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Are you looking for the Shipping Classic Cars Specialists? Elite Car Shipping Company is the Best Classic Car Shipping Company in the US. We have affordable Classic car shipping rates nationwide and overseas.

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Trust Our Elite Car Shipping Team At Elite Car Shipping Company

At Elite Car Shipping Company, we commit to delivering the most thorough, efficient, dedicated and elite car transportation services for your classic, luxury or priceless vehicles. With over two decades of in-depth experience in the field of national and international automobile shipping, our team of experts handles all the details and procedures that your luxury car shipping process requires.

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When you work with Elite Car Shipping Company, you get:

  • Our 25+ Years Of Experience As The Best Classic Car Shipping Company In The US & Abroad
  • Free & Highly-Detailed Quotes
  • Competitive Classic Car Shipping Rates
  • Elite Customer Service
  • Expert Handling With Our Team of Licensed & Bonded Drivers
  • Door-To-Door Pickup and Delivery Service
  • Quick, precise, smooth and secure transport and delivery of your luxury car
  • Cross-Country & International Automobile Shipping
  • No Money-Down or Upfront Deposits Required!

If you call in today, you can get up to 10% off now when you plan your car shipment with us!

Transporting Classic, Luxury & Priceless Vehicles: How Safe Is It?

Whenever a classic, luxury or rare vehicle requires service, it needs secure and expert handling in order to maintain its value. At Elite Car Shipping Company, we prioritize the safety of your precious automobiles. Whether you need one, a personal vehicle shipped from state to state, or you need a fleet of luxury vehicles moved overseas, our people provide up to $100,000 insurance on each vehicle that you transport with us. However, you may still be asking yourself, “Is automobile transportation really safe for my car”?

The Case Of the 90-Year-Old Classic Car Found On Sunken Ship

Over 90 years ago, a steam-powered ship named The Manasoo sank 200 feet to the bottom of Lake Huron. The ship was carrying 21 crew-men, an undisclosed amount of cattle and a classic 1927 Chevrolet Coupe. The cause of the wreckage is suspected cattle herd shifting, but experts were astonished by what they discovered from the Chevy. Despite being trapped at the bottom of a lake for nearly a century, the vehicle was in shockingly good condition.

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While the shipwreck is unlikely to ever be unsurfaced, the experts who discovered the wreckage are confident they can recover the classic car and feature it in a museum.

Your Vehicle’s Security Is Our #1 Priority

The story of the “Classic Car Found On Sunken Ship” illustrates how important car safety is in the transportation process. Even a century ago, classic cars were shipped in units that were extensively equipped to protect any kind of vehicle from environmental threats.

In our modern times, advances in engineering and communication technology further protect your vehicle from damage or unwanted liabilities. When you work with our people at Elite Car Shipping Company, our classic car shipping process ensures that your precious vehicles arrive safely, securely and in perfect condition! Our people will guarantee that your precious automobile is not another “classic car found on the sunken ship”.

Our Services

Shipping classic cars is a specialty that requires every bit of attention to the details, timing and precision that your car needs to make it to your required destination. Our elite services are designed to carefully execute every aspect of your automobile transportation process, making sure that all your needs are satisfied in an easy and stress-free manner.

Multiple Transport Quotes

When you work with Elite Car Shipping Company, you have access to multiple quotes from the best classic car shipping companies in the nation. In addition, our easy-to-follow, online webform makes it easy to find the best classic car shipping rates possible.

Quotes come in three varieties, which include:

  • Standard Shipping Quotes – These shipping quotes offer the most affordable options for shipping your classic car.
  • Expedited Shipping Quotes – These quotes are centered around shipping options that include enhanced benefits and advantages. These options are more expensive than standard quotes, but ensure higher levels of care for your classic vehicle.
  • Rush Shipping Quotes – These quotes present the elite-level shipping options with the highest level of quality, care and speed for your car shipping needs. While the most elite, the services in these options are the most expensive.

