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Car Shipping Cost Calculator with Elite Car Shipping Company. We will handle all the logistics of shipping your vehicle. Whether you are moving across states or even a case where you just bought a new vehicle and need it delivered from the point of purchase to another destination.

At Elite Car Shipping Company, we will provide you with the safest, most secure mode of transportation for your vehicle.

Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Our well trained and friendly representatives will guide you through the process of preparing your vehicle for shipment and guide you through our shipping process.

Car Shipping Calculator service

Our online vehicle shipping cost calculator provides you with a free shipping quote. It is easy to fill out the online form with the following fields:

  • The pickup date
  • Pickup location
  • Drop off location
  • The year, make, and model of the vehicle
  • Your name, email, and phone number

Our fast and reliable quoting system eliminates the need to get multiple quotes from different shipping companies. We have a strong online reputation for fulfilling the promises we make to our customers.

We have a great rating with the Better Business Bureau, which ranks businesses based on good business practices like honesty, transparency, responsiveness, and integrity.

Get the Best Car Shipping Cost in the Industry

Car Shipping Cost CalculatorA car shipping cost calculator is an online tool on our website. Our customers fill in an online form with the aforementioned fields. The car shipping cost calculator then provides an estimate of what it would cost to transport the vehicle from the point of origination to its intended destination.

Our car transport quote is one of the best there is. We have raving online reviews on how reliable we are when it comes to quoting for vehicle shipment. Try the Elite Car Shipping Company car transport cost calculator because it is easy and friendly to use.

Our car shipping cost calculator doesn’t burden you with filling in time-consuming fields like the dimensions and weight of your vehicle. Once you feed in the make and model of your vehicle leave the rest of the research to us. Our internal database will avail of the technical specifications of your vehicle that we need for shipment purposes.

The shipping cost calculator respects your privacy and does not require you to feed any sensitive information like your vehicle VIN number. We do this to protect you because we value your security.

All the information collected online is stored securely on our servers to further protect your privacy.

Selecting a car shipping quote calculator

A car transporting cost calculator gives you close to the final estimate of shipping your vehicle. Our calculator gives you a ballpark figure of the shipping costs you will incur. It gives you a figure in the range of what you would need to budget for.

A good car transporting cost calculator should not have a large variance between the online quote and the final quote agreed upon with our representative. The car shipping cost calculator gives you a price range that only varies reasonably with the final quote.

After the Cost calculator

After using our online car shipping quote calculator we highly recommend that you get in touch with one of our representatives by calling us. After engaging one of our representatives, we will take the time to get to know you better as our customer and get more comprehensive information about your shipment.

Our representatives are thoroughly trained in good customer care and are competent enough to provide you with a more detailed quote.

How to engage effectively with a vehicle shipment company

Describe the details of your shipment. Our representatives rely on the information you provide us to successfully organize the shipment of your vehicle. Provide us with the budget you are working with, the timeline within which you want your vehicle to ship. We also provide you with options for transporting your vehicle in an open or closed container if you are concerned about exposure to weather elements.

If the vehicle has non-factory modifications that don’t come with a standard model, such as modified ground clearance and spoilers, please let us know.

Elite Car Transport Services

When you are looking for car transport companies, and their best auto transport rate calculator/car shipping quote calculator, first, you need to decide what car carrier you are going to use, open car transport or enclosed car shipping.

Or let us know if you are going to ship a car overseas or nationwide, or if you want to ship your car Door to Door delivery and be very specific to give our best shipping rates and that will be the only way that we can help you to save time and money on the car shipment process.

Compare Car Shipping quotes

Elite Car Shipping Company is a fair company that believes in competition. We strongly believe that after comparison with our competitors and taking into account the customer service you get from us that you will entrust us with shipping your vehicle.

We are an Elite Car Transporters company with the best cost to ship on your auto shipping process.

An Affordable Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Elite Car Shipping Company is a five-star Car Shipping, International Car Shipping Company, and heavy load-hauling specialist we will give you top rate service for a fair price.

If you need to have a car transported to another state, you are concerned about the cost. After all, it can be expensive to have your car taken across the country or even around the globe. There are several things that are considered when a car shipping calculator is being used.

