50 Tips for Shipping a Car

50 Tips for Transporting a Car

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Car Transport Quotes that are too good to be true?

So many times, a customer goes with a low ball quote or a quote that is not realistic. The problem is that no carrier is likely to pick up the bid and as a result the car ends up sitting and never being picked up. You’ll want to be sure and book ahead as soon as possible in order to secure the best rate

How is the price for car shipping calculated?

There can be several factors which end up influencing the price for your car transport. The type of trailer used either enclosed or open, the pick up and delivery locations, the size of the unit and diesel gas prices all will affect the final cost.

What is the best time of the year to transport a car?

Obviously the winter months will be more expensive due to the harsher weather and increase in risk for car accidents. Delays will be much more common in the winter. Supply and demand will also play a fact.

Can you put items in your car when you ship it?

Yes, but nothing can be blocking the windows. Most drivers will allow you to add up to an additional 100lbs for free, however anything over that will incur additional costs as each car shipment will have a weight limit.

What is an ELD?

An ELD is an electronic logging device that monitors a commercial driver and his driving time, hours driven and the miles driven. It also keeps track while only allowing a registered driver to drive a certain amount of hours per-day.

Should I remove my toll transponder / Sunpass or E-Zpass before shipping my vehicle?

Yes, definitely take them off, or you risk receiving a ticket in the mail and the driver is not responsible. It could also potentially charge your transponder every time the carrier crosses a toll area and those fees cannot be reimbursed either.

What is a BOL?

A BOL stands for Bill of Lading and is a requirement for freight shipments. It basically serves as a shipment receipt detailing the type and quantity of freight being transported along with its final destination. This is also where the driver will mark the condition like any scratches or dents when they pick up your car.

Do I sign the BOL on delivery?

Yes when you do your inspection with your driver and it is exactly how it was when it was first picked up then yes, you sign. Do not sign if anything is different. Before signing the BOL paperwork double check the condition of your vehicle as your signature confirms that all the details and condition of your vehicle meets your approval and you will have little recourse if damage is discovered later on.

How soon can we get our car picked up for shipment?

The average time it takes for a driver to come and pick up your vehicle for transport is around 3-5 days. No reputable car transport company can guarantee an exact pickup and delivery date as there are several factors which can affect this. If the pickup/destination is in a rural area or if the traffic or weather is bad can all affect the time it will take before your vehicle is actually picked up and delivered.

How far in advance should I book my car shipment?

It’s always wise to set up at least 72 hours prior to your pick up. The earlier in advance you can book your car transport the better as you will get much cheaper rates by booking weeks ahead of time.

I will not be there when the driver comes to pick up my vehicle for transport. Can I leave the keys with a friend?

Yes, any friend or neighbor will be allowed to release or accept your car on your behalf.

How much are the customs fees and taxes when shipping a car internationally?

Because international car transport companies don’t offer this service, it is your responsibility as the car owner to handle any fees and taxes once your car arrives at its destination port. You can also call the relevant embassy to find out what a particular country’s fees and taxes will be. For example, if you are having your vehicle shipped to Spain, you can call the Spanish Embassy closest to where you live to get the import duty rates.

Can I meet the vehicle transport driver for a discount?

It’s possible as you can always meet the driver in a more popular city but you would have to coordinate that and time it perfectly for it to be successful. You will also need to secure a ride back home as well.

How long does it take to ship a car?

If the vehicle is being transported from coast to coast across the country it can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days for delivery. Delivery times for a transport from Florida to New York can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days.

How do I know my vehicle will be safe during transport?

Always ask the broker for the driver’s ratings and insurance before dispatch. It’s worth noting that while shipping your vehicle is generally considered a safe prospect, accidents, crashes and theft can and do happen. An enclosed trailer option however will provide your vehicle with the most protection during transport minimizing the chances of damage significantly. It however is also the more expensive method for car transport.

Can you pick up and deliver my car to my doorstep?

Yes, we are able to provide door to door car delivery service as long as we are able to get the truck down your street. If we are unable to deliver your vehicle right to your door then we will ask to meet you someplace close that is accessible to the transport trailer.

