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If you live in Florida and plan to move to New York, California, or New Jersey, you might wonder whether it’s better to ship your car or drive it. It’s also possible, you have the same question about car shipping to Florida from another state.’

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Car shipping Florida to another state or car shipping in Florida offers three compelling benefits. First, it is more expensive than driving, but it is also more convenient and less stressful. Second, you won’t need to worry about driving in severe weather or spending long hours on the road. And third, besides reducing wear and tear on your car, it is also far more convenient to let an auto transport company take care of the driving while you take a plane to your destination.

Decisions to Make When Shipping from Florida

Here are a few things to consider when car shipping to Florida or shipping car from Florida before you decide whether to transport your car or drive it:

  • How far are you moving? If you’re moving across the country, it might be cheaper and easier to ship your car than to drive it. But if you’re only travelling a few hundred miles, driving is probably a simpler option.
  • How much time do you have? If you’re tight on time, perhaps because you have some business to take care of at your target destination, it might be easier to ship your car and fly to your destination to take care of your business there. If, for instance, you have business in Colorado, then shipping from Florida is the easiest way to both move your car and take care of business.
  • What’s the weather like? If you’re moving somewhere with severe weather (like a lot of snow or rain), it might be better to ship your car so you don’t have to worry about driving in dangerous conditions.
  • What’s your budget? Shipping your car can be expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, it might be better to drive. But if cost isn’t an issue, shipping is more convenient and hassle-free. In any case, you’ll save money on car repair in the long run because you will put less mileage on your car.

Car Shipping Florida to New York

When shipping from Florida to New York, you may be wondering how to ship your car. The good news is that it’s relatively simple.

Here are the five basic steps you need to follow:

  1. The first step is to find a reputable company that ships cars. Research your options and get quotes.
  2. The second step, once you’ve found a company that you like, is to schedule a time for them to pick up your car.
  3. The third step comes when the transport driver comes to pick up your car. You must make sure your car is clean and free of any personal items. The driver will inspect the car and complete any paperwork required. They will then load your car onto the truck and transport it to your new home in New York.
  4. The fourth step is to fly to your destination and wait for your car to arrive. The driver will unload it and complete any final paperwork.
  5. The fifth step is to drive off and start enjoying your new life in the Big Apple!

Car Shipping Florida to California

  • Find an auto transport company when shipping car from Florida to California to start. After you find a company that can do a satisfactory job, get a quote to ensure the price is within your budget.
  • Next, you’ll need to decide what kind of carrier you want to use. Your car may need to be transported on an enclosed carrier if it is a new or expensive car and you want to make sure it arrives safely. On the other hand, if it is too large to fit into an enclosed carrier or too old to fret about any possible damages, then it will be cheaper to use an open carrier. Although damage is unlikely, if it does occur, you will be protected by insurance.
  • After that, schedule a time for pick-up and delivery. Most companies will give you a window of several days when they pick up your car. The day they pick up your car, make sure you are available to give them the keys and sign any paperwork.
  • Finally, relax and enjoy your road trip knowing your car will be shipped across the country.

Car Shipping Florida to New Jersey

When shipping from Florida to New Jersey, you can drive it yourself, have a friend or family member drive it for you, or hire a company to transport it.

If you decide to go with a transport company, here are a few things you can do to ensure you locate a reputable and dependable company:

  • Recommendations: Get recommendations about car shipping in Florida from friends or family members who have used a car shipping service in the past.
  • Reviews: Check online reviews if you don’t know anyone who has shipped a car. After you have compiled a list of potential companies, call them and ask about their process and pricing. Get quotes from multiple companies so you can compare prices and services.
  • Due Diligence: Once you have decided on what company to hire, make sure you read the fine print before you sign anything. If you work with a reputable car shipping company, they will answer all your questions and provide you with a detailed contract.

By doing your research following these simple steps, you can ensure you choose the best car shipping company.


  • How much is it to ship my car to Florida?

    The cost of car shipping to Florida depends on where you pick it up and when you want it delivered. An easy-to-use quote calculator will give you an estimate of how much car shipping to Florida from another state will cost. You simply need to enter a few basic details about your car and the shipment, and our system will provide you with a list of prices from different carriers. From there, you can choose the option that suits you best.

  • What is the cheapest company to ship your car?

    With companies like Elite Car Shipping Company, Montway Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, and Ship a Car Direct, you can find affordable auto transport that delivers excellent service. Using these companies, the average cost of auto transport is $960, $180 less than the competition. Many of these companies provide a variety of services that can help you save money on your next car shipment. Elite Car Shipping Company offers discounts for multiple car shipments, and AmeriFreight offers a Hawaii shipping discount. Furthermore, all of these companies offer discounts to AAA members and other loyalty programs. Check out these four companies if you’re looking to save money on your next car shipment.

  • How do I transport my car to Florida?

    When moving your car to Florida, you have a few options for shipping it. You can drive it down, ask a friend to drive it for you, or use an auto transport service. In terms of auto transport services, you have two choices: open transport or enclosed transport. Open transport is less expensive, but your vehicle will be exposed to the elements during transport. Although enclosed transport costs more, the extra price is worth paying because your car will be protected from the weather and any flying road debris. In the end, the decision of which type of shipping to choose depends on your budget and your risk-tolerance level. Enclosed transport is ideal if you have a luxury vehicle or are concerned about protecting your car from the elements. Open transport is, however, a perfectly acceptable choice if your budget is tight or if you’re shipping a more common vehicle.

  • Is shipping a car a good idea?

    It’s usually cheaper to drive your car than to ship it, especially for shorter moves. However, auto transport is more convenient and well worth the price if you’re moving more than 500 miles. Shipping car from Florida to California, a distance of 2,701 miles if you take I-40 W, is much easier on both you and your car than spending about 41 hours driving there.

Do You Need Car Shipping in Florida?

The process of transporting a vehicle can be time-consuming and stressful. Between finding the best way to transport your vehicle and the logistics of getting it there, you may be tempted to just leave it there. Car shipping can be a challenging task, but with the help of a professional, it can be much easier.

Over the last 25 years, Elite Car Shipping Company has helped countless customers ship their cars across the country. Every step of the way, we’ll make sure that your car is transported to its destination safely and securely. Our company is your best source for vehicle transportation, and we will do everything possible to get your car to its destination.

Our experts specialize in moving cars from Florida to New York, New Jersey, and California. We can also help if you need car shipping in Florida or if you plan to start shipping car from Florida to any other state in the country.

You can start shipping your car right away with a free quote and a 10% discount if you contact us today. You can reach us by phone at 1-888-885-5354, by email at elitecarshippingcompany@gmail.com, or by filling out an online form on our website. If you are looking for a fast and safe way to move your vehicle, we will beat any other quote you receive. We’re located at 2300 West Sample Road. 207, Pompano Beach, FL 33073 United States, and our offices are open Monday through Friday from 7am to 10pm.

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