If you would rather get your free rate quote over the phone, you can speak with our highly-trained specialists at 1-888-885-5354

Enclosed Car Transport

When it comes to shipping classic cars, enclosed car transport provides the most secure method of moving your automobile from one destination to another. At Elite Car Shipping Company, we handle all the heavy lifting and make it easy for you to obtain the most secure and care-free transportation service for your classic car.

Along with elite-level, enclosed trailers that protect your vehicle from environmental elements, you’ll receive:

  • Free Instant Quotes With Our Simple Online Webform
  • Detailed Delivery & Pickup Inspection From Our Licensed & Highly-Skilled Drivers
  • Elite & Dedicated Customer Service
  • Streamlined Paperwork Processing
  • $100,000 In Guaranteed Insurance Coverage
  • Expedited Shipping Options For Super-Fast Vehicle Delivery

Be sure to schedule your automobile delivery services around two weeks before your first available moving date. Our team wants to ensure that we can coordinate with your schedule in order to provide a timeline that is ideal for your needs. When you get in touch with us today, you can get up to 10% off your enclosed car transportation services!

Cross-Country Car Transport

It doesn’t matter if you want your Jaguar E-Type moved from Los Angeles to San Diego, or if you need to deliver a classic Model T from Seattle to a museum in the nation’s capital, Elite Car Shipping Company has you covered. We transport classic vehicles throughout the entire continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. If you are moving to a new location in the country or need a new-car purchase to be delivered to your home, our people are committed to giving you the service you deserve.

Booking a cross-country shipment with us includes:

  • Instant Quotes & Bargain Rates – Filling out our instant-quote form grants you access to competitive and bargain deals you can’t find with local transportation services. Need long-distance transport? Our team will provide you with the greatest discounts on interstate and cross-country vehicle transport.
  • Secure, Enclosed Auto Transport – Since your shipping classic cars require an advanced level of protection, Elite Car Shipping Company makes sure that you connect with the most affordable and reliable enclosed transportation services.
  • Expedited Transport Options – Long-distance car shipments can take up to 15 days to complete when the distance exceeds 1,500 miles (shipments to Alaska and Hawaii can take an additional two-three weeks). However, with expedited transport options, you can greatly reduce the time it takes to transport your car.

International Car Shipping

When you are looking for the best classic car shipping companies for enclosed automobile transport, their services should include international deliveries. As the leader in exotic, luxury and rare car shipping, we provide you with everything you need to ship any type of classic vehicle to any overseas location. We deliver a simple-to-follow, straightforward process that takes all the pressure off your back.

After you obtain your free quote from our simple, online form or from a call with one of the dedicated specialists, you’ll have the option to choose from two, international transport options.

  • Boat Transport/Transport By Sea – As the most popular form of international automobile transport, transportation by sea provides the most cost-effective method for moving your vehicle to another country. We help you layout your shipment itinerary from start to finish, guiding you through all the necessary paperwork and formal proceedings that international shipment requires.
  • Airplane Transport – If you own an extremely rare or valuable classic car, airplane transport provides you with the security and speed that you need to protect your valuable asset. Airplane transport is typically more expensive but can be essential when moving high-value vehicles.

International Classic Car Shipping requires an extensive amount of specific factors and qualifications that you need to adhere to. It’s important that you book your international shipping plans at least two weeks in advance of your first desired shipment date. Our team knows what steps you need to take to satisfy the various customs and port document requirements you that comes with international car transport. You can’t find a smoother, more streamlined international shipping process than we provide at Elite Car Shipping Company. As with all our classic car shipping services, Elite Car Shipping Company offers expedited shipping and insures your vehicle for up to $100,000 during its overseas voyage.

Multi-Car Transport

We don’t just specialize in single-vehicle transport. If you have a fleet of classic cars that you need to deliver to an auto show, convention, museum or other special event, our elite service providers will take every measure to ensure that your cars are shipped. Our multi-car transportation services handle all of your needs with the expertise of the best classic car shipping company. With no money down or no upfront deposits, Elite Car Shipping Company delivers a multi-car transportation service you can’t find anywhere else.