Open car shipping is less expensive than closed car shipping. When you use open car shipping, you just drive the car up on the trailer and it is on its way after the proper fastening. Enclosed trailers protect vehicles from the elements.

They can be more difficult to place cars in. They are also more expensive equipment, which requires more costly maintenance. Enclosed trailers are heavier, so they can also impact the gas mileage of the truck as well.

Choosing The Right Car Transporter Company

Price is not everything. And remember, you might end up paying more to make sure your vehicle is properly transported by the right company. Elite Car Shipping Company, Inc., has years of experience and an established reputation for auto transport rate calculator, oversized loads, farm implements, heavy equipment, boats, and so forth.

Affordable Car Shipping Calculator

Shipping your car to your new home can be a major undertaking. And with most experts suggesting you get quotes from at least three shippers, it’s important to be able to get an accurate estimate of the cost.

Luckily, our car shipping calculator just needs some basic information to give you a clear picture of how much shipping your car will be!

When Should You Ship Your Car?

You might just be checking out a car shipping calculator to see if shipping your vehicle will be affordable. After all, whether you’re moving to another state or another country, costs can add up quickly!

Often, it’s a good idea to ship your car if you need to drive a moving truck (or fly) to your new home and if you can’t tow your car behind a moving truck.

In this situation, some people opt to take a moving truck to their new home, take a plane back to their old home, and then drive their car home. But by the time you factor in costs and time, it’s usually less expensive to just ship your car to your new home.

Of course, you might use a shipping car cost calculator to see how much it would cost to ship a car from an auction or to a car show. Essentially, any time you need to get a car somewhere but can’t drive it there yourself, shipping can be a great option. Even if you can logistically handle driving your car to your new destination, it may not be wise to put many extra miles on your vehicle.

We’ve included an easy-to-use car shipping cost calculator to help you decide whether shipping your car is the best option for you. Of course, when in doubt, you can always give one of our helpful agents a call.

What Factors Impact Shipping Cost?

A car shipping cost calculator might seem very simple, but it takes into account some of the main factors that influence the price of shipping. Here’s what a car shipping costs calculator is evaluating as it calculates your quote:

  • Distance: The distance your car needs to travel is obviously very important. When you use a car shipping calculator, one of the first things you’ll need to enter is your starting location and your destination.

    Obviously, a shipping car cost calculator will give you a higher figure for longer distances. But generally, long-distance transport on land will be less costly than long-distance transport by sea. In many cases, it’s less expensive to transport a car from the east coast to the west coast than it is to transport it from the west coast to Hawaii.

    It’s worth noting that on long-distance trips, the pricing per mile is usually less than it is for shorter trips. That’s because a lot of the cost of shipping comes from loading and unloading, finding a spot on a trailer, etc.

  • Delivery Time: The quote you get with a ship car cost calculator will also vary depending on whether you’d like your vehicle picked up at your home. For the ultimate in convenience, you can have your car picked up at your door and delivered right to you at your new home.

    However, if you want to save money, you can opt for a flexible delivery window. Shipping cars can be somewhat unpredictable, so you pay a premium for a specific delivery date. If you can allow a window of a few days, you have the potential to save a good bit of money.

    That’s part of why shipping cars overseas is often a lot less expensive than people think. Shipping this way usually takes a few weeks, so the delivery time is uncertain.

  • Vehicle Type: Our car shipping costs calculator will also ask you the make and model of your car. This is mostly to make sure we know the size. The dimensions (and especially the weight) of a vehicle makes a major difference in shipping cost.

    Vehicle size matters with any kind of transport, but it’s especially important with closed transport. That’s because enclosed transport trailers are relatively hard to find, and space is at a premium.

    A shipping car cost calculator will give you a decent estimate, but when comes time to ship, the actual weight of your car matters, too. That’s why it’s wise to only have a bit of fuel in the tank when you ship your car, as well as why it’s not recommended to store anything in your car when you ship it.

    Aside from adding weight to your car and making shipping more than the ship car cost calculator estimates, storing things in your car while it’s shipped also increases your risk of vandalism or theft.

  • Vehicle Condition: When you use an international car shipping cost calculator, the type of car matters. But did you know that vehicle condition can impact pricing, too? Mostly, it matters whether your car runs or not.

