Ship A Car Anywhere

Ship A Car Anywhere with an Elite Car Shipping Company

Ship A Car Anywhere, any city, state or country. We are car shipping experts and we offer the best car shipping quotes in the industry. If you’re wondering, “what’s the cheapest way to ship my car to another state?,” give us a call! Elite Car Shipping Company has a team of experienced transportation specialists ready to help you find the best car shipping company to transport your vehicle to any address in the world. There’s so much competition in the vehicle transport industry, and that’s always great news for the customer. We’ll make the nation’s top transportation companies compete to earn your business, ensuring you’ll get the lowest car transport cost per mile.

Ship A Car Anywhere

Contact us at 1-888-885-5354 to find the cheapest car shipping from a trusted carrier, and visit our website to get a free shipping estimate 24 hours a day!

Top Car Shipping Companies Want to Earn Your Business

Finding the best car shipping company is easy when there’s so much competition. The industry’s most reliable car shipping companies know that if they don’t find ways to offer the cheapest car shipping to their customers, another company will! After you’ve confirmed your shipping order with your ECS shipping specialist, we’ll make trusted transportation carriers place bids. The bidding process forces them all to slash their car transport cost per mile, which means you’ll always pay less for car shipping. We only allow bonded and insured companies to bid on your pick-up, and we offer guaranteed low rates for door-to-door vehicle transportation.

We’ll Locate the Best Car Shipping Company to Deliver Your Car!

Your price quote will be our current estimate for the market value for your pick-up. Your final price might not be the same as your original shipping quote, but your transportation specialist is always looking for ways to save you money. We recommend contacting us a few weeks before your trip so that we’ll have the time we need to find you the best deal.

Ship A Car Anywhere

Car shipping companies frequently get cancellations and offer deep discounts on unsold car hauler space. We’ll search for a transport that’s already bound for your destination to help you maximize your savings, and you can make all the arrangements with one phone call!


Elite Car Shipping Company makes finding the best car shipping company easy, and we insist on getting rock-bottom prices for our customers. Get your free estimate for the cheapest car shipping in the industry online, and call 1-888-885-5354 when you’re ready to schedule your pick-up!

  • What’s the most economical way to ship my car to another state?

    Each customer that asks us, “how much to ship my car to another state?” is pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable it is! Open carriers can transport up to nine vehicles, and that enables transportation companies to scale their shipping costs more effectively. Open carrier shipping offers customers the lowest car transport cost per mile, and it’s your most affordable option.

  • What are the car transport costs from Florida to Texas?

    The average cost to ship a car from Florida to Texas ranges from $600-$1,200, and your total shipping cost will be calculated by the overall travel distance and other factors. Our headquarters are located in Pompano Beach, Florida, and we partner with regional and national car shipping companies to offer Florida car shipping at guaranteed low rates.

  • Is it worth shipping a car?

    Every seasoned traveler has plenty of horror stories that start at the rental car counter. Even the most reputable rental car companies struggle to honor all of their reservations, and there’s always a chance that the vehicle you reserved won’t be available when you arrive. Shipping a car to your destination before your trip ensures that you’ll have reliable ground transportation when you arrive. You won’t incur the cost of a rental car or cab fare on your trip, and you won’t have to learn the ins and outs of an unfamiliar vehicle. We work hard to ensure that our customers always save as much as they can on car shipping, and you can always count on 5-Star service from our drivers and transportation specialists!

  • What are the average costs to ship a car to Florida?

    The average cost for car shipping to Florida ranges from $500-$2,250, and your shipping costs will be based on your total travel distance, the size of your vehicle, the timing of your shipment, and the options you select. Your car transport cost per mile will be the lowest on a cross-country trip than it will be for local delivery, and we can save you 10% or more every day.

  • What are the car transport costs from Massachusetts to Florida?

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is currently home to almost seven million people, and transportation companies deliver vehicles from The Bay State to The Sunshine State daily! It takes an average of 3-6 days to ship a car from Massachusetts to Florida, and your shipping costs will range from around $1,050 to $1,500.

Contact Us for The Cheapest Car Shipping Rates and Legendary Customer Service!

Car shipping offers lots of convenience for both tourists and business travelers, and it’s a very affordable way to solve your ground transportation problems on your trip. Elite Car Shipping Company has a team of seasoned transportation experts on call around the clock to help you schedule a pick-up, and they’ll ensure that you select the right options. Most of our customers ship their vehicles in an open-trailer car hauler, but we offer custom transportation solutions for every vehicle. We offer enclosed transport for your vintage or luxury vehicles, and we can ship your cars overseas in a container or on a Roll-On, Roll-Off (RoRo) transport. We can also transport your boat, RV, or mobile home for less. Relocating to a new state is always difficult, but we’ll ensure that your vehicle is waiting for you at your new home so you can get off to a great start. Use our shipping cost estimator when you want a free estimate, and call us at 1-888-885-5354 when you’re ready to save money on nationwide car shipping!

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