Other Services

No matter what kind of car shipping needs you have, all the services that we provide at Elite Car Shipping Company are equipped with a list of standard features. These include:

  • Door-To-Door Pickup & Delivery
  • Bonded & Licensed Drivers
  • Unparalleled Customer Service
  • No-Money-Down Or Upfront Costs
  • $100,000 Insurance On Each Classic Vehicle
  • Optional Expedited Shipping

In addition to all these standard features, you can save up to 10% when you book your shipment by phone or online.

Your Car Shipping Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

Elite Car Shipping Company knows how hectic transporting a classic car can be. That’s why we make sure to deliver a simplified, step-by-step procedure that takes all the chaos out of it for you. Our simple, five-step process is all it takes to get your classic cars the best quality transportation services available.

  1. Get Your Free Shipping Quote – Our online form provides you with instant and free car shipping quotes. Whether it’s standard, expedited or rush shipping quotes, you can easily get your hands on the best classic car shipping rates available. If you would rather talk to one of our expert service members by phone, simply dial 1-888-885-5354 to contact one of our specialists.
  2. Schedule Your Automobile Shipment – After you receive your quote, our online services allow you to schedule your shipment after you have sent us your secure and confidential message.
  3. Selecting Your Enclosed Vehicle Carrier – We offer open-car carrier and enclosed-car carrier shipping on all kinds of vehicles. Enclosed-car shipping is the most recommended option for classic car transport, but open-car transport may be wiser for short-distance shipments.
  4. Car Pickup & Loading – You will meet with one of our licensed and bonded drivers to pick up your classic car at a location of your choosing. The driver will deliver your car to its scheduled loading destination where it will be prepared for transport. Thorough inspections of your vehicle are required by both you and the driver at your first drop-off. Another inspection is also required between the driver and the truck driver when your vehicle reaches the loading destination.
  5. Car Delivery – When your vehicle reaches its targeted delivery point, it will receive a final examination to ensure that it is in the same condition as when the trip first started.

How much does it cost to ship a classic car?

Shipping a classic car depends on a variety of factors. Though you can use open-car carrier transport, classic car shipping companies greatly recommend enclosed-car carrier shipping for added protection. For a standard-sized classic car, enclosed transport can cost $700 for shipments up to 500 miles, $900 for shipments between 500 and 1,500 miles, and an estimated $1200 for trips beyond 1,500 miles.

Can I use open-car transport to ship a classic car?

Open-car transport can be considerably less expensive than enclosed-car shipment. If you only require a short-distance shipment, then open-car transport can be a wise option for your needs. However, if your classic car holds a lot of monetary value or requires shipment across a considerable distance, then you want to ship it with the added protection that enclosed transport provides. Long-distance transport requires a process that protects your classic vehicle from various environmental factors like weather, staining and potential harsh terrain.

How do you ship a classic car?

Shipping a classic car involves a lot of steps that need careful processing and handling. However, as the best classic car shipping company in the nation, Elite Car Shipping Company only requires that you follow our easy, five-step process. Just grab your quote, schedule your shipment, choose your choice of carrier, drop your car off for pickup, and pick your classic car up at your desired destination. It’s really that simple!

How much does it cost to ship classic cars to New Zealand?

The cost of transporting classic cars to New Zealand can depend on a variety of factors. Due to distance, the average transportation costs to New Zealand can be between $5,000 – $8,000. However, if you are using airplane transport, it can cost up to $40,000. In addition, bigger vehicles may be more expensive to move, and your distance from the loading port can also factor into your costs. Lastly, you’ll need to be aware of relevant import taxes when you ship your classic car to New Zealand.

How long does it take to ship a classic car?

Shipping time can vary depending on a number of different variables. That being said, the list of general time frames below can give you an estimate of what to expect based on the distance your car travels.

  • 0 – 200 miles: one – two days
  • 200 – 600 miles: two – four days
  • 600 – 1,000 miles: three – five days
  • 1,000 – 1,500 miles: four – six days

Cross-country shipments can take 15 days to reach their delivery destination, so be sure to schedule your transport at least two weeks in advance of your first available drop-off date. If you need a speedier delivery option, expedited and rush options are also available.

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