    Any time you use a shipping car cost calculator when planning to ship a non-running car, you should first check with the shipper to make sure they will handle cars that don’t run. For obvious reasons, non-running cars can be a lot harder to transport. Many drivers also will not transport cars that don’t run, so it can be harder for shipping companies to find spot on a truck for them.

    If a shipper can handle moving non-running cars, the shipping car cost calculator will likely add on a fee. It’s usually not more than a couple hundred dollars, but it helps cover the additional time and labor needed to move, load, and unload non-running vehicles.

  • Open vs Enclosed Car Transport Carrier: Not every car shipping costs calculator takes into account all the different variables that come with shipping a car. But one of the most important factors when it comes to pricing is whether your car will be moved using open or enclosed transport.

    “Open transport” and “enclosed transport” refer to the type of transport trailer used to move your car. “Open transport” involves transporting your car on an open trailer with other vehicles.

    For most vehicle types, open transport ends up being the option chosen, as it’s more affordable and open transport trailers are easier to come by. Enclosed transport is more costly because cars in enclosed trailers are protected from wind and rain.

    Enclosed trailers are also very secure and do the best job of protecting your car from theft. A car shipping calculator is also likely to give you a higher quote for enclosed transport because these trailers aren’t as common. Not all shippers offer them, so especially in the summer (the busiest season for car shipping), enclosed transport shipping can be expensive.

    Plus, it costs a good bit more to purchase an enclosed transport trailer than it does to purchase an open transport trailer. The upkeep on closed transport trailers is generally more expensive as well.

    A domestic or international car shipping cost calculator will take into account as many different variables as possible. But if you aren’t sure about open or enclosed transport or any of the other possible variables you can choose from, you can always call one of our knowledgeable agents for help and guidance on the best solutions for shipping your car.

  • Time of Year: If you aren’t yet familiar with the ins and outs of shipping vehicles, you might think a car shipping calculator will give you the same quotes year round. But in most cases, the quote you get will change somewhat depending on the time of year.

    An international car shipping cost calculator will usually show you a higher price in summer. Most people seem to ship their cars in these months, so it can be harder to find and reserve spots on trailers and/or ships.

    As a result, if you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship your car, choosing to have it shipped in the winter will often save you a few hundred dollars or more. Shipping in summer usually won’t be prohibitively expensive, but if you wat to make sure you can have your car delivered when you need to, it’s a good idea to get a shipping car cost calculator quote sooner rather than later.

Using a Car Shipping Cost Calculator

A car shipping cost calculator is a quick and easy tool to find out about how much shipping your vehicle will cost. It’s ideal to use if you’d like a ballpark price without discussing particulars at length.

But there are a few things to know before using a car shipping costs calculator. For one, depending on the time of year, the quote you get may only be good for a set amount of time. If you intend to ship your car very soon, it’s wise to call one of our agents after getting a quote to see how long the price you’ve gotten will be accurate.

You also should know that the price may change a bit depending on the information you give. For instance, if you get a quote based on the make and model of your car but then ship it while it’s weighed down with luggage, the extra weight is likely to make the price go up. Similarly, if you have a car that doesn’t run but don’t indicate that on the calculator, the final shipping cost may be more. That’s because non-running cars are usually a bit more expensive to move than non-running cars.

If you’re using a ship car cost calculator at one business, it’s a good idea to also check out calculators at other businesses. Just like with any other service, it’s best to compare rates to ensure you’re getting a fair price.

Why Use Elite Car Shipping Company?

Whether you need to ship your daily driver or a high-value classic car, we know you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your vehicle. At Elite Car Shipping Company, we will treat your vehicle like it’s our own. And because we like to make sure we’re as transparent as possible with our pricing, we offer both a domestic and international car shipping cost calculator so you can check your rate before you book.

We also don’t shy away from a challenge! Our shippers can transport large numbers of vehicles for dealerships, oversized vehicles, and show cars. If you have a large number of cars to transport, you can use our ship car cost calculator to get an estimate or call our helpful agents for a quote.

At Elite Car Shipping Company, we are proud to offer a free, easy, and accurate car shipping cost calculator. We offer our customers a streamlined car shipping experience at rates that are still surprisingly affordable.

