Towing an electric car

Towing an electric car

Call Elite Car Shipping Company When You Need Help Towing an Electric Car!

Towing an electric car is esasy for an Elite Car Shipping Company like us. We are shipping cars experts to any place, nationwide and overseas. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and for a lot of great reasons. For starters, they offer better mileage and lower maintenance costs; you won’t have to replace the spark plugs or the fuel filter, and you won’t have to change the engine oil. Unlike combustion engines, they also provide enough torque to achieve peak power from a standstill.

Towing an electric car

Electric vehicles are ideal for individuals interested in reducing the size of their carbon footprint, and some communities even allow solo drivers to use the HOV lane. But all vehicles break down from time to time, and you can’t tow an electric car the same way as a regular vehicle. Most electric car models don’t have a neutral gear setting, and they all generate power when their wheels turn. Flatbed towing is the easiest and safest option for electric car owners, and our Elite Car Shipping Company team is always a phone call away! Contact us online to schedule electric car towing services, or call us at 1-888-885-5354.

Reasons To Tow An Electric Car

If you’ve grown accustomed to dealing with minor automotive service issues on your own, you already understand the importance of knowing your own limitations. Electric cars are built to last, and they’re not currently serviceable by today’s “shade tree mechanics.” Here are the main reasons why you’ll need to have your electric car professionally towed.

  • A flat tire

    Electric cars are designed to economize all available space, and many models don’t include a spare tire to in order to make enough room for the battery cells. If you get a flat tire on an electric car, you’ll need to have the car towed to the shop.

  • A dead battery

    Many drivers are accustomed to letting their fuel tank run low before fill-ups, and sometimes they even find themselves stranded when they overestimate how much fuel they have left. It isn’t easy to estimate how much gas you have left in the tank, but your electric vehicle will give you plenty of notice when its battery needs to be charged. If you let the battery get to 0%, you won’t be able to operate the vehicle until you recharge your fuel cells.

  • Brake problems

    Electric vehicles include regenerative braking, a state-of-the-art system that converts up to 70% of the energy used in braking into power. You already understand the importance of attending to problems with your brakes right away, and the stakes are even higher with electric vehicles. If you encounter braking issues with your electric car, you’ll want to get it safely off the road and call a tow truck immediately.

  • Moving or relocating

    If you’re moving across the country to take a new job, you’ll probably be driving a moving van loaded up with everything you own. A flatbed tow truck can help you transport your car locally, or you can contact a car hauling service to schedule cross-country transport for your electric vehicles.

We Offer Flatbed Car Towing Services at Great Rates!

The sophisticated technology of electric cars offers many significant advantages for drivers, but they can’t be towed by a conventional tow truck or flat-towed. The good news is that we partner with leading transportation and towing companies throughout the USA, and we can send a flatbed tow truck directly to your location.

Towing an electric car

The flatbed tow vehicle will be operated by a licensed and insured driver with the right experience to tow your vehicle. Your electric car will be in competent hands, and we’ll ensure that you save 10% or more for flatbed car towing or any other car hauling service.


All leading automobile manufacturers are currently rolling out electric vehicles, and they will ultimately cease production of gas-powered cars within the next decade. Electric vehicles require specialized towing equipment and expertise, and our Elite Car Shipping Company team can help you find experts in your community. Contact us online or call 1-888-885-5354 to schedule towing service for your electric car or hybrid vehicle.

  • What’s the easiest and safest way to tow an electric car?

    Flatbed towing is your safest and easiest option for towing an electric vehicle. The driver will load your car onto a trailer, and then he or she will deliver it to your home or the repair facility of your choice.

  • Why can’t you use a chain to flat tow an electric car?

    Flat towing is a good option for conventional vehicles, and the car will need to remain in neutral at all times. Unfortunately, electric vehicles don’t have a neutral setting. Their spinning wheels generate power for the battery at all times, and it’s dangerous to generate additional power if it’s not in use. The function can’t be disabled for towing, and a flatbed trailer is the only safe way to transport an electric vehicle.

  • Why can’t you use a dolly to tow an electric car?

    You can’t tow an electric car with a tow dolly because two of the wheels will still spin while it’s in transit. Unless you have a dolly or trailer that can keep all four wheels off the ground, you’ll need to use a flatbed trailer to transport your electric car to the dealership or repair shop.

Get Your Quote For Electric Car Towing Today!

President Joe Biden has led a bipartisan effort to encourage automakers and consumers to make the switch to electric vehicles, and he’s challenged automakers to make electric cars account for 50% of new vehicles sold by 2030. New gas-powered vehicles will be unavailable after 2035, and industry experts predict that gas-powered cars will be obsolete by 2040. Making the transition to electric won’t be easy, but our Elite Car Shipping Company team remains committed to staying on the cutting edge! We make it cheap and easy to schedule flatbed towing for your electric car, and you can schedule all services with no money down! Contact us online to learn more, or contact us at 1-888-885-5354 to schedule 5-star electric car towing at guaranteed low rates!

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