How much does it cost to ship a car

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How much does it cost to ship a car Services in the US?

If you are looking to ship a car nationwide or overseas you ae going to have the following questions: How much does it cost to ship a car? What is the average cost to ship a car? How much does it cost to ship a car overseas?

Please, just read the content of the above questions and a lot more will be answered, you will get enough information to save up to 20% with us when you are der your car shipping to another state or international car shipping service.

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The average cost to ship a car

The Average cost to ship a car using an open car carrier is around $700. The car shipping across country costs will be over $1,000. Also, the price will be directly connected with the car shipping distance and the car size.

How much does it cost to ship a car overseas

Doing overseas car shipping can have a price of around $1,000 to $5,000 for standard shipping by ship car transportation or from $5000 to $35,000 for air car transportation.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

Now the question arises on how to ship a car.
If you want to ship your car internationally then its process differs from shipping a car within a country. The following are the points to consider while shipping a car:

  1. How you want your car to be delivered:
    There are options for how you want your car delivered like drop off or pick up methods, both of these methods will determine the cost. Consider the following two options for your delivery of the car.

    • Door to door car transport
    • Terminal to terminal car shipping: Terminal to terminal car shipping will be less expensive than door‐to‐door service but Choosing door‐to‐door service could be worth the extra cost.
  2. Type of transport:
    There are two types of car transport. Both options are good and have advantages and drawbacks as well. Let’s check it out:

    Open car transport services: are cheaper as compared to the enclosed one. It has flexible shipping rates. Open car shipping exposes your car to damage from debris or other natural elements.

    Enclosed car transport services: Consider this option if you are shipping a luxurious car. Here your car will be protected from various elements. These transport services take just a few cars at a time which leads to a rise in cost to ship a vehicle up to 50 percent more than open car transport.

  3. Gather the shipping quotes:
    It’s good to gather various quotes from different companies as they are not all the same. Here are some points to consider when looking at Car Shipping Quotes:

    Every big company gives insurance for their services. Check if they are giving primary insurance or secondary insurance and if they are including damage deductible, and it is important to keep written copies of everything related to insurance in the event of an accident.

    Shipping Rates:
    It is important to check the rate per mile. Also, many people transport their vehicle long distances so if they are negotiating with the prices or not. However, if there is traffic and many cars are going to and fro continuously, the prices get lower. Delay policy:
    Find out if your transport was delivered late, what are their policies in that case. Also, find if they are providing any refund or all of the shipping costs.

  4. Prepare your car for transport:
    You need to prepare your car before shipment. Following are the points to be considered:
    Clean your car:
    Auto transport carriers are not licensed to carry or transport household goods from state to state. If the Department of Transportation finds some personal papers or any household goods, they will generate the fine and that will be passed to the consumer. Shipping additional items are not prohibited but it will add weight which will raise your costs for shipping.
    Check if your car is damaged:
    It is very important to check if your car is damaged or not. Take proof by clicking pictures of your car that your car is totally fine and not damaged from anywhere. If in case your car gets damaged during transportation you will be having proof that it is not your fault but the company’s during the damage claim.
  5. Take out personal items:
    Remove all your personal belongings as it is risky if your personal stuff goes into the wrong hands.

What is necessary for the Car Shipping Process?

Snowbirds Transport with an Elite Car Shipping Company

Car Shipping Year, Make and Model

For example, the cost of transporting a car, such as a 2000 Honda Civic from Florida to New York in June will be the same cost as a 2014 Honda Civic going the same route. Some customers think that the older the vehicle is, the cheaper the car shipping cost should be. NOT TRUE. Keep in mind that both vehicles will take up the same space on the car carrier, regardless of age. Now using the same route, if you have a 2000 Lincoln Town car and a 2000 Honda Civic, the Civic will be cheaper than the Lincoln simply because of the size, weight, and space on the carrier each vehicle will require.

The Distance you need to ship your car

The cost of transporting a car (or ANY vehicle) will be on a cents-per-mile basis based on location. There is NO FLAT FEE ACROSS THE BOARD. Brokers do not determine the cost, the carrier/driver does. The cents-per-mile fee is determined by the driver/carrier. This cost is per vehicle on a carrier and has to cover the overhead cost associated to transport any vehicle. The overhead each carrier must cover is:

  • Fuel Cost
  • Taxes, Tolls, Weigh Station Fees
  • Insurance Coverage (per vehicle)

Shipping Cars – Open or Enclosed Transport

When car shipping, the main difference between Open Car Shipping vs Enclosed Auto Transport is the insurance policies. Open transport vehicles have a $100,000 policy per vehicle while an Enclosed Auto transport has a $1,000,000 policy per vehicle. Generally, open transportation is usually for vehicles that are worth less than 100,000. Enclosed transport is typically for high-end sport/luxury cars that are generally worth $100,000 or more. Enclosed car transport will only have room for 2 to 3 cars max. Enclosed Vehicle Transport or Enclosed Trailer is also climate controlled and keeps the vehicles protected from the elements. Auto Transport with Open carriers are open to the elements and carry up to 10 cars at a time, but are just as safe and reliable as enclosed transport.

Smart Cars Transportation

We can help you have peace of mind that the process to ship cars with us is going to be secure and the delivery will be on-time. For information and requirements for truck drivers click on Federal Motor Carrier Safety. Do all your Auto Transport with us, don’t delay; the sooner you book your carrier, the better! Call We Will Transport It at 855-600-1118 today to get started. Or, fill out the easy quote request form on this page.

Cheap Cars for the best price

With our Cars Shipping Best Price policy, we offer a Cheap Cars Shipping service and beat the competition with our prices, experienced drivers and excellent customer service. As a Car Transporter Specialist Company, we can offer you the best customer service for your peace of mind that your car will be delivered on time and problem-free.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

How much does it cost to ship a car overseas? The average cost to ship a car can range depending on the overseas destination, call us today for an accurate quote.

How much to ship a car across country

If you need to know How much to ship cars across country just give us a call to know exactly your destination, miles, car that we will transport it and you will get the best car shipping quote!

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