But you don’t need to take our word for it! If you check out our many customer reviews, you’ll see that countless customers have been thankful they trusted us with their vehicles.

If you’re ready to ship or just thinking about it, give us a call today at (888) 885-5354 to get up to 10% off your quote!


  • How much does shipping cost for a car?

    Though each car is different, there are some general guidelines that can help you estimate how much shipping will cost. A short trip within a state or a state over will usually be around $500. If you need to ship a car across the country or internationally, it might be $2000 or more.

    You can also get a rough estimate by mileage. Up to 500 miles, the cost is usually about $1.96 per mile. For distances between 500 and 1500 miles, it will usually be about $.93 per mile. And for 1500 or more, it is usually about $.58 per mile.

    That said, the most accurate way to find pricing information is with a car shipping costs calculator. Shipping costs for cars can be influenced by a number of factors, including the following:

    • Pickup location and destination
    • Make and model of the car
    • Condition of the car
    • Type of transport used (open vs closed)
    • Time of year

    If you want to ship your car with us, check out our free car shipping cost calculator. If you have any questions or need further clarification on pricing, give one of our helpful agents a call! They have years of experience in the business and can help clarify what gets factored into a ship car cost calculator.

  • Is it worth shipping a car?

    Even before you open up a car shipping costs calculator, you might start to wonder whether or not you should even ship your car. In many cases, doing so is worthwhile. If you need to move across the country or overseas, you often can’t load up your car with your belongings and drive it there.

    In the case of cross-country moves, shipping a car is almost always cheaper than flying out to the car’s location and driving it back. Plus, in many cases, driving your car to its destination while also needing to get your belongings from point A to point B can eat up a lot of time.

    In addition, picking your car up this way can add a number of logistical complications. And if you’re very familiar with moving and have done it a lot, you know that the sheer number of logistical challenges involved in a move can quickly become incredibly draining! When you opt to ship your car, you turn what could become a complex process into a matter of simple scheduling. So in almost all cases, shipping your car is a worthwhile endeavor.

  • How much does it cost to ship a car 1000 miles?

    This figure will vary considerably based on some of the factors mentioned earlier. But generally speaking, shipping a car 1000 miles over land will cost $600 to $1500. The less costly end of that figure is for open transport in the off-season. The more expensive end is for enclosed transport in the summer months.

    If you need a more definite estimate for the cost to ship your 1000 miles, a car shipping calculator will take your car’s details into account and give you a more accurate estimate.

    Of course, if you are shipping your car overseas, the cost may be different. An international car shipping cost calculator will need to take into account how your car will be shipped. Ocean transport is more common and affordable. In rare cases, a car may be shipped by air freight.

    In most cases, if you are shipping a car roughly 1000 miles (on the ocean) to another country, you can expect to pay about $1000-$3000. International shipping can be much cheaper or much more expensive depending on the options you choose. If you’d prefer the convenience of door-to-door shipping, you can expect a figure on the higher side.

    If you want to save money, you an opt for terminal-to-terminal shipping with a flexible delivery window. With this option, you would need to drop your car off at a shipping terminal. Once it arrives at its new destination, you’d need to travel to a terminal there to pick it up.

    As you can see, the further you transport your car, the more options and logistics there are. But luckily, you don’t have to navigate them alone. At Elite Car Shipping Company, we’re happy to talk through your options and help you choose the right shipping option for your situation.

  • What is the cheapest company to ship your car?

    If you’re looking at an international car shipping cost calculator, you might be hoping to find the cheapest way to ship your vehicle. However, in the shipping business, it’s wise to be wary of overly cheap shippers.

    Extremely inexpensive shippers often use inexperienced drivers. In this scenario, you run the risk of having your car damaged or dealing with scheduling mistakes. And at worst, an overly inexpensive shipping company will sometimes turn out to be a scam. Be wary of any company that asks for a deposit upfront. Reputable shippers will almost never do this.

When you use a ship car cost calculator, do your best to make sure the companies you consider have experience. At Elite Car Shipping Company, we have decades of combined experience in the industry. And we take pride in being able to work with you even if you have a relatively limited budget.

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