicle has white headlights or tinted windows, you’ll also want to make sure that they’re allowed at your destination.

What kind of truck will you be sending to load up and transport my car?

Most of our customers want to save as much as they can on car shipping, which is why open transport is our most popular shipping option. An open transport can transport ten or more vehicles at a time, and transportation companies make nationwide car deliveries every day. We also offer enclosed auto shipping so that you can shelter your car while it’s in transit.

Is enclosed auto transport worth the extra money?

If you’re the type of individual who doesn’t like to let your vehicle out of your sight, we can help you schedule auto transport services in an enclosed trailer for about 30-40% more than the cost of shipping in an open transport car carrier. Shipping your car in an open trailer is the most economical shipping option, and the majority of our customers choose it to save money on car shipping. But many of our customers love their classic cars and luxury autos, and we treat them like our own while they’re in transit. If you’re interested in spending a little bit more on enclosed shipping, your ECS transportation specialist will personally ensure that you’re satisfied and that you get the best possible deal.

What will I need to do to my vehicle to get it ready for my pick-up?

You won’t have to do anything special to prepare your car for your pick-up, but you’ll want to make sure that the gas tank is no more than ¼ full. You’ll also need to go through the entire vehicle and remove any personal items that you don’t want to lose. Some customers choose to transport personal items in the trunk of their vehicle, but you’ll want to make sure that the auto transportation service allows it. Just remember that the additional weight can affect your overall shipping costs and you’ll be shipping those items in the trunk at your own risk.

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