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Do You Need a Car Shipper?

Most of the time, your car gets you from where you are to where you need to be and back again. However, there are times that you need your car to get somewhere but without you. In other cases, you might need a vehicle delivered to you without you going out and driving it yourself.

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These are the times when car shippers step in and provide a valuable service. Knowing when those times are in advance means you can get ahead of things and look into the best car shippers who can help you out, including us.

Looking for cheap car shippers? Book with us right now and you can save 10% off your total price. We don’t require any money down or upfront deposit, so you can pay only when we actually do the transportation.

Why Use a Car Shipper Service?

Whether you’re looking for international car shippers or car shippers near me, there are many reasons why car shipping might work out for you.

  1. Minimize Your Risk of Vehicle Damage: If you rent your home, your passenger vehicle is probably the most expensive thing you own. Even if you own a home, a car, truck, or SUV is likely the second-most valuable thing you own. In either case, you want to make sure it gets from Point A to Point B without a scratch. The best car shippers utilize high-caliber equipment and tools to make sure your vehicle moves to its destination safely and with minimal risk of suffering any physical damage. This is especially true if you use an enclosed carrier.
  2. Save Your Time Off: Hopefully, every car shippers quote you get only takes a few moments of your time. Driving your car across multiple states or even the entire country could take days. Not only would you spend money on food and gas, but you’d also lose wages or precious days off you’d rather spend with those you love or just doing things you love. Let the best car shippers be the ones that you delegate this task.
  3. Cut Down on Stress: Driving your car from one place to another might seem like a simple enough matter, and it is if you’re just going to the store to buy dinner. However, long-distance travel isn’t easy, especially if you have a deadline and other things you need to be doing. Finding car shippers near me means you are looking into professionals who can take this task off your to-do list so you can instead expend your energy and time on the things only you can do yourself.
  4. Rely on Insurance Coverage: Even cheap car shippers should insure their shipments. They’ll make sure the vehicles are all inspected prior to transportation and then look over them carefully when they arrive. You should never be the party held liable for anything that happens to your vehicle while in transit.
  5. Prevent Injuries The more time you spend behind the wheel, the more likely you are to get exhausted and wind up in a wreck or get injured. You might feel pressured to log as many miles as you can in one day in order to minimize how many days you spend on the road, but you just drive your chances of something bad happening up higher than they should be. There’s no chance of you getting injured if you turn to international car shippers to move your vehicle to its next state or country.
  6. Save Money on the Unexpected: Cheap car shippers don’t just offer you the most affordable shipping options. You’ll also save money on expenses that happen along the way. You might know you’ll have to pay for food, lodging, and gas, but it’s almost impossible to account for all those costs specifically. Fuel prices change all the time, and they might vary from one state to the next based on local taxes. Toll roads and the potential need for repairs or maintenance along the way can also eat into your savings fast. When you work with one of the best available car shippers, such as us, then you don’t get hit with upfront costs, surprise fees, or even the need to put money down in advance.

If you’re looking for car shippers near me, you’re certainly not the first. You’ll likely have many questions that others already have, which means we can answer them for you right now.

What is the cheapest company to ship your car?

The only way to know to find cheap car shippers is to get a car shippers quote from multiple car shipper companies. There are many service providers in this industry, and their specific quotes will probably vary quite a bit. We recommend contacting at least three so you can start getting an idea of what the potential spectrum of prices is.

Car Shipper, Car shippers, Car shippers quote, Car shippers near me, Best Car Shippers

Don’t rule out international car shippers in your quotes, even if you are doing domestic shipping. The best car shippers will work both inside and outside of the country. At the very least, you need to contact many different companies just to find a vehicle shipper that is available for your desired pick-up and delivery dates.

What should I look for in a car shipper?

One car shippers quote isn’t enough. You need to check out both car shippers near me and international car shippers in order to learn your options. If you want to find the best car shippers, however, then you need to look for certain things.

  1. Ask Lots of Questions: The cheapest quote isn’t always going to be the best quote. Anytime you talk to a vehicle shipper, be sure to ask lots of questions. Their answers will quickly indicate to you whether they’re more interested in your reservation and money or actually delivering your vehicle safely and on time.
  2. Tracking System: Many carriers now have online tracking so you can keep up with the whereabouts of your vehicle at all times. Even if they don’t, you should be able to get the phone number of the driver in order to ask about the car status and delivery estimate anytime you are curious about it.
  3. Reputation: You probably already use Google and Yelp reviews in choosing anything from dry cleaning to local Chinese food. Do the same for vehicle shipping. The ratings and reviews of previous clients can tell you a lot about their experiences.
  4. License Status All transport companies have to have a motor carrier number along with authorization from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can do an FMCSA search to verify a company status. If they’re not authorized, it will show up in red letters.
  5. Cost: Even though we just said the cheapest isn’t always the best, that doesn’t always mean spending more is better. Do your homework so you can find true value in all of this. Just remember to never pay for a quote. They should always be free. As a matter of fact, if you call us right away, you might actually get up to 10% off of yours, and we’ll never require you to put money down in advance.
  6. Safety: Find out about how well each carrier actually transports their vehicles. One shipper with a slightly higher rate might be more expensive because they’re totally legitimate and use modern equipment without cheating on their logbooks or breaking state laws when they drive through.
  7. Website Functionality: Communication is crucial in any business where many professionals are on the road in multiple time zones. Effective vehicle transportation providers use modern technology, so their websites should be just as sleek and contemporary. This is the primary portal for your user experience, and it should reflect the same level of care and attention that your vehicle is hopefully getting.
  8. Quality: Will a carrier take the time to load your vehicle right and care for it along the way? Or will they just hoist it up and get moving as quickly as they can? Speed is crucial in this industry, but never at the expense of caring for the vehicles being transported en route.