Is my vehicle insured while it is being shipped?

All of the quotes we provide will include insurance. All of our drivers carry at a minimum 750k-1 million dollars in insurance protection. We would however recommend that for any exotic or elite car shipment you opt for the enclosed transport trailer as it provides the most protection for your vehicle against accidents, weather and theft as opposed to an open carrier transport.

What is the price difference between an open and enclosed trailer for vehicle shipping?

An open transport carrier is always going to be the cheapest option however your car will be exposed to the elements and face more potential dangers whereas an enclosed trailer will always cost more but it will offer far more protection for your vehicle during transport.

Why do I need an auto transport broker?

Reputable brokers will have a large network of car transport carriers to choose from while offering you the customer a much greater flexibility in options. And of course, since drivers are on the road all the time, you will need someone to coordinate the transport.

Do you tip a car transport driver?

Just like any other service, it’s nice to tip the driver if he did a good job. If the car transport driver delivered your vehicle ahead of schedule or if you receive your vehicle as clean as was when it first shipped are a couple reasons where a tip may be warranted.

What is the max height a car can be to fit in an enclosed carrier?

The max height of an enclosed trailer is 7 feet tall, unless the driver has a specialized trailer.

When is the cheapest time to transport a car?

The best time to transport a car is in the summer months. Things always run a little smoother in the summer and that includes the vehicle shipping industry. You will encounter fewer delays during the summer months between May and September as there are more trucks on the road resulting in more options being made available to you as a customer. It’s always important to note that the more notice you can give your car transport broker, then the cheaper the rates your broker can offer you on your vehicle shipment.

Do I pay the vehicle transport driver money upfront for shipping my car?

No. No reputable vehicle transport company will require you to pay a deposit up front in order to secure the booking. You will always pay the auto transport driver the balance due upon delivery.

What is the average salary for a car hauler?

Auto Transport Drivers can earn wages ranging anywhere from forty thousand dollars to a hundred thousand a year all depending on the amount of hours they work.

How many hours can an auto transport carrier drive a day?

With new laws being put in effect, the Electronic Logging Device “ELD” mandate states that when the driver starts up the truck his timer starts counting down as he is legally only allowed to drive between 6 to 8 hours per day due to safety concerns.

Who are the best auto transport brokers?

The best vehicle transporters are the reputable companies that have been in business for a long time. They will also have a solid reputation on the BBB while also having the best online and Google reviews compared to the competition.

Do truck drivers sleep in their truck or a hotel?

Most auto transport drivers will sleep right in their trucks if they have a sleeper cab built in, like a “freightliner” for example. However, some drivers, especially when they are driving a day cab will opt to stay at an inexpensive hotel.

Can I pay an auto transport driver with a credit card?

Most drivers will not be equipped to process credit cards directly. You can however reach out to the auto transport broker directly and they will be able to process your credit card payment for you over the phone.

Do truck drivers have access to electric trucks?

No unfortunately not yet with car haulers. There are some electric big rig trucks in the early stages of production though so possibly in a few years this technology will be made available.

Can I ride with the truck driver when he ships my car?

No. This unfortunately is not an option because of insurance and liability reasons.

Do auto transport drivers wear masks when they pick up my car?

If you wish for your transport driver to wear a mask then talk with your auto shipping broker and they can have it arranged.

Are truck drivers required to get the covid vaccine?

As of right now there are no mandates in effect as truckers tend to lead pretty solitary lives on the road. They do interact with other shippers and at trucking stops however safety measures such as wearing masks have generally been in place. The majority of our truckers already have the vaccine while the rest are tested periodically.

Can a truck driver ship my car to the port without a TWIC card?

A (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) TWIC card for truck drivers are used to represent their identity while allowing them unrestricted access to maritime ports. If a truck driver does not have a TWIC card they will be required to pay for an authorized escort in order to be able to access the ports and this will result in a seventy five dollar fee.

What are the most trusted sites to look up truck drivers credentials and reviews?

The FMCSA.dot.gov and the BBB are excellent resources to use to check for their ratings and reviews.

What is Uship?