How much does a car carrier ship cost?

There are numerous factors that determine how much it costs to ship a car or other vehicle.

  1. Kind of Carrier: Open-air carriers are cheaper and account for more than nine out of 10 transit trucks. Closed carriers are more expensive and not as widely available but do offer your vehicle more protection.
  2. Distance: This will usually be the other dominant factor in terms of price. The farther a vehicle needs to go, the more miles it will rack up. However, the average cost per mile does usually go down if the run is more than 500 or 1000 miles.
  3. Type of Vehicle: Most quotes will be based on sedans or small SUVs. Bigger vehicles are more likely to take up more room and cost more. Also, special considerations, such as motorcycles with sidecars can mean extra work and fees.
  4. Date Flexibility: Having a window of several days for your pickup or dropoff will open up more potential routes for you in regards to available carriers. Being somewhat adaptable can save you money.
  5. Booking in Advance: The closer you get to your vehicle transport time, the more expensive it may get. Demand rises while available openings go down. Booking ahead of time can get you the best deals, just like buying airline tickets early. In fact, if you call us right now, you can get up to 10% off without any advance deposit required.
  6. Urban or Rural: Pickups and dropoffs in urban areas are sometimes going to be cheaper because carriers are more likely to be passing through major cities anyway. Rural destinations add more miles or take them away from interstate highways. Local accessibility might also be an issue for big trucks on narrow roads.
  7. Season: Summer is sometimes more expensive because demand is high. Many families try to move in the summer more than any other season, and they might need passenger vehicles shipped as part of it. This can carry over into late spring and early fall.

How can I ship my car to another state?

Shipping your car to another state is not a complicated process, provided you know how to do it and start early enough in advance.

You will need to gather certain pieces of information first. Obviously, you’ll need to know what make and model the vehicle is. You will also need to know the address it will be picked up at and where it will be delivered. For the process of getting quotes, just the two ZIP codes should suffice. You can give more specific directions to the driver later, although you might need to make sure that a car carrier can actually drive in and out of the two locations. Meeting them in a public space where they can park and enter and egress safely might be necessary. Expecting a carrier like that to get in and out of a tight residential street or cul-de-sac might be too much.

You’ll also need to know the target dates for pickup and delivery. Keep in mind that you’ll need some flexibility here based on available carriers and their transit time. If you want a general rule of thumb for transit time, it’s 350 to 500 miles per day.

Start gathering quotes so you can find out what’s in range of your budget. Look further into those that are based on the information provided earlier in this FAQ.

When you do have a reservation booked, make sure your vehicle is ready for transport. Depending on the carrier, you might be able to fill it with personal items, just up to the window line, or not at all. You also need to make sure the vehicle has functioning brakes and steering. Of course, if the engine operates, that makes things much easier in regards to getting it on and off of a truck.

Then, just make sure someone is there to meet the driver to drop the vehicle off for transport and someone else is in place to receive it.

How much would it cost to ship a car from California to Florida?

You need to get a specific car shippers quote from your vehicle shipper in order to know for sure. A general rule of thumb is going to be $1,300 to $1,900, but there are several factors that impact shipping from California to Florida.

First of all, don’t automatically assume that cheap car shippers are going to be your best option. Some service providers claim to be economical passenger vehicle shippers only for you to find out that they’re not when you get a car shippers quote from them. Others might actually provide cheap rates, but that’s because they skimp on service and wind up costing you other ways. That might be transit delays or even vehicle damage. They might also nickel and dime you to death with sudden fees and hidden expenses. That’s why we are honest and transparent about our pricing. We don’t even require money down upfront, and we provide up to 10% discounts if you contact us in advance.

Second, distance will vary. While the California and Florida borders are separated by almost 3,000 miles, you also have to factor in transit distances inside the state. A vehicle traveling from Barstow to Tallahassee won’t cover as many miles as a vehicle going from Key West at the southernmost point in Florida to the Bay Area in Northern California.

Third, check out international car shippers in addition to car shippers near me. Getting quotes from multiple car shippers helps you find the right car shipper for your personal situation and circumstances.

Keep in mind that this is among the longest domestic car shipper routes. The usual transit time is going to be seven to 10 days.

Coast to Coast Shipping and Offices

California car shippers and Florida car shippers alike can turn to us for responsible car shippers near me. Having offices on both coasts and in many places in between is one of many reasons we are among the best car shippers around. Whether you need domestic car shippers or international car shippers, we hope you’ll give us a chance to provide you with a car shippers quote.

If looking for cheap car shippers is your thing, then definitely contact us right away. You can save up to 10% on our car shipper services by booking with us now. That discount is available to you with no money down or an upfront deposit required. You only pay when we actually ship your vehicle.

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