Uship is a marketplace website allowing potential customers to connect with customer reviewed service providers. It also serves as a load board where truck drivers, carriers and brokers can bid on jobs as well. It’s important to remember to always check a potential auto transport company’s ratings and reviews first before making a decision.

How do auto transport brokers find me a carrier?

Auto transport brokers serve as a middleman between the customer and a carrier. Brokers don’t actually own their own trucks so they aren’t the ones physically picking up and transporting your vehicles. They do however “broker” a customer’s shipment amongst all the car transport carriers. They make outbound calls and have access to load boards to post your job.

Experience is what will set apart the best auto transport brokers from the average ones. Working with a broker that has years of experience will know all the ins and outs of the car transport industry while having a large assortment of reliable and reputable carriers to choose from.

Can I contact the truck driver directly?

Unfortunately this is not possible as it is a potential safety risk. You do however have the ability to contact the dispatcher or auto transport broker directly and then they can reach out to your specific car hauler on your behalf.

What if I’m not home, can I have a friend pay the auto transport carrier?

Yes, but you will need to contact the auto transport broker first to ensure that they have C.O.D and will be able to sign the B.O.L.

Do I load the car onto the trailer or does the truck driver?

Don’t worry, the carrier is always tasked with the responsibility of safely loading and unloading your vehicle onto and from the trailer.

Can a dealer drive my car to my house if I buy it or do I need to hire a carrier?

While some dealerships offer this as an option for home delivery, the majority do not. You will likely need to hire an auto transport carrier so that it’s under insurance just in case an accident happens.

When shipping a truck can I load the back of the bed?

This is an option if the material in the back of the truck is safely secured. Because your auto transport costs are based on the weight of the vehicle, adding additional weight to the back of the bed will incur an extra fee which you will have to pay to the driver.

What is the best way to ship a convertible on an open carrier?

It sounds like common sense but you will want to ensure that your vehicle is loaded on and will always stay on the top rack of the trailer as to avoid any leaking liquids that could potentially fall from above onto your convertible.

Can a truck driver with a felony haul cars?

This answer will mostly depend on the state you live in but generally yes, as long as they have their CDL.

My car has a low ground clearance; can it go on an open carrier?

This will all depend on the size of the carrier’s ramps and the clearance on your car. Generally, vehicles with a low ground clearance with 4 inches or less should be transported using an enclosed carrier. This is because cars with low ground clearance can easily bottom out while trying to be loaded onto an open carrier potentially resulting in damage to your vehicle.

I have oversize tires and a lift kit, how do I get my vehicle shipped?

You will need to be sure to inform your auto transport broker about any modifications made to your car during the booking. Rates provided online by our car shipping cost calculator are based on vehicles with no external modifications so it’s probably better to contact an auto transport broker directly in order to find the right type of car transport trailer you will need along with providing you an accurate quote to transport your modified vehicle.

How do I ship a car that won’t start?

Normally vehicles are able to be driven directly on and off a carrier’s trailer but because non-running cars are unable to be driven, they will need to be winched. A winch is a device used for either hauling or lifting that uses cable and a rotating drum to lift or pull heavy objects. You will need to make sure that your carrier has a winch available. A rollback transporter can also be used to pull and load your non-running vehicle.

How do I pay the auto transport driver?

An upfront deposit isn’t required however the majority of auto transport brokers and carriers will accept an upfront deposit often paid by credit card or bank transfer with the remaining balance to be paid at the time of delivery either by cash, money order or certified funds.

What do I do if my vehicle gets damaged during transport?

Be sure to call the auto transport company right away and inform them of any damages. Make sure everything is marked on your B.O.L and don’t pay the carrier till everything is notified to the broker.

What are the top five rated auto transport brokers?

The companies that continually rank among the best for car hauling services are Montway, We will Transport It, Mercury Auto Transport, Elite Car Shipping Company and Nexus Auto Transport.

How do I know if an auto transportation company is good?

Doing proper research on an auto transport company doesn’t mean picking the first website that shows in the search results. You will want to Check on the BBB, Google reviews and always make sure they have been in business for at least two years. Any car hauler worth booking will have a strong online presence with an easy to navigate website, provide no obligation quotes and have plenty of reviews online.

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